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Level 10: Dare to be Stupid?

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#1 Nightmare


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Posted 09 September 2021 - 11:37 AM

Extra level talk (if the fights with Megatron and Prime get implemented). All speculation, absolutely nothing confirmed.

Story: It resumes with James, Red Slime,and Metal Slime looking for a way to permanently shut down the Transformers in Hyrule. This is further explained and you travel the spacebridge and end up on Cybertron for Level 10 in Shockwave's Decepticon HQ. Uses the same palette as Lv. 7, but might have different tiles.

Mandatory bosses: 40-headed Gleeok (if we do the pathway method, he'd be the pre-boss), Soundwave (w/ Laserbeak, Ravage, and Rumble as assists, yes, you have to have the tapes), Grimlock, James, Red Slime, and Metal Slime.
Final Boss: Shockwave (this can be explained because of the spacebridge, he essentially wipes out James and you have to finish the job against him)

Enemy ideas: Metroids, Matthew Bluefox's Wand Zols, some scripters, Death Knights (nerfed), Iron Knuckles, various types of robots, other strong ZC baddies.

Items: Perceptor's Lens (basically a Lens of Truth), maybe an Ice Rod (might need it if Metroids invade, accuracy)

The actual boss fights:
1. Soundwave probably the first boss, as a crowd pleaser and a ZC feature show off if we can do him. He has his tapes of course.
2. Grimlock probably somewhere in the middle. He gets offended by your meddling and has a temper.
3. Final boss battle.
a. Red Slime and Metal Slime first. Being James's pets, they act like you'd expect. Red Slime uses a lot of fire attacks and acts a lot like James Quest's Red Slime. May add another fire attack. Metal Slime, not sure if I want to use the James Quest or the Moosh pattern, still thinking about it. Weak to fire, resists all other weapons.
b. James, using a script similar to Demo SP's Shadow Link. Probably less HP and different weakness table.
c. Shockwave, kills James and you fight him last.

Can think some nasty traps, enemies, and puzzles later. Dare to be stupid? Dare to show off ZC 2.55? lol.

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#2 Moosh


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Posted 11 September 2021 - 06:36 AM

If anyone out there fancies themselves an amateur spriter and a Transformers fan, it definitely sounds like there's a pretty big need for sprites here. I happen to be neither so I'm pretty sure this one's beyond my scope. I imagine either Newbie Boss or some NES bosses could work well as a base for the fights themselves. But the whole idea kinda falls apart without sprites and sadly there's no NES games out there with 2x2 sprites of these characters. So I figured I should put that out there. I find this idea amusing. Mostly a question of if it's feasible or not.

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#3 Nightmare


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Posted 11 September 2021 - 09:03 AM

Yeah, the sprite issue kinda blows:  Transformers kinda came in the dark ages of video games:  After the video game crash, before the NES took off around 1987/1988, so it never really got the game it really deserved unfortunately.  Maybe I'm getting quite the bit ambitious.  But I'd love to see it come off and give the classic tileset, and the Transformers, one bit of a colored 8-bit sendoff.


Also, just to be fair, artwork (and my lack of skill in it) also killed the James Quest 2 remake years ago, hopefully this does not share the same fate.



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