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A Reference on Zelda Classic 2.50

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Posted 08 December 2011 - 09:53 AM

A Reference on Zelda Classic 2.50

I've noticed that there is a severe lack of guidance about 2.50, so I decided I'd try my hand at it. I'm honestly not sure how useful this will be to people, but I guess we will find out. icon_shrug.gif

This is mainly to be used as a reference for people familiar with ZC and ZQuest 1.92 or 2.10. If you have never used ZC and ZQuest before, this will not make much sense to you.

Table of Contents
  1. Where do I get ZC 2.50?
  2. Why should I upgrade to ZC 2.50?
  3. Why should I NOT upgrade to ZC 2.50?
  4. What's the deal with scripting?
  5. Introduction to changes
  6. Main Interface changes between ZC 2.10 and ZC 2.50
  7. Quest Rule changes between ZC 2.10 and ZC 2.50
  8. Enemy changes between ZC 2.10 and ZC 2.50
  9. Other notable changes between ZC 2.10 and ZC 2.50
  10. Closing Comments
1. Where do I get ZC 2.50?

Zelda Classic 2.50 Stable was released on December 21, 2012. You can find it at Zelda Classic's Official Website.

PureZC Threads:
2.50 Release Topic

Other Links:
Comprehensive Changelog
ZCWiki (A tad bit outdated, but still extremely useful.)

A lot of the information below this needs to be edited, rewritten, and possibly removed since a stable release finally came out. It's mostly still there because I have other priorities, like a tutorial, to worry about. At this point, there is basically no reason to avoid upgrading and a lot of the stuff I said to the contrary is invalid now.

2. Why should I upgrade to ZC 2.50?

I'm going to get this out of the way. When people ask this question, the instinctive response from many people is "scripting." Yes. 2.50 does have scripting. However, I'd like to focus this on reasons other than scripting. I will return to that later.

A year or so ago, I never would have actively suggested that someone upgrade to ZC 2.50. It had releases that pretty much came out whenever a random developer felt like it, meaning that potentially unstable releases happened quite often. Due to how often they came out and how untested these builds were, it would have been hard for a casual quest developer to keep up with things. Even if someone found a stable build to work with, it would have been impossible to get others to agree to use it for community convenience.

To simplify this, I would never have suggested an upgrade had milestone releases not started happening.

The release candidates that have been slowly trickling out from the developers are far more in line with releases like ZC 1.92 Beta Build 183. ZC 2.50 Release Candidate 2, for instance, was the only release between June 2011 and December 2011. And for the most part, it has been fairly stable for people. With the addition of 2.50 support on PureZC's main database, it is pretty clear that the release candidates can be considered milestone releases.

Of course, the real issue people had with going between versions of 2.50 was the fact that scripts easily broke between versions, causing unintended behavior with quests made in older 2.50 builds. But I don't think this is quite as much of an issue with the release candidates. The scripting engine structure is pretty much set in stone at this point. Most of the changes you might see to it are additions or bug fixes. Even if something does happen to break some scripts in a quest, it is far easier to tell people to stick with a milestone release candidate than with some random build. icon_shrug.gif

Another reason one might consider an upgrade is compatibility with newer and different operating systems. While I've personally not had many problems with 2.10 and 1.92 on Windows 7, many people cannot get these versions of ZC and/or ZQuest to run that well (or at all). The developers have been trying to reduce the issues with Windows 7 over the course of 2.50's development and it has shown since there are far fewer issues with running ZC and/or ZQuest. Release Candidate 3 even works with Windows Aero. There is also the fact that ZC 2.50 has stable Linux and Mac ports.

Of course, a section detailing reasons for upgrading wouldn't be complete without pimping some of the actual features available. icon_wink.gif So here is a list of some of the new things to mess with in 2.50:
  • Up to 8 unique warps can exist on a single screen (4 side warps and 4 tile warps).
  • Auto warp combos that can trigger sidewarps as soon as they become visible on the screen.
  • A random warp combo for each of the types of combo warps. This chooses between 4 of tile or sidewarps on the screen.
  • Screen carryover lets you link various elements of screens, such as secrets.
  • No reset screen data lets you choose what is not reset between screen warps, which can make some transitions much smoother.
  • Inherent secret flags: secret flags attached to the actual combo data.
  • The ability to make secret flags trigger individually.
  • Freeform combos. Explaining all of the things these make possible is too much for a list.
  • Combo aliases to make placing complex "objects" on the screen much faster.
  • The new enemy, item, and subscreen editors.
  • The ability to make tiles use more than 8 colors.
  • Preview mode in ZQuest lets you preview things such as secret flags.
  • The many new string features, including new fonts and string variables.
  • With some of the new combo options, combo cycling and animation can be much smoother.
  • Scripting.
  • ... and more!
3. Why should I NOT upgrade to ZC 2.50?

Why am I putting this question into a 2.50 reference?

The main reason is that upgrading to ZC 2.50 is a commitment. Unlike upgrading from 1.92 to 2.10, there are many drastic changes in ZC 2.50. While this reference will try to cover many of them, the fact remains that you will have to take the time to familiarize yourself with new methods for doing certain tasks. This isn't meant to discourage you, but to make you aware of what you are getting into.

It is also to make you aware that peer pressure is a poor reason to upgrade.

This is getting slightly into rant territory, but it irks me every single time I see people say "upgrade to 2.50. It has scripts and crap that will make everything awesome!" While I understand that it's pretty much impossible to get this detailed with every situation where a potential 2.50 upgrade crusade is made, I still find it annoying that people don't even try to stress that this is a rather big change. It's not a bad change, but it's a big one.

It doesn't help at all that the reasons I've noticed many people use are extremely... uh... shallow. Scripts (which are the main and often only reason I see in 2.50 upgrade recommendations) certainly can help a quest, but they cannot make a quest awesome on their own. It is the design of a quest using what is available to it that makes it good or bad!

My point with this is that you shouldn't jump into this without being informed. If this reference isn't enough to satisfy you, but you are still curious on what 2.50 brings to the table, try searching around. ZCWiki has some useful, if somewhat outdated, information. Various threads on the forums can probably paint a better picture as well.

I would also like to take this time to note that it is possible for 2.50 to play quests from the 2.10 and earlier generations with very few, if any problems. I actually only know of three quests offhand that have game breaking issues. Two of these quests involve a change in flipper behavior in 2.50 that is probably not too hard to work around. Another quest has continue bugs, but these same continue bugs crop up in 2.10.

4. What's the deal with scripting?

I've mostly avoided it up until now, but it is inevitable to talk about scripting when talking about ZC 2.50. Why do people make such a big deal about it?

The simple answer is that many people find it flashy. Scripts allow you to do things ZC cannot normally do, so it is bound to shake things up when it is used in a quest. It also makes people believe that they can just throw them in and the quest will become awesome, but that is a bit of a misconception. I firmly believe that it is the design of the quest that matters more than how many flashy scripts it has.

The complicated answer is that it gives quest makers an amount of control over their quest that ZQuest GUI manipulation could never hope to provide on its own. But like creating tiles, this is something that some will be more skilled at than others. There is also a lot of exclusive scripting floating around, much like tilesets. But at the same time, there is a database of scripts available and there are usually plenty of scripters available to help people or take requests. But like tile creators, don’t hound them endlessly in private.

5. Introduction to changes

The rest of this reference guide is dedicated to various specific changes between ZC 2.10 and ZC 2.50 to help with people that are upgrading. Most of these will be presented as lists in the following format:

{ZC/ZQ}: {2.10 Feature} ==== {2.50 Location/Change}

Note that this is only going to detail differences. New added features will be touched upon only if they are related to an existing feature being shifted around.

6. Main Interface changes between ZC 2.10 and ZC 2.50

This is a list of general changes in the main window interface.
  • ZC: Game->Quit ==== Game->End Game
  • ZC: Settings->Key Buttons/Key Directions ==== Settings->Controls->Key Buttons/Key Directions
  • ZC: Settings->Vsync (Throttle FPS in 2.10.2) ==== Settings->Cap FPS
  • ZC: Settings->Fast Quit ==== Settings->"Up+A+B To Quit"
  • ZC: Cheat->Bombs/Rupies ==== Cheat->Refill->Bombs/Rupees
  • ZC: Cheat->Items/Equipment/Triforce ==== Cheat->Link Data...
  • ZQ: Default View: Small Mode ==== Default View: Large Mode (actually works)
  • ZQ: Quest->Maps->Goto Map ==== Edit->Maps->Goto Map
  • ZQ: Quest->Maps->Map Count ==== Quest->Map Count
  • ZQ: Quest->Misc Data->Whistle Warps ==== It was merged with warp rings. To select a warp ring for the whistle, edit the whistle by going to Quest->Items, select the Whistle, and change the Warp Ring value.
  • ZQ: Quest->Misc Data->Item Properties ==== This dialog was removed. To edit these values, edit them from the respective items in Quest->Items.
  • ZQ: Quest->Misc Data->Subscreen Type ==== Quest->Misc Data->Master Subscreen Type
  • ZQ: Quest->Graphics->Sprites->Items ==== Quest->Items
  • ZQ: Quest->MIDIs ==== Quest->Audio->MIDIs
  • ZQ: Tools->Template ==== Tools->NES Dungeon Template
  • ZQ: Tools->Doors ==== Screen->Doors
  • ZQ: Tools->Flags ==== Tools->Combo Flags
  • ZQ: Tools->View Palette ==== View->View Palette
  • ZQ: Tools->Re-apply Template ==== Tools->Apply Template to All
  • ZQ: Data ==== Screen (the entire menu was renamed)
  • ZQ: Data->Enemy Flags ==== Merged with Screen->Screen Data under the E.Flags tab.
  • ZQ: Etc->View map ==== View->View Map
  • ZQ: Etc->Play MIDI ==== Etc->Play Music (can play more than just MIDIs now)
  • ZQ: Right clicking on a combo in the combo box->Edit Combo ==== Right clicking on a combo in the combo box->Menu
  • ZQ: Right click screen->Draw ___ Block ==== Right click screen->Draw Block->___
  • ZQ: Right click screen->Replace ==== Right click screen->Replace All
  • ZQ: The info box pages on the bottom of the screen ==== Most of these were merged into either the main box (large mode only) or changed to things you can toggle in the View menu.
7. Quest Rule changes between ZC 2.10 and ZC 2.50

This section details changes in quest rule locations and/or behavior.

Items that no longer exist in quest rules will start with MOVED: to note that the quest rule no longer exists as a quest rule. From there, the directions to get to the item will be from the main interface. All other references are within the Quest Rules area, whether it be the dialog in 2.10 or the submenu in 2.50.

Hold onto your hats, because this section is going to be long since every quest rule has been moved around.
  • Page 1->Solid Blocks ==== Combos->Can't Push Blocks Onto Unwalkable Combos
  • Page 1->Temporary No Return Disabled ==== Enemies->Temporary No Return Disabled
  • Page 1->Enemies Always Return ==== Enemies->Enemies Always Return
  • Page 1->Multi-Directional Traps ==== Enemies->Multi-Directional Traps
  • Page 1->BS-Zelda Animation ==== Animation->BS-Zelda Animation
  • Page 1->Interpolated Fading ==== Animation->Interpolated Fading
  • Page 1->Fade CSet 5 ==== Animation->Fade CSet 5
  • Page 1->Fast Dungeon Scrolling ==== Animation->Fast Dungeon Scrolling
  • Page 1->No Level 3 CSet Fix ==== NES Fixes->1->No Palette 3 CSet 6 Fix
  • Page 1->Cool Scrolling ==== Animation->Circle Opening/Closing Wipes
  • Page 1->Start With 999 Rupies ==== MOVED: In Quest->Init Data, refer to Items->Rupees.
  • Page 1->Big Triforce Pieces ==== Items->1->Big Triforce Pieces
  • Page 1->24 Heart Containers ==== MOVED: Outdated by the item editor.
  • Page 1->Fast Heart Refill ==== Other->Fast Heart Refill
  • Page 1->View Overworld Map ==== MOVED: Changed to work for individual DMaps. Default is ON. Check the Flags tab of the DMap editor.
  • Page 1->3 or 6 Triforce Total ==== Items->1->3 or 6 Triforce Total
  • Page 2->Show Time on Subscreen ==== Other->Show Time On Subscreen
  • Page 2->Freeform Dungeons ==== NES Fixes->1->Freeform Dungeons
  • Page 2->Must Kill All Bosses ==== Enemies->Must Kill All Bosses To Set 'No Return' Screen State
  • Page 2->No Sprite Flicker ==== NES Fixes->2->No NES Sprite Flicker
  • Page 2->Continue With Full Life ==== MOVED: In Quest->Init Data, refer to Misc->Continue HP. Check % and set to 100 to get the behavior of this quest rule.
  • Page 2->Raft/Ladder Fix ==== NES Fixes->1->Raft/Ladder Sprite Direction Fix
  • Page 2->Show Lens Hints ==== Items->2->Show Secret Combo Hints When Using the Lens
  • Page 2->Fix Link's Position in Dungeons ==== NES Fixes->1->Fix Link's Position in Dungeons
  • Page 2->Animate Held Items ==== Animation->Items Held Above Link's Head Continue to Animate
  • Page 2->Hesitant Push Blocks ==== Combos->Push Blocks Don't Move When Bumped
  • Page 2->Hide Enemy-Carried Items ==== Enemies->Hide Enemy-Carried Items
  • Page 2->Silver Arrow Sparkles ==== MOVED: Quest->Items. Edit Arrow 2 (Silver)->Action->Sparkle Sprite
  • Page 2->Golden Arrow Sparkles ==== MOVED: Quest->Items. Edit Arrow 3 (Golden)->Action->Sparkle Sprite
  • Page 2->Magic Boomerang Sparkles ==== MOVED: Quest->Items. Edit Boomerang 2 (Magic)->Action->Sparkle Sprite
  • Page 2->Fire Boomerang Sparkles ==== MOVED: Quest->Items. Edit Boomerang 3 (Fire)->Action->Sparkle Sprite
  • Page 2->No Flashing Enemy Death ==== Enemies->Enemies Don't Flash When Dying
  • Page 3->Can Keep Old Items ==== MOVED: Now handled by each item individually. Have fun changing that in Quest->Items under the Pickup tab for every item.
  • Page 3->Own Fire Doesn't Hurt ==== Items->1->Link Isn't Hurt By Own Fire Weapons
  • Page 3->Bombs Hurt ==== Items->1->Link's Bombs Hurt Link
  • Page 3->No Random Clocks ==== MOVED: You now need to edit multiple item drop sets to change this behavior. Quest->Misc Data->Item Drop Sets. Once again, have fun.
  • Page 3->Temporary Clocks ==== MOVED: You need to edit the clock in the item editor. Quest->Items. Edit Clock->Data->Duration. 256 seems to be the value that emulates this.
  • Page 3->Breakable Darknut Shields ==== MOVED: You need to edit each darknut enemy. Isn't that exciting? Quest->Enemies. Edit Darknut->Misc. Flags->Hammer Can Break Shield.
  • Page 3->Broken Darknut Shield Tiles ==== Enemies->Broken Enemy Shield Tiles
  • Page 3->Mean Placed Traps ==== Enemies->Line-of-Sight Traps Can Move Across Entire Screen
  • Page 3->Phantom Placed Traps ==== Enemies->Constant Traps Can Pass Through Enemies
  • Page 3->Allow Fast Messages ==== Other->Messages Can Be Sped Up With The A Button
  • Page 3->Linked Combos ==== ?
  • Page 3->No Guy Room Fires ==== Other->No Fires In Special Rooms
  • Page 3->Heart Ring Fix ==== Other->Healing Fairy Heart Circle Is Centered Around Link
  • Page 3->No Heart Ring ==== Other->No Healing Fairy Heart Circle
  • Page 3->Dodongo CSet Fix ==== MOVED: Uh... the enemy editor lets you edit which cset an enemy uses, so this rule is completely useless. Edit the dodongo under Quest->Enemies.
  • Page 3->Sword/Wand Flip Fix ==== NES Fixes->1->Sword/Wand Flip Fix
  • Page 4->Enable Magic ==== Items->1->Enable Magic
  • Page 4->Wand Uses Magic ==== MOVED: Edit the wand in the item editor. Quest->Items. Edit Wand->Action->Magic Cost. I don't know the value that emulates this rule.
  • Page 4->Candle Uses Magic ==== MOVED: Edit the candle in the item editor. Quest->Items. Edit Candle->Action->Magic Cost. I don't know the value that emulates this rule.
  • Page 4->Boots Use Magic ==== MOVED: Edit the boots in the item editor. Quest->Items. Edit Boots->Action->Magic Cost. I don't know the value that emulates this rule.
  • Page 4->Non-Bubble Medicine ==== Items->2->Medicine Doesn't Remove Sword Jinxes
  • Page 4->Non-Bubble Fairies ==== Items->2->Fairies Don't Remove Sword Jinxes
  • Page 4->Non-Bubble Triforce ==== Items->2->Triforce Doesn't Remove Sword Jinxes
  • Page 4->New Enemy Tiles ==== Enemies->Use New Enemy Tiles
  • Page 4->No Rope 2 Flashing ==== MOVED: Edit the rope 2 enemy. Quest->Enemies. Edit Rope (L2)->Misc. Flags->Is Flashing.
  • Page 4->No Bubble Flashing ==== MOVED: Edit the bubble enemies. Quest->Enemies. Edit Bubble->Misc. Flags->Is Flashing.
  • Page 4->Ghini 2 Flickering ==== MOVED: Edit the Ghini (L1, Phantom). That's right. Quest->Enemies. Edit Ghini (L1, Phantom)->Misc. Flags->Is Flickering.
  • Page 4->Weapon Animation Fix ==== ?
  • Page 4->Ghini 2 Translucency ==== MOVED: Edit the Ghini (L1, Phantom). That's right. Quest->Enemies. Edit Ghini (L1, Phantom)->Misc. Flags->Is Translucent.
  • Page 4->New Boomerang/Hookshot ==== Items->1->New Boomerang/Hookshot
  • Page 4->No Melee Weapon Grabbing ==== Items->1->Melee Weapons Can't Pick Up Items
  • Page 4->Show Shadows ==== Enemies->Show Shadows
  • Page 5->Translucent Shadows ==== Enemies->Translucent Shadows
  • Page 5->Quick Sword ==== Items->1->Quick Sword
  • Page 5->Bomb Hold Fix ==== NES Fixes->1->Link Holds Special Bombs Over His Head
  • Page 5->Full Link Tile Modifiers ==== Animation->Expanded Link Tile Modifiers
  • Page 5->No Potion Combining ==== MOVED: Edit the potions. Quest->Items. Edit Potion->Pickup->Upgrade Item When Collected Twice. Uncheck to get rule behavior.
  • Page 5->Invincible Link Flickers ==== Animation->Invincible Link Flickers
  • Page 5->Shadows Flicker ==== Enemies->Shadows Flicker
  • Page 5->Fliers Can Appear on Walls ==== Enemies->Flying Enemies Can Appear on Unwalkable Combos
  • Page 5->No Bomb Palette Flash ==== Animation->Bomb Explosions Don't Flash Palette
  • Page 5->Trans. N. Love Shield ==== MOVED: Edit Nayru's Love. Quest->Items. Edit Nayru's Love->Data->Translucent Shield
  • Page 5->N. Love Shield Flickers ==== MOVED: Edit Nayru's Love. Quest->Items. Edit Nayru's Love->Data->Shield Flickers
  • Page 5->Trans. N. Love Rocket ==== MOVED: Edit Nayru's Love. Quest->Items. Edit Nayru's Love->Data->Translucent Rocket
  • Page 5->N. Love Rocket Flickers ==== MOVED: Edit Nayru's Love. Quest->Items. Edit Nayru's Love->Data->Rocket Flickers
  • Page 5->No Scroll Warp Continue ==== Combos->Scrolling Warps Don't Set The Continue Point
  • Page 5->Old-Style Tribbles ==== MOVED: You need to edit the enemy that a tribble splits into with the enemy editor to emulate this.
8. Enemy changes between ZC 2.10 and ZC 2.50

Alright... here is the deal. Level 1 (L1) is Red and Level 2 (L2) is Blue. Blue bubbles give the sword back, Red bubbles take it away permanently. Yadda yadda yadda.

I am not going to list every enemy just to say obvious things. Many of the names are even self-explanatory. So no, my purpose here is not to uselessly list things you already know. There are 176 enemies in 2.50. Many of those come from 2.10 and earlier (obviously), so no. I'm not going through that many.
  • Ghini 2 ==== Ghini (L1, Phantom)
  • Fire Shooter ==== Shooter (Fire)
9. Other notable changes between ZC 2.10 and ZC 2.50
  • Quest->Graphics->Sprites->Link has changed around quite a bit, but most of the selections are still a bit obvious. A not-very-advertised feature is that you can switch the size of the Link sprite by pressing X as you are selecting the tile.
  • Quest->Graphics->Combos now defaults to the combo page orientation shown to the right on the main screen. Like before, you can still press space to switch it if you feel like doing that for some alien reason.
  • Quest->Graphics->Tiles now shows static on empty tiles. You can toggle this effect by right clicking and choosing View->Hide Blank.
  • Quest->Graphics->Tiles: If you are using large mode, simply taking screenshots of this screen with F12 is no longer possible for ripping tiles. Use the new Export button instead. It does almost the exact same thing.
  • The tile editor has shifted around a bit. The icons are no longer colored, but they are the same otherwise. There are handy hover tooltips if you can't tell what each icon represents.
  • Quest->Graphics->Map Styles: Selecting the triforce fragment has a larger box. I don't know why this is the case since the default is to use only the top left tile.
  • The string editor has changed around a bit. The most notable thing is that you can no longer type into the black box. There is instead a string field above it. The black box is used as a preview. You can also have more than 3 lines of text now. There is still a character limit, but it is much longer.
10. Closing Comments

If you have any corrections or additions you wish to make to this, feel free to share them. icon_smile.gif

I know I have missed some things and probably messed other things up, so I'd really like help with that.

  • Added RC3 to links and made a note of the fact that RC3 can run in Windows Aero.
  • Updated other minor things to RC3, though I probably missed some stuff.
  • Filled in Old-Style tribbles and the 24 Heart Containers quest rules. Thanks for pointing those out.
  • Filled in the temporary clock value to emulate the old quest rule.

#2 Darkmatt


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Posted 30 January 2012 - 02:54 PM

Honestly, you should have just said "upgrade to 2.5".

Scripting and the other features that requires knowledge are meant for advanced users, and shouldn't be listed as reasons unless the person you're pitching this to is either that hardcore or wants to break the boundaries of Zelda Classic. 2.5 has plenty of other reasons to upgrade to it, scripting is not one for everyone.

I think you're forgetting that not everyone plays Zelda Classic to build quests in them. Now, I was going to say, "ZC2.5 is a definite upgrade when it comes to playing and enjoying quests but I don't know how solid its backwards compatibility is." but then you reassured me with this:

>I would also like to take this time to note that it is possible for 2.50 to play quests from the 2.10 and earlier generations with very few, if any problems.

If there isn't any glaring issues involved with playing quests in the latest 2.5 milestone releases, then there is absolutely no reason to not use 2.5 to play most quests available.

Your entire essay looks like it's forgetting about actually playing any quests. I say leave the version picking and the differences to the people who are curious about making a quest, and just tell people how much of a big improvement 2.5 is in general.

#3 Kite


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Posted 30 January 2012 - 03:37 PM

I would just say "upgrade to 2.50," but it is not that simple for people that make quests. I even tried to explain why it is not that simple with reasons that didn't involve scripting. Unfortunately, 90% of the 2.50 recommendations I've run across use scripting as the only reason for upgrading. That's part of why I made this topic.

I admit that I did focus on quest makers quite a bit with this, but the fact of the matter is that this won't matter much at all to the people simply playing quests. If they want to play a quest that is made in 2.50, they will have to get 2.50. There is no alternative.

I did mention the thing about backwards compatibility as a reason to not worry about upgrading and I generally agree that there shouldn't be any issues with playing most quests in 2.50. I actually play 99% of the quests I run across in 2.50. However, the fact is that not all older quests work properly in 2.50. For example, Link's Birthday Deluxe by Mr.Z has continue bugs in any ZC version past 1.92 beta build 183 that prevent you from continuing a saved game properly.

What I actually recommend for people that play quests is to have 2.50 on hand for most quests, but also have 2.10 and 1.92 183 on hand for quests that don't want to cooperate. Is this the best solution? No. I actually wish 100% of the quests I played could work in 2.50 without issues since 1.92 183 hates my computer (I know I said otherwise, but at the time I wrote that, I hadn't really messed with 1.92 beyond basically seeing if it would run for a few minutes). But it's the only thing I can really do. icon_shrug.gif

#4 Darkmatt


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Posted 30 January 2012 - 04:26 PM

I was just wondering why this essay was basically geared towards quest developers if it was in this forum and not, say, Quest Design Help. Because for quest designers, there are definitely concerns to be weighed:

How much power would you like? Are you willing to cope with ongoing builds to utilize the newest features being developed? Are you prepared to actively watch for bugs and issues being brought up by newer builds? But probably the most important one is, "So you want to script. It's not complete yet and it's still being hammered out. Are you prepared to have issues spring up where the newest build has a tendency to break the scripts you write?"

From what I've seen over these builds, all of the big quest breaking issues come when Zscript/ZASM gets updated in a way that causes old scripts to break. When you're not using these features, the problems you'll face when your beta build updates are pretty minor, and easily solvable. (or aren't, but isn't a big deal.)

Edited by Darkmatt, 30 January 2012 - 04:27 PM.

#5 Russ


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 03:15 PM

While it's not a complete reference of everything in 2.5 (that would be pretty impossible), this is a pretty good guide for somebody who hasn't been introduced to it before. Nice work Nick. I have a few comments I might post later, but for now, I figure I'll help you out with this.

Page 5->Old-Style Tribbles ==== ?

As I understand it, old style tribbles worked like this: Tribble Zol is hit, turning into two Tribble Gels. The Tribble Gels will grow into Normal Zols. When you hit those Zols, they'll split into normal Gels, that don't turn back into Zols. 2.10 tribbles worked like this: Tribble Zol is hit, turning into two Tribble Gels. These two Tribble Gels would each turn back into Tribble Zols, meaning you could have endlessly multiplying Zols and Gels.

The rule has been replaced altogether by the enemy editor though. You can set which enemy the Tribble Zol grows into, so if you want it to work like old tribbles, you have it turn into a normal Zol, if you want it to work like in 2.10, you have it grow into a Tribble Zol. Not sure how you'd compact that all into one sentence to fit into the list, but I hope that helps somewhere.

I wish I could help with some of the other question mark ones, but that's about the only one I know. Well, the 24 hearts might have something to do with the subscreen editor, but that's just speculation on my part. Sorry I couldn't help more than that.

#6 Link1



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Posted 01 February 2012 - 05:23 PM

I wish I could help with some of the other question mark ones, but that's about the only one I know. Well, the 24 hearts might have something to do with the subscreen editor, but that's just speculation on my part. Sorry I couldn't help more than that.

From the Wiki:

The maximum amount of Heart Containers is increased from 16 to 24. Obsoleted by the item editor.

#7 Purplemandown


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Posted 17 February 2012 - 09:15 PM

The maximum amount of Heart Containers is increased from 16 to 24. Obsoleted by the item editor.

That in and of it self is obsolete. I've done 30 HC myself, and I would imagine you could do even more if you wanted to try and cram them all into a sub-screen.

#8 Anthus


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 02:26 PM

QUOTE(Nick @ Dec 8 2011, 10:53 AM) View Post

The ability to make secret flags trigger individually.

Wait, you can actually do this? How so? I've always wondered.

QUOTE(Nick @ Dec 8 2011, 10:53 AM) View Post

The ability to make tiles use more than 8 colors.

I think this is a typo, but do you mean "16 colors?"

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Posted 27 March 2017 - 09:42 AM

did the cave/itemcellar warp change? because I swear my warps worked before.?

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