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Posted 31 May 2018 - 04:50 PM

Hello everyone. I would like to ask a boss request for my quest. I would like to make Ganondorf's return in one of my quest but i wish to test 2 versions of the boss.

The first one is where Link can win or lose the fight against Ganondorf. If Link wins then a specific string will be display and Link can have a item and can warp at another maps. But if Link loses (when Link have only 1 heart left) a string will display and he gots nothing and then he warps. Depended if Link wins or not Link would have a different warps (A to B).

And the second one is simply the Final boss fight before he become Ganon. Link must win this fight this time.

Ganondorf's attacks would be based from the Wind Waker final fight. (If Moosh  wants i would like to make this boss beatable only with the Light Arrow.)

D0 to D5 would determine his attacks. Making it all negative with specific numbers will make them all randoms.


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