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An Item Fantasy

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#1 klop422


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Posted 20 October 2018 - 04:07 PM

Fifth time, baby! (and a fourth link because that's only three words :P)
--Project Page--
So, as some of you may know, this is my quest that I've been working on since like 2012, and I submit it to every expo I'm around for.
Anyway, don't have too much to say about it; it's a slightly-more-linear Z1-style quest, which I'm calling a dungeon romper since most of the important stuff is in the dungeons (though there are a nice number of overworld secrets too).
Anyway, story is simple enough: Gannon kidnaps Zelda, Zelda breaks up Triforce of Wisdom, Link has to get the pieces.
Dungeon List:

(L = level, Ml = Minilevel)






Updates since last time:

- Fixed some issues which have been mentioned in relation to the quest.

- Completed until the end (all that's left is the final bonus dungeon). Just been a little bit... busy? Been busy procrastinating.

- Reverted to 4-way movement, because the ladders were integral to the quest (I know, I know. 12-year-old me was a wise man).

- Probably other stuff.


Demo you want is 9-Dungeon Demo. Not necessarily expecting anyone to play to the end, just letting you do so. For an impression, I'd suggest doing the first four dungeons (end of Stepladder Fortress). If you're doing a stream or playthrough or something, keep in mind it'll be fairly long.


And let me end on a shill: I'm very close to completion. Not sure when I'll finish it, since I'm not very motivated atm (probably at least until around Christmastime), but if anyone wants to beta test (or whatever stage this is at - I'm not past the stage of remaking dungeons if need be), please either tell me in this thread, in the discord channel inside the Global Quest/Project Server, or pm me here on PureZC. tl;dr: I need beta testers :P



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#2 Lightwulf



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Posted 07 December 2018 - 04:14 AM

Indeed!   :)  It has been a while.


Nice to see this coming along!  I know my first quest took several years to complete.  That's life, as all the people say.  :cheese:

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