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Enemy of the Month Rules/Guidelines

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Posted 15 April 2014 - 07:07 PM

Enemy of the Month


Welcome to Enemy of the Month!


This contest is a contest in which you make an enemy every month. Originally, this contest was hosted by Shoelace, then by David and Eddy, but currently, the hosts are NJF and Anthus. Every month, participants are presented with a new theme/limitation. Participants then create an enemy or boss that fits with that theme or is limited to the set limitations. Participants are given around 1 month to create this enemy and submit it. Once the deadline has passed and all the submissions have been received, a poll is posted with all the received submissions where one can vote for three categories that I will talk about below. At the same time, a new theme will be created and the cycle will commence once again.


Now that you know more about Enemy of the Month, let's talk about some rules/guidelines. Please read these rules/guidelines before submitting! We look forward to seeing your submitted enemies! :)



  1. ALL PureZC rules apply to Enemy of the Month topics and submissions.
  2. Your enemy must relate to the specified theme(s) or be limited by the limitations.
  3. You may only submit up the three enemies per month at maximum.
  4. You are allowed to present the enemy in any logical way you choose.
  5. The submitted enemy must be made by yourself and not by someone else. Stealing other people's work is very disrespectful. Also, as an aside, if you are using one of the enemies for your quest, please give credit to whomever made it.
  6. Do NOT submit a preset enemy that comes with any version of ZQuest.
  7. It is considered good etiquette to simply "Null Vote" if your enemy is in the poll. While voting for yourself is technically not against the rules, it is viewed as unfair to other participants.
  8. Be nice with your criticism or comments. Try to be polite and constructive. Similarly, if your enemy is being criticized, accept it even if you don't agree with it.
  9. Have fun! This contest is about having a good time. :)
  10. Be creative! Don't feel restricted by the theme and/or limitations. Push the limits.

Submitting an Enemy

To submit an enemy, please post a topic in the dropbox. Also, please follow the following template when submitting your enemy.

  • Enemy Name: What your enemy is called.
  • Description: Describe your enemy. If needed, please include how to setup your enemy so others can more easily put it in their quest.
  • Version of ZQuest: Specify the version of ZQuest that your enemy was made from.
  • Quest File: Include a link to the quest file here. Please make sure that the quest file is unpassworded so that others can see the enemy. Also, if the enemy is scripted, please include the entire enemy script and do NOT just simply import the ".z"file.

Note: If any of the above rules/guidelines are broken or not met, you will be notified and asked to resubmit your enemy.


Voting Categories

‚ÄčThis contest will have a total of four voting categories.

  • Best Overall Enemy
  • Most Useful
  • Most Creative
  • Most Entertaining

These extra categories are given so that the contest isn't just simply about having the best enemy, but also being the most creative, the most useful, and the most entertaining enemy.



Thank you for visiting Enemy of the Month! We are looking forward to the enemies you guys are going to submit!

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