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Fall Expo 2017: Power seal 2 dungeon demo

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#1 Zaxarone


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Posted 12 October 2017 - 02:18 AM

Power Seal has been in development for 2 years. originally(before i ever was on Pure) this quest was a weird mock up, what-if zelda fan idea from a friend of mine and me. he got bored and stopped caring about it, so years later i decided to make a game based on a concept focused around ganon's seal, and a sword that can only purge corruption from the triforce of power. This quest evolved from a NES tileset, to a GB one, and had several overhauls to the overworld, and dungeons. I've submitted a demo before that some of you might have played. but I assure you, this version is Completely Different. 
Nes verion:

First GB Version:

New and improved(final)Version

On a side note, there is enhanced music, contained in the quest folder pre packaged. note that not all songs from the final game will be in the demo. The demo is 2 dungeons long, but the development is 7 dungeons long. Why am i cutting it short? Because for one; i don't wanna give a way the whole thing at once, because 7 dungeons is more than half the game. For two; not everything past level 2 is fully tested/satisfactory to my liking.
Anyway, thanks a lot to moosh, lejes dimentio,ywkls, and mitsukara for various scripts, shane, matthew,eddy, Yoshi and all my other beta testers for well, beta testing.(remind me if i forgot someone) and an even bigger shout out to those of you who play this. thank you all so much
Download can be found here

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#2 Eddy


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Posted 04 November 2017 - 09:15 AM

I got through this one quite fast since I already knew where to go most of the time, so I wasn't expecting too much, but hey it's still nice to go through the start of this quest again. I gotta say, from looking at the description, I had no idea how much of a huge change this quest went from the classic set to the current EZGBZ.


As far as the demo goes, I can't say much since I've already gave all my thoughts through beta testing and stuff over time, but I will say that it is very nice to play through and well made. From this demo alone though, I noticed things that I haven't noticed before. For one, what happened to the tall grass in the overworld? Every time I cut some grass, it reveals a black void with the secret SFX chime being played every time. Not sure what happened there, but it's all over the overworld from what I played. I feel like I might have mentioned this before, but I never liked trees being stacked up vertically on each other (like in the last screenshot). It just doesn't look right to me IMO, and everything would look much better if trees were stacked diagonally. I guess that's a personal preference thing, but yeah that's how I would do them lol.


Anyways, other minor things:


Leaving the cave from the far-left side (by slashing the grass tile), ends me up in a different DMap. Should probably be fixed.



This layering looks really weird. If you're going for a dark room effect, I'd remove the torches here.



Bombing here reveals a blank tile. Should be a cave.



This random tile above Link probably shouldn't be there.



This random entrance tile appeared after clearing the vines, and takes me back to where the vine room was. That's very weird and probably is an oversight.



These two paths are solid, probably used the wrong tile here.



I feel like that chest was supposed to give me the Bow & Arrows, but instead gave me a key where I can't use anywhere. This is where I stopped, but yeah I dunno if I missed anything.


So yeah, besides that minor stuff I found, this is very solid and a pretty nice updated demo.

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#3 Shoshon the Elegant

Shoshon the Elegant

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Posted 04 November 2017 - 09:31 AM

As someone who has used EZGBZ, those paths come solid. You have to copy/paste them as new combos to get non solid ones.

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#4 NoeL


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Posted 04 November 2017 - 06:09 PM

I've only played through the first dungeon so far, and as Eddy mentioned there were a number of bugs (nothing game-breaking, at least up to the point I played). In terms of presentation the quest is really good, and each screen is really well put together. The overworld (from what I explored) is great, although I wish the subscreen map had a Link marker so I knew where I was. Each screen in the Power Temple, like the overworld, looks great... but the overall dungeon design was pretty lacking. Follow the path to the right, backtrack to the start. Follow the longer path to the left, backtrack the longer path to the start. It's like the dungeon was designed for F6-scumming. The boss was cool, though I didn't really know whether or not I was hitting him or what the trick was. He eventually died though. XD

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#5 NewJourneysFire



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Posted 07 December 2017 - 12:42 PM

Due to author request, I skipped this submission. 

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