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Reporting guidelines

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Posted 03 June 2024 - 11:39 PM

It is highly preferred to report bugs to the development discord (invite, bugs channel) - it helps by keeping everything in one place. However, if you do not have Discord or prefer to post here for whatever reason, that is acceptable.


Here are the bug reporting guidelines:


- **Specify what version you are using**
- **Ensure you are on the latest version** - Check the "Update" tab in the launcher. If you are NOT on the latest version, check the changelogs for the newer versions before reporting the bug as it may have already been fixed (or - update and see if still present).
- **Check if a bug report already exists** (use the search feature). If it already exists, post in that report if you have more context (more than "me too")
- Time permitting, specify the most recent version the bug *does not* happen in
- If relevant, upload a `.qst` file where we can easily reproduce the bug (tell us dmap/map/scr info too)
- Make sure to give a detailed explanation of what the issue is.
- In 'ZQuest', go to 'Etc->About->Copy Report Info' to copy a set of information that is useful in reports. (This automatically includes the exact version information, as well as a list of all quest rules). Please include this in reports.
Be patient: Devs are human too. We will get to fixing things when we have the time and energy.

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