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Link to quests that people can use stuff from thread

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Posted 12 March 2019 - 03:46 AM

Please read all of this post, thank you.






This project is about linking to quest or quests or both that people do have permission to use stuff from.






How with each quest whether yours or permission is granted to distribute its stuff in eight steps below.



#1: Open up your quest such as for example James.qst



#2: Go to File Export and export all that you can such as for example James..zpl and James.til and Jame.zgp



#3: Go to File New



#4: In the new quest import all that you exported in Step #2: such as for example James.zpl and James. til and James.zgp



#5: Save the quest as something such as All have permission to use and distribute this quest stuff.qst



#6: ^ Put the quest file in a .zip folder if you want



#7: ^ Upload the .zip folder with the quest or just the .qst file itself on a file uploading website to where people including guests can download the file.



#8: ^ Post in this thread the link to the file as well as http://www.youtube.com/uploadany YouTube video showing the download link website, its download etc. are safe if you want to.






You can look on either https://www.google.com/or http://www.google.com/ about

HyperCam 2.0

if you want

and with the help of


you can scan website, websites, file, files etc

such as a .zip


.qst in an unzipped .zip folder etc.






Very excellent HyperCam 2.0 statuses for recording when downloading, recording virustotal's website that shows how safe a file, website is etc.

Screen Area
Start X 0
Start Y 0
Width 1364
Height 768
Show rectangle around recorded area
has a check mark to the of its text
Iconize Hypercam Window to The Task Bar
has a black circle to its left of its text
All other clickonable options for
Screen Area
should have have a checkmark nor black circle left of it.
AVI File
Rates in Frames per Second, Record: 5
Playback: 5
Cursor/Full frame capture ratio 1 (1 to capture every frame)
Key frame every 100 frames
Video Compressor -- Auto Select - Strongly Recommended!
The rest you make how you want.

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Posted 12 March 2019 - 11:52 AM

I know this applies to Antiquity and Panoply of Calatia.

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