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Hard Version

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#1 IceDancer



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Posted 07 November 2019 - 04:44 AM

Hi there :)

I´m waiting now until about January/ February, if still who announces whether mistakes are found.
Should not be anything find until then, I will focus on the Hard version so I can rebuild it.

A few example points, that will change:
  • Beginner sword find another place - Extension: This small cave, you should only get through with boomerang, at the end you find another object. It will not be the sword. It just should help to get to that first sword to come. (Maybe invent a new item?)
  • All "Dive" Hearts disappear -> make new "Mini/ Cavern" Dungeons for it
  • Invent more puzzles
  • Where are few opponents, more are added -> Incrase opponent damage/ life and so on
These points should be enough for the first. There are more on the list that I´ve created, but I don´t want to reveal all the points yet.

There will be no text changes. Maybe just a few new ones.

See ya,


#2 Epsalon ZX

Epsalon ZX

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Posted 09 November 2019 - 04:45 PM

Giving this a go.
Not bad. I did notice some things.
I think the purple and red rupee drops in cutting grass are far too generous. I'd restrict that to green, blue, and yellow rupees...and even that may be a bit too nice. Ammo drops here are fine...but maybe also a bit generous given the early bomb shop.

Level 2....the bottom layer tiles on the Z1 dungeon screens do not match the top layer at all (and are the more awkward ones). 
That's about as far as I'm going today.

Interesting quest with some interesting ideas.
I can send screenshots of further progress if you're on Discord. Have a good day :)

Edit: Stuck?
I found the L2 sword. Bought the wealth medal, boomerang, and wallet upgrade. Also found

a green Heart Regen Ring

Got the whistle, ladder, candle and bombs. One magic container and two heart containers (one through pieces)

Bow and Arrow....but no Quiver. I found a dark room with a lot of eye statues.....but I still can't shoot them.

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#3 IceDancer



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Posted 10 November 2019 - 12:01 PM

Hi there :)


When there are small bug´s in there, they are better via picture, to show, so I see immediately, what is meant. :)


I´m on discord but not on any english server.

In the second dungeon, there is still a secret path, that goes to the left. This is in room 03, there is a staircase, also on the left side corner traps. There you have to blow open the wall and defeat the master hands. It is a room that is completely filled with grass surfaces. Once all are defeated, you get the quiver in there.
That with the rubies, is changed for the hard version to 100%. The ammunition for bombs, arrows are already only 1% chance. The big rubies are also only 1% chance to get these. Unfortunately, they come so often, because I can not change anything, except to take out completely. But for the "normal" version, I thought, I just leave it that way now.
I send you via pn my discord name. :)

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