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Have we been taking ZScript for granted?

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#16 ZoriaRPG


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Posted 23 July 2017 - 01:49 AM

Back to the main point, I feel that scripts are a given for most quest development at this point. I have to agree that most stock editor stuff these days, has been done to death, and it is nearly impossible to make a compelling new idea with it; but it is not impossible to make a compelling new story with it. If you are focused on story, over gameplay gimmicks, then the editor alone can suffice.


I like to have both in quests that I design, to which I contribute, and quests that I play, as I enjoy a complex, rich story, and new gameplay ideas; or just less overplayed gameplay mechanics. That does not mean that I hate block puzzles: In fact, I love them, and I'm one of the mental bastards who wants them in modern quests.


I do however, love any kind of logic puzzles, and you can accomplish these with scripts, or without scripts.


Contributing scripters, are often taken for granted. I know this from experience, and it is often a thankless job done solely to help others. Some users are worse offenders in that category, and then ultimately end up being the script beggars who never get what they want. Spending a bit of time learning how to set up and configure stuff that a scriptwriter provides to you, is a good way to thank us. :D


Anyway.... I tend to prefer quests that go beyond the vanilla editor stuff, with creative new items, and mechanics, but I can go back and play HoD at any time, and still love it. Some unscripted quests simply did as much with the engine as they could possibly do, and managed to tell a tale that was enchanting and enthralling. OTOH, there are heavily-scripted quests that I would never be interested in playing, for one reason, or another.


I would rather play a quest with no scripts, than one with glitch-y, or terrible scripts. That is a certainty.

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Posted 26 July 2017 - 06:52 PM

After giving it some thought, I'm changing my answer to yes. Scripts are taken for granted. "Taken for granted" basically means, "we've come to expect this otherwise extra thing, and without it, it sucks" right? Then if so, yes. After reading some posts here, I must admit, it's disheartening to see that there is really no place for scriptless quests. Stock features are "boring", "done to death", or "not very interesting", or "not original". Uhg.


Yeah, we do take them for granted. Not everyone has the time to learn, and a lot of people just simply can't learn. I gotta hand it to those of you (Moosh, and Zoria in particular) who do go above and beyond to provide stellar scripts for the community. Your contributions are invaluable, but as I said, I can see them being taken for granted.

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Posted 26 July 2017 - 06:55 PM

Just because I personally rely on scripts way too much, I didn't mean that I can't like scriptless quests. Scripts are no make or break it factor for me. Many quests I like don't have scripts.

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