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NJF Let's Play Announcement (Oct 2017)

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Posted 09 October 2017 - 07:34 AM

NJF Let's Play Announcement (Oct 2017)


I decided to create a brand new topic to make important announcements to my Lets Play Channel that are actually old and new announcements, but it's become clear to me that most people don't even look at the NewJourneysFire Let's Plays topic. I've made a lot of changes to my channel, and I feel my fans have been acting I've just been making these changes out of nowhere. 


Many of you may or may not have noticed that I've been doing a lot of Dark Souls and Fallout streams, almost on a regular basis, and it appears I have completely shunned ZC related content. Some of you may feel I've betrayed what my channel once stood for, but that is far from the case. My channel has always been about playing my favorite games, new and old (and sometimes trying new content like Undertale). I usually only played retro games typically because newer games have a much higher playthrough length, and I simply had no interest to transform hundreds of hours of gameplay into episode format that I usually do with my Lets Plays.


I've made recent complaints in my discord server that my channel is becoming irrelevant when somebody asked the question if I'll stream the expo. I made it clear that I kinda just don't care about streaming the expo this year, or any other Zelda Classic related content at the moment. I picked up Link and Zelda for a bit, but I've taken a break on that to do Halloween streaming, something I've done every year since I've started streaming, to which I get criticized for streaming "non-Zelda".


I'm sorry, but just because I'm on a Zelda site, and my main audience are Zelda fans, doesn't mean I need to eat, drink, and breath Zelda or Nintendo. Newsflash, I'm not even THAT much of a Zelda or Nintendo fan. I thought people already knew this through many of my posts, comments, and discussion where I've openly and honestly criticized Nintendo for their poor ass business choices. Zelda and Metroid are probably the only things I still like about Nintendo. But I digress, Halloween streaming has always been directed towards content that was either Castlevania, Metroid, and either spooky or horror related. I've been doing Halloween streaming since I started streaming, and I'll be doing it for many years to come. Even though it as well has lost much of its popularity.


I've also received criticism for giving up on schedules, but again, these were all announced in my Lets Play topic. To be fair, the person who made the criticisms openly admitted that he "wasn't even paying attention", so does such criticism even have weight when you openly admit that you are bias towards certain content, assume that everybody else in the forum shares that same bias, and you're not even paying attention to what you are criticizing? Putting this little small grievance aside, it's become clear to me that very big announcements related to my channel simply just didn't reach out to people as I intended, and it's as if nobody even knows what I'm doing right now. So lets backtrack a little:


- I've been doing episodic videos for years now, mainly exclusively ZC related content and old retro games. I had a bucket list of games I wanted to play before an intention to retire. My channel never grew enough for me to consider this a permanent gig, and in fact, it's only been getting worse as time went by. I feel myself as a personality was just a one gig act. Something that's amusing at first, but easily tiring. But fuck, that's my personality, I can't become another person. lol Despite this, I still loved doing episodes, but streaming at a schedule was killing me. I hated it so much, it was making me hate streaming, and it was not benefiting me or my channel in any way, so I put a stop to it.


- In August, I've decided since my channel was irrelevant anyways, it wouldn't hurt much to make some changes to my channel. To bring in content I don't normally play but still love. This includes very long +100 hour games like Dark Souls and Fallout. I just decided that I needed to start streaming to enjoy video games, to just play games, without all the edits. But I still wanted to have a main Lets Play series with higher quality video editing and intro. To make it clear that this was a different format, these streams were actually being streamed on youtube, and not Twitch, and they were not edited like my main streams. They were and still are intended to be more casual.


- Because I've introduced a new format of streaming that's exclusive to my youtube channel, and these streams I know would target a different audience, I knew by then that the way I needed someway to tell people what type of videos were my usual Lets Plays and what are simply just me streaming video games as a pass time without the edits. This is why I created borders, and it's discussing these borders are the main reason I am making this announcement. 


So with those above announcements made here, I want to discuss the new format so there is are no confusion. I don't know if any of you have been following, but my channel has added new borders to their thumbnails, and the borders are of different colors. These borders aren't different colors just to be pretty, they have very specific reasons they are the way they are:



NJF Main Series


Red Border


(This border is just an example image, since borders were created after featuring this game)




Videos shared on youtube with a red border are streamed on Twitch and later edited to be shared on youtube. They are the videos that include my main intro with the NJF Evil Laugh. They are the videos that people on my channel have typically until now came to see which typically include but are not limited to retro, fan, and indie gaming. This can include newer titles too if I want to stream a new game in episodic format, but I don't typically do this. This is what you've all came to my channel to see, and it's been a successful format until this year where my channel just literally started losing a lot of traction in general. 



NJF Zelda Series


Green Border





These videos are pretty much essentially the same as red borders, but specifically targeting Zelda related content, mainly because I acknowledge my channel does target a Zelda specific community. If you're watching my channel only to watch Zelda related content. Keep an eye out for these green borders. (Note: I may add a triforce to the border in the near future much like the pumpkin I got added to the Halloween streams)



Youtube Livestreams


Blue Border





These streams are exclusive youtube streams which feature simple unedited long plays that are not suitable for my normal episodic format. Super large modern RPGs like Dark Souls and Fallout (or just most modern games in general) typically fall into this category, and they are considered continuous with no end (Example: Lets Play is considered over when the game is beat). These Livestreams can be continued indefinitely among several different files. They only exist as an excuse to play a video game and have a chat open. 



Youtube Livestreams


Purple Border





NJF Halloween Streams has been a long running feature on my channel, and thus usually takes priority over all other content during the month of October. Even my quests I'm designing gets put aside this month for my typical October streaming. This has been a unique thing for my channel since it's inception. Yes, other channels does Halloween content, but my channel has given it extra priority. These videos will be featured with a purple border and a pumpkin in the border. 



- Gold Borders: exist for my "Best of" series where I share montages of my favorite stream highlights of particular games.


- Light Blue Borders: exist mainly as an excuse for me and my son to stream together. This is hosted on a completely different channel. 



So with all this said, I just have to say that my channel didn't change this way by just chance alone. The new format may not be everybody's cup of tea, but it's currently my cup of tea. If you don't like it, just unsubscribe. Not really to sound rude, but that's just what I suggest is probably the best choice because it's best for everybody because this format is now here to stay. I will be playing content that doesn't really target this community well, and despite the demand for schedules, that is unlikely to return for a very long time (if ever). Lets face it, I'm not a huge fan of the state of my channel, so at least let me just play the games I like, this new format came about as a result of my channel's declining activity, not the cause of it. It's how I still enjoy having a Lets Play channel today. 


Last but not least, I'll be announcing all my major Lets Play announcements this way since it's almost pointless to make big announcements in an already existing topic in this forum. Nobody reads them because I guess people assume that most posts are just stream or LP drops anyways. But I feel announcements like this deserve its own topic because you get issues like this where I have to make the same announcements a 2nd time when I never needed to.  

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