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Update: Current Theme List

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Posted 01 January 2017 - 01:29 PM

Here's a quick update to display a list of themes that will now be featured in Enemy of the Month. This list was constructed by taking all the themes that were previously visited through the history of EotM and breaking them off into two main categories.
As many of you are aware I discontinued the old "Special Theme" that was normally used to feature No-Limit enemies and have now made No-Limit a theme in itself. The purpose of this is to make the Special Theme now more of a category than a theme. We will now be releasing EotM in two categories: 
Normal Themes:
These themes will be your more common themes that feature many of the types of enemies you'd expect to see in dungeons or overworld settings. They are selected to be easy to work with and will therefore be the most common themes you'll find in the contest as of this day forward. 
- No Limit
- Forest/Nature
- Fire/Lava
- Water/Ice
- Earth/Desert
- Dark/Haunted
- Light/Sky
- Futuristic (*Note: Replaces Technology and Outer Space.)
- Human (*Note: New Normal Theme for Human, Human-Like, or NPC type enemies.)
- Basic/NES (*Note: New Theme to encourage non-scripters to participate in a fairer setting.)
Special Themes: 
These themes are more specific and are more geared towards fans who want to keep the contest interesting. We will sparingly use these themes to shake things up a little from time to time. Because of the rather specific nature of this theme, we won't be using these very often. These themes could include but are not limited to:
- Over the Top (ex: Things like Bullet Hell, Explosions, etc.)
- Holiday (ex: Christmas, Halloween, etc.)
- Mixed Themes (ex: Fire & Water, Sky & Ice, etc.)
- Specific Colors (ex: Gold, Green, Red&Blue, Shades of Grey, etc.)
- Off the Wall (ex: Creative, joke or troll enemies.)
In conclusion, we hope this gives fans of EotM some transparency of future plans as far as themes are concerned. As time progress we may add some changes to this list, but for now I feel this is a competent list that should feature the types of enemies that people want to design. 

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