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A Minor Theme Update

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Posted 10 November 2016 - 09:08 AM

In our efforts to bring back EotM as the new hosts of this contest, me and Anthus has agreed to make a few changes. Though I initially stated in previous discussions that I felt things should go status quo for the time being, there have been some interests from some members to update and reinvent the contest in a way to reinvigorate people's interests and motivation. 


Therefore it became important to both me and Anthus to make changes that are very easy to adapt to. The changes we have in mind will help make this contest feel fresh while also keeping the contest's integrity and current status in mind.


Updates will thus be made gradually to allow people to warm up to some of the changes that we have planned.


The updates we are focusing on at this time are changes to the current themes. We want to have themes that are very easy for people to develop enemies for. Such themes will be what you'd expect to find in a Zelda Classic quest and are themes that have already been explored in this contest. Themes such as Forest, Fire, Water, etc. We also want to introduce exclusive special themes from time to time too which will be sometimes a bit more off the wall and/or unique and they will often usually focus on what we feel is popular at certain given times. Special themes will be elaborated on more in the future.


But you may say "But we already have a special theme!", and you are very much correct. But we feel the current format of the special theme is relatively outdated. After looking back and reviewing the previous special themes hosted in this contest, I noticed they all were pretty much the same thing: a no limit theme. This is something I realized and brought up to Anthus and David that No Limit itself could be it's own theme. This brings me to the point of this post, allow me to introduce:



No Limit Theme:

This theme replaces the current model of special theme.

There's nothing really big that's changed here but a name change of the current special theme.



By introducing this new No-Limit Theme, we plan to in the future update and redefine what we should consider the Special Theme to be. This will all be elaborated on in future updates.


With this announcement now made public, expect the contest to resume very soon. Anthus already plans to introduce the new EotM #XX - Theme Discussion topic very soon.  



Update: Another thing just came to my attention. No-Limit Theme will not include the ability for members to chose the next theme like current special theme does. However, me and Anthus will discuss ways we can continue to implement ways in which winners of particular contests can choose the next theme. 

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Posted 16 November 2016 - 05:25 PM

This topic has served it's purpose.


Locking this using magical powers. 


Alakazam!!! Presto!!!

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