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Secret trigger required ffc

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Posted 11 October 2020 - 11:32 AM

heya everybody. I would like to ask a script request for my quest. Do you remember that i did posted the Cursed Woods map weeks ago ? (or it was one month ?) Well in the map you see 5 importants points in the forest. Four torchs (on a alter) and the barrier that prevents you to go in the haunted mansion. What i would like it's quite simple: A ffc script would do. If the player lit the torch or trigger a switch with other items it will trigger a secret but it won't trigger the secret flag (where the barrier for example is via the carryover secret) until the player lits all 4 torches in the woods in this case with the map that i showed. The specific order doesn't matter. For example: in the barrier area a ffc script that pervents any flags to be trigged (via carryover secret or others) until a specific number of secret has trigged would make sure that the player don't break accidently the game. So that's mean if the player wish to trigger a secret flag there, then 4 carryover secrets would need in order to trigger the flag. But if there's anything better then my idea feel free ^^' 

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