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Screenshot: Challenge Accepted Rules

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Posted 26 August 2012 - 06:23 PM

Screenshot: Challenge Accepted

Welcome to Screenshot: Challenge Accepted!

This contest, often abbreviated as S:CA, is (as one may have guessed) a challenge based screenshot contest. Each week, participants are presented with a new challenge and are given roughly seven days to submit. After submissions are received and the deadline has passed, a poll is posted with all received submissions. The next challenge is posted once the voting in the aforementioned poll begins, and said poll remains open until the next poll is raised. So, essentially, there is always one challenge open for submissions and one poll open for voting.

Submitting can be done in the Screenshot: Challenge Accepted Dropbox. As with other dropboxes on the forums, once you post your screenshot, it will disappear and will only be visible to the staff. No need to panic and repost; we will see it! icon_smile.gif When titling your topic, please include the number of the challenge for which you are entering, as it really helps us keep things organized.

Before entering, please make sure to read the rules below. We look forward to seeing your submissions!!

Rules & Guidelines

1. All Offical PureZC Rules Apply

When posting in this forum, keep in mind that you must comply to the PureZC forum rules. In other words, spam, trolling, flaming and the like will not be tolerated. If you're unsure as to whether or not you're breaking the rules, you can read them here.

2. One Shot Per Challenge

This is pretty simple. If you've already submitted to a challenge, please do not submit another screenshot. If you wish to cancel out your previous entry and replace it, leave us a message in the dropbox with your new entry. In addition, please do not submit work that is not yours. It's disrespectful to us, to the original designer, and it's just an all around pain.

3. Shot Format

All submissions must be taken in the Zelda Classic Player or Z-Quest Editor. Please try keep image sizes under 350 pixels. If you are submitting a shot that was taken in ZQuest, cropping the combo list/editing interface will help reduce image size.

4. Be Graceful With Criticism

If you are giving criticism, be polite and constructive. Simply proclaiming your disdain for an image without delving into further detail is rude and can cause tension. We don't want that here. Similarly, if someone has provided you with criticism, accept it. You don't have to agree with it, but take it in stride and move on.

5. Other Tips
Be creative. The challenges are created to inspire creativity. Don't feel restricted. Push the limits. Also, if you have entered the contest, it is considered polite to null your vote. While voting for yourself is not against the rules, it is strongly discouraged. If you are not going to null, please try to be supportive and vote for another competitor. Last but not least, have fun! That's what contests are about. icon_smile.gif

Rotation Schedule

Screenshot: Challenge Accepted follows a very specific rotation schedule, which can be found in the spoiler tag at the bottom of this topic. There are six different Challenge types that are presented. Below are details regarding them.

Screenshot Challenge
A Screenshot Challenge is the first of the two generic challenges. Entrants are given certain requirements to fulfill or restrictions to which they must comply in order for their shot to be eligible for entry. Open the spoiler blow for an example.

Rebirth Challenge
Formerly its own contest, the Rebirth Challenge is the second of our two generic challenges. Entrants are shown a base screen--a simple screen created in the Classic tileset--and are asked to "rebirth" it, using a more modern set. There is an example below.

Special Screenshot Challenge
This is very similar to the Screenshot Challenge, but has very different requirements that are more unique and open to interpretation. There is an example in the spoiler below.

Special Rebirth Challenge
This is very similar to the Rebirth Challenge, but the image to be reborn is not a Classic tileset shot. In fact, it might not be a Zelda Classic screenshot at all. As you may have assumed, there is an example below.

Wild Card Challenge
The Wild Card Challenge is a special challenge that could throw anything at you. There are no limitations to what the hosts can present you with. And the winner gets a special prize...! See "Custom Challenge" for more information.

Custom Challenge
The Custom Challenge is a challenge tailored by the winner of the Wild Card Challenge. The aforementioned member can create any challenge they wish to present to the rest of the forum. Unfortunately, we need to keep the contest running, so winners of the Wild Card Challenge only have forty-eight hours to leave their special Challenge in the dropbox.

As promised, below is the schedule for the Challenge rotation. The current place in the rotation will normally be highlighted in red when a new Challenge is posted. (It will be posted below the challenge, rather than highlight here, to assure that everyone sees it.)


Thank you for visiting Screenshot: Challenge Accepted. We sincerely look forward to seeing all submissions! Happy competing!!
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