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Destiny of the Oracles

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Destiny of the Oracles LP- By SCKnuckles

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Posted 16 January 2021 - 12:47 PM

Part 46


The boss rush has a long history of somewhat buggy behavior.

I find it interesting how Quake trivializes many of those early foes.

It should be noted that all of these enemies are spawned via script.

This was to get around restrictions in the enemy editor, such as where they're told to never come back after death.


The first half of each run is slightly stronger than the original version.

They have twice the health and take half the damage.


Fortunately for Nayru's side, you can  regain HP and MP by farming bushes before tackling it.

Many of Nayru's bosses are weak to the Ball and Chain, letting you conserve MP.

If you die on either side, you have to do everything over.

Homing Arrows are actually more useful than piercing ones, since they'll continue to follow the boss until they hit.


Dark Link's spin attack is intentionally designed as a weakness.

Early in development, he'd get stuck in that mode and didn't really feel challenging.


Nayru's Love is one of 3 secret items in the quest.

You get an extra menu page on the subscreen assigned to them.

This item can turn enemy projectiles into recovery hearts.

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Posted 18 January 2021 - 12:25 PM

Part 47


Exactly how the post-game challenges would work was something I thought about for a while.

The Farore mini-games were an obvious choice.

The reward item can instantly kill some enemies in any earlier dungeon.

They don't work on the post-game dungeons, sadly.

But if you hadn't gone back for the extra heart pieces and magic containers, it might be interesting to see.


Congratulations on defeating the super-boss!

I had planned to have Sephiroth a la Kingdom Hearts but the script didn't work so well.

The real challenge is the fact Culex is a battle of attrition.

If you'd used the power of Nayru's Love, then fighting him would have been easier because his projectiles could turn into hearts,


Din's Fire is the last of the 3 Oracle abilities.

It boosts the strength of all attacks while active!

The three Oracle abilities can be switched from a new menu on the subscreen.


I should also note that Amy Rose will offer clues on the locations of these challenges after each one.

I just couldn't just throw her in there without having more content, you know.

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Posted 20 January 2021 - 12:33 PM

Part 48


Well this is an embarrassing turn of events.

The placement of the entrance to Din's side of the final dungeon was something I should have made clearer.

I just now went back and added clues to the cutscene to lead the player there.


Part of this confusion is due to me constructing the entrances long before I made the way to reach them.

Or to making cave systems which I later didn't really have a purpose for.

In fact, there's a reward of 50 rupees behind a whistle warp you didn't collect as Nayru.

It's only available after you obtain the Sword of Fate, however.


There isn't anything much more I can say, really.

Part of the process of creating quests is learning from your mistakes.

I definitely made one here.

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Posted 22 January 2021 - 11:43 AM

Part 49


Welcome to the true final dungeon!

The idea of a place where everything was reflected was suggested to me a long time ago.

Until recently, I lacked the technical skill to pull it off.


One thing which might not be obvious is the fact that enemies have character specific weakness.

The Guma (bola-throwing guys) are only weak to the Bola.

The large Gibdo  and Zelda 2 Wizzrobes can only be hurt by magic.

The Eyegore are vulnerable to arrows.

The living candles can be destroyed with fire.

This trend continues throughout the dungeon.


I worked very hard to incorporate as many aspects of all three characters as I could.

Some were used more than others, since they were easier to pull off.


Early in development, the digging mechanic had a bug where you could get multiple keys.

I eventually changed how it worked.


The error with the switchhook point was caused due to the fact that one target was spawned by a secret.

The script that resets them when you leave the room wasn't designed to account for that.

Fortunately, it was easy to fix.

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Posted 24 January 2021 - 01:09 PM

Part 50


Here's a few more fun facts about the Hall of Mirrors.

There are two enemies inside for every character.

Din has the tall Gibdo and Zelda 2 wizards.

Nayru has the Living Candles and the Eyegores.

Farore has the Guma and the giant Lowders.

Those were also introduced in her mini-game dungeon.


One of the things which it tries to teach you is the need to constantly switch between characters in order to find a way forward.

That's why most puzzles take two or three characters working together to solve.

I could have had the compass beep elsewhere but chose to reserve it for here.

Also, that last invisible path puzzle didn't have pits; just invisible walls.


The pattern of 4 keys, then progress continues throughout the dungeon.

I was able to do a lot of puzzles I hadn't been able to pull off before this.

Examples include combining puzzles types, like switchhook, pits and paths.


The mid boss has 3 specific weaknesses.

The sign outside reveals these to you.

Evil Din and Nayru are weak only to magic and arrows respectively.

Evil Farore is only weak to the Powder Keg.

The reason why is the same as the motive behind making her foes weak to the Bolas only,

All other weapon defenses are covered by other abilities so this was the only means of making them exclusive.

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Posted 26 January 2021 - 11:57 AM

Part 51


An epic fight to conclude and epic adventure!

So, here's a few facts about that final boss fight.


I'd originally intended a boss fight with all 3 evil Oracles as separate foes.

However, since your characters got the power to switch at will; I came up with the concept for the final boss.

The code is supposed to prevent it from switching to whatever character you're currently playing as.

I'm not sure why Din was an exception to this, but whatever works.


The boss' weakness depends on the current form.

Also, it switches weakness after every attack.

Blue is weak to arrows.

Red is weak to magic.

Green is weak to the powder keg.

This except to the rule is due to enemy defense limitations.

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Posted 28 January 2021 - 12:12 PM

Part 52- Final
That's it folks!
I added that extra area where you can fight any boss you want by special request.
Some of my testers felt that they'd like to experience them whenever.
It wasn't too hard to pull off.
The secret entrances are triggered by an invisible switch on the same screen as the "To Be Concluded" notice.
In all honest, I'm not currently working on Shattered Dreams.
While I do intend to make it, I have gotten myself sidetracked with another project.
It will act as a companion to the series which includes the other three.
The exact order is a bit murky due to its nature.
For more information please check out the quest project page.
Remembrance of Shadows- Quest Project


I'm truly honored to have been ranked so highly.

I know that it isn't something which you do very often.

Hopefully my future creations will also be as good.

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