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Project Historia XX

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#1 Mitsukara



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Posted 14 February 2017 - 12:21 PM

Project Historia XX: an Omni-Timeline Chart Version 1:


NOTE: Don't take this too seriously! I sure didn't. This is just for fun.

So I threw this ridiculous thing together a while back. It includes the entirety of the Hyrule Historia timelines as they were, but then it goes goofy and tries to add in absolutely everything (even if that makes no sense and is explicitly non-canon); mostly tertiary games authorized by Nintendo, but a few mentions of fangames are also included. And the version of Soul Caliber II that had Link in it. And the nonsensical revelation that CD-i Link was really the Hero of Time himself, just like Majora's Mask. (Breath of the Wild has not yet been officially placed (that I know of), and is thusly not included.)

And then I got to thinking: wouldn't it be cool to cram even more stuff in here? Therefore I challenge any interested quest makers (preferably with a good nature about debateable interpretations, and/or a sense of humor about your work):


Where would you place your own quest(s) within this ridiculous all-in-one timeline chart?

Some loose guidelines I'd suggest for going about this:

  1. You can place them anywhere you want within any of the five listed timelines, or splinter off new timelines at any point; whatever makes the most sense for what your quest's story implied.
  2. If you want to, you can define your own 'eras' (like the "Era of the Great Sea", etc) or whatever you like. You can also add your quest into an existing era, like how I put Panoply of Calatia in the Era of Decline from Zelda 1 and II.  
  3. You can also make up your own "Hero of" titles, but if a given name gets reused for separate characters, they'll start getting numbers, like "Hero of Dreams #1 and Hero of Dreams #2", etc.
  4. You can describe it in text, or make your own edited version of the picture above (I used MSPaint, "Small Fonts" size 8 for game names and size 6 for other labels, and I used cyan text for fangames; for coherence's sake it's best if your own edits look similar to that.) Either is fine.
  5. Some (not-on-the-map) text explanation of your choice of timeline placement is welcomed and encouraged, but not a requirement.
  6. If so desired, you can also choose a placement completely at random- grab a random number generator, some dice, throw a dart at the map and see what sticks (throwing darts at computer monitors is not advised), etc.
  7. If you don't think your timeline can fit into this one, that's a shame, but feel free to explain because that's still pretty cool that you put some thought into it. If this is the case, you can also feel free to draw an entirely new chart.
  8. Don't criticize other people's claims (unless they're mine, that's fine, as mine are deliberately absurd). Everyone should feel free both to goof around, and to make serious explanations about their own work; both are fine.
  9. Contradictions are allowed. That there Master Sword totally slept forever.


About my own additions:


This thread contains an older explanation of the Circumvented Doom Intervention timeline.


Link and Zelda: Panoply of Calatia takes place about two years after Zelda II, featuring the Link from Zelda 1 and II, and the Zelda from Zelda 1 (as opposed to the one who was put to sleep back in the Golden Era, who was awoken in Zelda II; although that Zelda does also appear, as an NPC). This is why Hyrule hasn't changed much in that game, rebuilding isn't complete, and Gannon's minions are still seeking the blood of Link.

"Memory of Koholint" is the tentative title of another quest I want to make, but I'm not sure when or if it'll get done (poverty, risks of homelessness, and the other projects in my life may all interfere). It's both a prequel and a sequel to LaZPoC, which starts immediately after the events of Link's Awakening (with Link still lost at sea and Zelda searching for him with a royal ship), but then things get complicated and it eventually involves some time travel, which results in a new splinter timeline of it's own.


As far as progress on that hopefully-extant-someday quest, I have story plans and some graphics made and even some bits of scripting, but, there's a long way to go before that game really exists. But I actually started drawing this timeline as part of the planning phases for it, which is why it's in there, and I decided to leave it in. It has minor spoilers, but it doesn't have much context so I'm okay dropping vague hints about my plans. ^^'

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#2 BigJoe


    It LOOKS like Hyrule..!

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 09:05 PM

5th Quest is a nightmare that Link is having, in which he relives his first quest to save Zelda in a somewhat different, more horrifying way. In his dream he encounters symbols for each era of mankind.

(Hourglass -> Block -> Zol -> Horned Lizard -> Sword -> Grail -> Moon and Star -> Cross -> Ghost)

In this timeline it goes between The Adventure of Link and Panoply of Calatia

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#3 Shane


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Posted 15 February 2017 - 12:30 AM

"Sanctuary Tree" takes place directly before the Oracles. No reason other than graphical/story similarities. "Lost Historia" takes place eras after Zelda 2, where the decline escalated to the kingdom's collapse splitting to smaller nations (so maybe a timeline split of sorts... since I had plans for the revival of Ganon and Link's failure in ZII). Also wanted to make a quest that takes place in New Hyrule and a "Legend of Hilda" which would be right after A Link Between Worlds. :P

#4 Joelmacool



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Posted 15 February 2017 - 05:30 AM

...where would "How Do I Play Zelda?" go? I'm lost...

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#5 Anthus


    if it dont got bones its BONELESS

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 12:19 PM

HPIPZ goes before Skyward Sword :P
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#6 Jaghnus


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Posted 21 February 2017 - 07:53 AM

QftT is totally non-Zelda. The goddesses realized what a great medium the Zelda engine was and created a new world with furries, existential questions, and development hell.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: Apocrypha, Fanon

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