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#1 Lejes


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Posted 28 October 2017 - 10:14 PM


Who's the real monster here?

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#2 Eddy


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Posted 05 November 2017 - 07:39 AM

This was a pretty cool demo, I definitely like the implementation of the Stamina Wheel from BotW, and the whole possessing monsters concept. They seemed to definitely work quite well, and the dungeon was pretty cleverly made too. As a suggestion, tidying up the overworld would be very nice, since right now it really does look bland and very rushed. Probably more attention to detail would be a great next step, I'd say. Also, I'd try to make the Stamina Wheel recharge faster, or make attacks consume less stamina, since it can get kinda annoying attacking enemies and suddenly running out of stamina.


Also, I found a way to get stuck right here:


You can walk to the left here behind the trees and get stuck on the next screen over.


Either way, good work so far, this is definitely something I would look forward to.

#3 Mitsukara



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Posted 07 November 2017 - 08:54 AM

This is a very cool concept for a quest, I like it! The main concept is fun and the form selector looks really fancy. I kinda like the stamina concept too, as it makes the combat a bit thinkier.

I don't think I've finished the demo yet, but I've died about 10 times. For some reason I haven't quite figured out what makes possession level go up, but I feel like that's me being dumb. I'll try again a bit later. Also, when I was messing around, I wasn't able to possess a red moblin after I possessed a blue one- does it differ from screen to screen which you can possess? I assumed it was just that a given level let you access more new species.

The combat can be a bit rough starting out (dodging space can be limited with a lot of moblins at once, and the blue moblins take a lot of hits from the blue octorok), especially with "Enemies Always Return" on... especially when there are temporary screen secrets in those rooms. But that's okay, if you're aiming for high difficulty. That said, I like the puzzle-y angle more than the combat.

The subscreen is a little blank and I assume it's in the early development stages. But a couple things that might be neat to add in the future, if you feel like it:

  • A gauge next to the stamina that shows how much stamina your current attack will cost (it's possible for the player to figure this out on their own but it'd be handier to see).
  • Alternatively, it might be even better to haev the stamina gauge change color or light up (maybe a symbol in the center?) when you're able to attack again so that you know right when it's full enough to shoot again.
  • Showing the monster's stats on the blank space of the passive screen, instead of just the active subscreen. (Not sure if that leaves much point to the active besides being a pause screen, but I think that'd be okay)
  • On the active subscreen, you could maybe get it to display the forms you've got saved in your reserve switcher thingy (the one outside the dungeon entrance). You can change graphics on your active subscreen via a script by using the built in functions CopyTile(), CopyTileRow(), and SwapTile().


Also, if you wanted to make the Octoroks more limited and different from the moblins (and give the arrows more of a leg up in usefulness), you could make their rocks unable to pass through solid walls, just like EW_ROCK. But they're fine as-is, and more useful to the player.

One thing that might make sense as a late-game upgrade would be the ability to access to your library of saved monster forms freely, instead of having to go to a specific station. Or maybe just toggle between a single backup form, rather than all of the stored ones.

I really like where this is going!

#4 NewJourneysFire



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Posted 28 November 2017 - 07:08 PM

#5 Mitsukara



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Posted 29 November 2017 - 11:54 AM

I didn't realize until I saw NJF's video that there's a random failure rate on possession (hence why I didn't finish it before; I thought Sluggulas were unpossessable because I only tried it like, twice or so). So if you are planning to add a tutorial, I definitely recommend emphasizing the random rate. (Or you could DrawTile/DrawString some kind of notifciation for it up on the passive subscreen maybe?)

Anyway, I still really like the idea of this quest, and wish you luck.

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