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Superlatives Nominations Template

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#1 David


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Posted 06 January 2018 - 01:14 AM

PureZC 2017 Superlatives

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 2017 PureZC Superlatives! If you are new to PureZC or haven't heard of the Superlatives before, this is a yearly contest for which you vote for your fellow members, and for Zelda Classic content such as quests and tilesets, in a wide variety of categories. The Superlatives is just a fun way to wrap up and remember the past year on PureZC. We welcome all of you to participate! :)
To submit a nomination, please see the nomination template at the bottom of this post, below the dividing line. There you will copy and paste the given categories into a new topic in this Dropbox forum. Your nominations are meant to go into their own topic in this Dropbox forum, not as a reply to this specific topic. Write your nominations to the right of all the categories, or type N/A if you do not have a nomination for a certain category. Once you have compiled and reviewed all your nominations, post your topic. Upon posting, the topic itself will disappear from your view for staff evaluation. If there is a problem with your nominations, you will be contacted through PM by the staff member reviewing your nominations.
Please keep the following things in mind while making your nominations:

  • Only vote once per category.
  • Please do not nominate yourself, or your content, for any of the categories. If you do not know who/what to nominate, just N/A that category.
  • Naturally, only content from 2017 is allowed to be nominated. For example, quests, scripts, etc. that were released either prior to or after 2017 will not be counted.
  • For tilesets, you may nominate a work-in-progress tileset as long as it is in a mostly usable state.
  • For quests, all completed quests can be nominated, not just those on the PureZC database. This allows for quests from the various 2017 contests to be nominated.

If you have any questions or concerns about how the nominations will work, please post in this topic or contact either Aevin or myself and we'll help you out. Once the deadline noted below has been reached your nominations will be declined. Voting for each of the categories will open also as noted below, and the poll voting options will appear as a combination of all the nominations made by members for each category.
Nomination Submission Deadline: Saturday, January 20th, at 11:59 EST
Poll Topics Opening: Tuesday, January 23rd
(Note: EST stands for Eastern Standard Time. If you are unsure what time that correlates to in your timezone, simply Google "11:59pm EST" and Google will automatically convert the time to your specific timezone based on your location.)
Thanks to Aevin for setting up the forums and handling technical things! Also, be sure to have fun (this isn't a contest to get jealous over if you don't win) and we hope you all will enjoy this year's Superlatives! :)





Forum Topic of the Year (nominate a forum topic)
Non-ZC Project of the Year (nominate a non-ZC project)
Highest-Quality Posts (nominate a member)
Chat Member of the Year (nominate a member)
Forum Member of the Year (nominate a member)
Member You Would Hang Out With for a Day (nominate a member)
Funniest Member (nominate a member)
Broadcaster of the Year (nominate a member who streams or releases videos on youtube)
Staff Member of the Year (nominate a member)
Most Likely to Become Staff (nominate a member)
Most Mature Member (nominate a member)
Most Artistic Member (nominate a member)
Newcomer of the Year (nominate a member)
Most Likely to Talk to Oneself in Chat (nominate a member)
Most Modest Member (nominate a member)
Most Changed Member (nominate a member)
Most Helpful Member (nominate a member)
Most Ambitious Member (nominate a member)
Got It Together Award: Most Organized Member (nominate a member)
Sir Issac Newton Award: Most Intelligent Member (nominate a member)
Zelda Classic
Quest of the Year (nominate a quest)
Spriter of the Year (nominate a member)
Tileset of the Year (nominate a tileset)
Music of the Year (nominate a musical composition)
Custom Enemy of the Year (nominate a custom enemy)
Custom Boss of the Year (nominate a custom boss)
Custom Item of the Year (nominate a custom item)
Best Puzzles (nominate a quest)
Best Graphics (nominate a quest)
Best Soundtrack (nominate a quest)
Overworld of the Year (nominate a quest)
Dungeon of the Year (nominate a dungeon)
Storyline of the Year (nominate a quest)
Malevolent Creator (nominate a member)
Best Let's Play (nominate a let's play series)
Most Improved Content Creator (nominate a member)
Most Anticipated Quest (nominate an unreleased quest)
Most Useful Feedback (nominate a member)
Most Innovative Design (nominate a quest)
Most Promising Newcomer (nominate a member)

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#2 Evan20000


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Posted 06 January 2018 - 04:19 AM

A vote for Evan for malevolent creator is a vote for the future because one superlative in 2018 won't sufficiently cover the hell that's being released soon.

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#3 David


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Posted 13 January 2018 - 12:45 PM

Just a friendly reminder that nominations are due in a week from today! Please get those in as soon as possible if you were wanting to submit nominations. :)

#4 Cukeman


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Posted 18 January 2018 - 01:10 PM

Needs to be a Punster category. Funniest doesn't cover it, because puns can be about cringe.

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