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Enemy of the Month #17: Rock/Stone Theme


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Poll: Enemy of the Month #17: Rock/Stone Theme (18 member(s) have cast votes)

Best Overall Enemy

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Most Useful Enemy

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Most Creative Enemy

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#1 Eddy


    Geometry Dash addict :v

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Posted 07 March 2016 - 08:06 AM

Welcome to Enemy of the Month #17!

This month, the theme was Rock/Stone, so the enemies had to be related to rocks in some way! We have some pretty interesting enemies this month. Please look through the enemies and vote honestly and fairly. Submit your votes for the following categories:

  • Best Overall Enemy: The best overall enemy this month.
  • Most Useful Enemy: The most useful enemy this month that everyone can/could use in their quest.
  • Most Creative Enemy: The most creative enemy designed this month.

YouTube Video Link
To watch all these enemies in action without downloading any of the enemies, click on the following link: https://www.youtube....h?v=mVaAYQz6FTg


All Enemies Download Link
If you wish to download all the enemies in one get go, click on the following link. This is done so that you don't have to download all the enemies individually: https://www.mediafir...adxtbjy015m00ma


The Enemies
Here is all the information and download links for the enemies this month.


Deadrock - Unames

Enemy Name: Deadrock


  • The birdlike things seen on Death Mountin in LTTP. Solidify when damaged. Unlike the ones in LTTP, these can be destroyed by bombs or the hammer when solid. A level 2 variant is also included, which takes several hits to solidify. This enemy is completely unscripted, so should be easy to add to a quest.

Version of ZQuest:

  • Made in 2.50.2, but should work in 2.50.1 and 2.50 as well.

Quest File:



Hoarder - Unames

Enemy Name: Hoarder

Description: The little crawling things that can be found under rocks and grass in Link to the past.
Setup: This enemy uses ghost.zh, so make sure that is properly set up first. The standard ghost.zh global script works fine for this enemy, as should any other global script that contains the ghost functions (the included global script just has some extras for bomb graphics).
Assign this script to an ffc, set the combo of the ffc to what the graphic for whatever it hides under is, then set the arguments.
D0: The id of the enemy used. Defaults to 186 if left at 0.
D1: Placestyle, the way the ffc will be placed on screen. 0 has the ffc remain in the position it is placed in, 1 will randomly place it near the centre of the screen on a walkable combo, 2 will cause it to place on top of a combo specified with D4, replacing the combo beneath it with the combo specified by D5
D2: The combo the rock uses when carried by the hoarder. Setting this to 0 uses the combo the ffc is set to
D3: Randomises the combo, adding a random number between 0 and this value to the ffc's combo and the combo defined by D2
D4 and D5: D4 is the combo that the enemy will be placed upon when D1 = 2, D5 is the combo the combo beneath it will be changed to. If D5 is 0, the combo beneath will not be changed
D6: The detection radius within which the enemy will activate. Defaults to 32 if set to 0.
Version of ZQuest: 2.50.2, may work in older versions
Quest File: QuestScript
Prism Elemental - Orithan
Enemy Name: Prism Elemental

Description: This rather gimmicky ghosted enemy is what it is named: A crystal-like enemy that carries the attributes of the Magic Prism combos in ZQuest. Yes, you heard it, these guys split Magic blasts that hit it into multiple blasts that shoot out from their sides. As a side effect, these guys are immume to Magic blasts and optionally Sword Beams regardless of what you set these defenses to in the Enemy Editor.
Unusually for a ghosted enemy, Prism Elemental does not read any of the Misc Attributes on the enemy aside from the default Misc Attribute 11 and Misc Attribute 12 (or not even them if you have ghost.zh only read from the enemy name) for variables. It however does read the enemy's Magic Defense entry in the Enemy Editor on initialization due to the enemy's nature. Important: Read the enemy's setup instructions for the variable used
The demo quest also includes a Wizzrobe enemy that carries the attributes of the Prism Elemental, to showcase how the script can be applied to other enemies. Not tested on and not expected to be compatible with enemies that have small hitboxes (eg. Keese, Patra eyes).


  • First, import the necessary files (std.zh, string.zh, ghost.zh) and set up Ghost.zh to work with your quest if you already haven't.
  • Import the script and set QR_MIRRORS_REFLECT_BEAMS to 0 or 1 depending on if the "Magic Mirrors/Prisms reflect Sword Beams" quest rule in your quest is checked or not. 0 if not, 1 if it is. Setting this constant approiately is to make its reflective properties more closely match the built-in Magic Prism combos in ZQuest.
  • Set up the enemy. Everything is set up like a normal enemy except Misc Attributes 11 and 12 except for it's Magic Defense in the enemy editor. Set the enemy's Magic Defense to (none) to give it the properties of the 3-Way prism in ZQuest, set it to anything else to give it the properties of the 4-way prism in ZQuest.
    • Due to the fact that the script uses a built-in enemy for its base, it can not read off the Misc Attributes for variables. However, as the result of a side effect of allowing the enemy to split Magic blasts ala ZQuest Magic Prism combos, you can safely use the enemy's Magic and Reflected Magic defenses as variables provided the value you want to use for them doesn't exceed 14 without affecting the enemy's behaviour.
  • Enjoy.

Version of ZQuest: 2.50.2

Quest File: https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing



Thank you to everyone who submitted! Now go and vote guys! Thank you and see you in the next EotM competition! The next discussion thread should be up soon.

#2 Shane


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Posted 07 March 2016 - 08:31 AM

Prism Elemental wins Best Overall and Most Creative. It showed a lot of creativity and seems to be potentially the most dangerous out of all these as well. Most Useful however goes to Hoarder which I happen to find potentially useful for my quests more so than the Prism Elemental enemy.


BTW Eddy, I don't think that's how Hoarders behave in the Gameboy Zeldas. They run in a straight line and hide until you are within their line of sight again.

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#3 EJSnowden



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Posted 10 March 2016 - 12:48 AM

If there were a prize for most laughs, Hoarder would take it away. The torch... the lock... the npcs... the heart piece... the STAIRS!

It looks like it would be incredibly fun to use midway through a game.

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#4 David


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Posted 13 March 2016 - 12:31 PM

And here are the winners for EotM #17!


Best Overall Enemy: Hoarder - Unames

Most Useful Enemy: Hoarder - Unames

Most Creative Enemy: Prism Elemental - Orithan


Congrats to all the winners and thank you all for voting!

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