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2.53 Mac and Linux Versions -- Probably Forthcoming

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Posted 02 October 2017 - 03:05 PM

I know that we have some Mac users on the forum, and a few Linux users.

I have recently acquired a Mac Pro system, that is appropriate to the spec needed to build ZC for OSX 10.6 and above, so, once I have all the extra bits and bobs that I need to make that run, I will start the lengthy process of producing a Mac build of 2.53, and its related files (including ZLaunch for MacOSX).

I do not know how rough of a ride this will be for me. While I did quite a lot of development on Apple platforms, it was all during the PPC era, or earlier--in many cases, much earlier.

I did want to alert those of you waiting for these builds that the time is drawing near where they may truly be forthcoming; and to figure out who has a remaining interest to test the builds, when I manage to produce them.

If you want, or need a Mac, or a Linux build, and are interested in doing testing once it is ready, please leave a note here, and specify the OS that you will be using, in detail.

For MacOS X builds, I intend to use an 'installer' packaging utility--for which I will need to buy a license key--to produce a disc image that has an installer that bypasses the translocation issue in OSX 10.9 and above.

I also hope to have fullscreen support in future OSX builds, but that will clearly not be in 2.53, nor most likely in 2.54.

Linux builds should support fullscreen normally, as they always have.

For Linux, I will most likely be compiling on an Unbuntu-x86-32b system; probably 10.04, or 11.04, as those provide the best compatibility across systems; but it may be one of those cases where because of kernel changes, or other issues on Linux, that more than one version is mandated for a single OS.

I would also like to thank the users that we have, on the allegro.cc userbase, who are our most likely candidates for Linux testing, and future Linux use; particularly ntfwc, Edgar Reynaldo, and beoran.

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