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Did anyone ever have a project called "Zelda: The Dark Door"?

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#1 Shane


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Posted 27 November 2020 - 01:09 AM

I recently was accused of not finishing a quest called "Zelda: The Dark Door", and I've seen proof of this project's existence via a title screen made as a joke. I am curious though, as I don't remember having a project called "Zelda: The Dark Door", so I'd like to know, as a public question, has anyone ever made a project (or completed it?) called "Zelda: The Dark Door" and may I play it because I am curious about "Zelda: The Dark Door", I'm curious about the titular dark door as I ponder many questions such as why was the door dark, what was it keeping inside or outside, and do we need a key to open it? Was there any details of important note? Also is there a light door to balance out the darkness?


Thank you, I am kind of unironically curious because I've had people say this was my project. I hope I'm not being duped into being curious...  :swelter:

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#2 Mani Kanina

Mani Kanina


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Posted 27 November 2020 - 08:08 AM

Can you post the title screen? That might help identify it. I don't recall any projects offhand with that name, but there have been a lot of quest projects over the years.

Also, this thread does read a bit like a shit post, FYI.

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#3 Mitchfork


    no fun. not ever.

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Posted 27 November 2020 - 06:42 PM

There was a quest of that name worked on way back in 2007-era PureZC by hubydweyer.  I linked him to this thread but he forgot his password so, you know.  I don't remember the title screen though, post it and I'll send it to him.


According to him the door wasn't a literal door, it was a portal.  Also the bad guy was going to be Zant.  The end.


Also if you were around in that era of PureZC userbars were very fashionable and I made the """"official"""" author userbar for the Dark Door quest, which you can see here.



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#4 Shane


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Posted 27 November 2020 - 06:46 PM

OK, yeah, that makes sense. Weird, because someone said it was my project. I'm glad to know I wasn't going crazy with a potential goof. :P

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