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#878890 What is Love?

Posted by poiuytrewq on 15 January 2014 - 08:11 AM

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more


edit: Would just like to say it astounds me that something that took two brain cells and five seconds to post has the most likes of any post on the site

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#882049 Congratulations, Evan20000!

Posted by nicklegends on 31 January 2014 - 07:59 PM

(Direct link: http://youtu.be/sgmVoBB_Hh8)

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#891427 I'm stuck in Zelda's Butt

Posted by The Satellite on 24 March 2014 - 11:19 PM

This topic's title is amazing.

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#1026527 Kokiri Forest

Posted by Sheik on 10 August 2017 - 05:40 AM

Hey guys and gals.

I thought I'll throw in another update. This time I want to share the daytime, present map for the Kokiri Forest. Let me know what you think about my take on the area! Without further ado:


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#1010410 Server Migration (and my Retirement)

Posted by LinktheMaster on 26 November 2016 - 11:22 AM

Hello everyone! For everyone in the US, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! And for everyone, I hope you all have been enjoying the much better holiday of the release of a new Pokemon game. :P


I know it's not typical for the staff to announce their retirement (especially in an announcement) and I'm honestly not the type to want to make a big fuss over it, but I figured you all deserve to officially know. Over the years I've unfortunately felt myself drifting away from Zelda Classic and the PureZC community. I've loved this place, and it's been my home online for around 12-13 years. I have a lot of memories here with a lot of amazing people. However, all things tend to come to and end, and lately I've found myself having other priorities and interests in life, and I haven't been able to give PureZC the attention it deserves, and I don't really want to string you all along into thinking that I'm here when I'm not. Granted, I don't plan on vanishing completely, but I doubt I'll be very active outside of GD and GE.


With my departure from the staff, I am leaving the site in the very capable hands of the staff, and I've been working on trying to give them more access to some things that they may need in my absence. Part of this process involves me transitioning PureZC over to another server (the former beta server). With this migration, I've been able to clean up a couple things up a bit, isolate PureZC on its on environment, as set things up to allow giving the keys to someone else. Furthermore, it's getting PureZC out of the Linode datacenter which has been plagued with lots of DDOS attacks, so hopefully this will also give the site some more stability.


I'm planning for this migration to happen tomorrow morning around 7am EST. I don't expect any issues with the transfer process, but as there are some DNS configuration changes, it may take a while for people to get directed to the new site.


I'll make a post when the updates are done tomorrow, but otherwise, thanks for everything, everyone. :)


(P.S. Since I assume that it'll come up at some point, Nick and I are hoping to release what we've done on Fairy Dream to the public in the future, as well as release an unpassworded version of it with all of our scripts.)

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#878902 What is Love?

Posted by Hergiswi on 15 January 2014 - 09:49 AM

My theory is that everybody came to this thread to make the same post as Rambly and realized it had already been done.

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#980085 Most attractive video game character

Posted by Tabletpillow on 10 November 2015 - 09:30 PM

Title not specific enough, so

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#1023138 *pokes head in*

Posted by Radien on 13 June 2017 - 08:21 AM

Hello there... Um.... Remember me? Name's Radien... Dance of Remembrance tileset, New BS, buncha loose tiles.

Also dropped in at least a year ago saying I wanted to return to ZC. Had a really good reason for my absence — got married, moved out, got a full-time job — but didn't stick around.

Lately I've been chatting with Reflectionist, who hit me up for some quest advice and feedback, and it has really got me missing this place. On top of getting Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD, and... ohhh... some oddball Zelda mountainclimbing game, it was too much to keep away from PureZC.

How've you all been? :) I trust you're still as busy creating Zelda quests as ever. The General Discussion forum has been dormant since January, but the ZC subforums seem alive and well. I know when I first began creating Zelda quests, before I even found PureZC, I didn't even let the lack of a forum stop me when I first began, so I'm sure nostalgia will fuel this fandom for awhile.

To tell the truth, I've been a bit ashamed about coming back. I guess you could say I had (yet another) good reason for my absence, but I felt really bad for making promises I couldn't keep.

You see, the replacement computer I was planning on using to return to questmaking was a Frankenstein of a PC, that just got less and less reliable until it was unusable. And my wife's only PC was a work-from-home computer for a job she has quit.

Right now I don't have any way of creating quests, and doing tile work on a smartphone is just ridiculous. But I miss you guys, and I'd like to be back and active here while I figure out a replacement computer.

I see my tiles and at least the remnants of my tileset are still being used, and that makes me happy. ^_^

So how are all of you? What old faces are still here? Any new faces who give a crap about me?... How about any awesome projects I should hear about?

Oh, also, anyone play that new Zelda game? “Breathe on the Wind,” or something like that? I hear it's decently okay. ;)
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#995085 Rules for Reviews and Ratings

Posted by Aevin on 18 April 2016 - 04:20 PM

After a recent topic and several staff discussions, we have decided to add rule #12 to the Site and Forum Rules to clarify our expectations for ratings and reviews. Most of this isn't new, but we wanted to make it clear that yes, we expect you to play quests and try other submissions yourself before rating them.


This by no means requires you to play a whole quest, of course. If you lose interest or rage quit, by all means share your experience in a review. But if you haven't played any of the quest yourself, your impressions from quest projects or let's plays would make more sense in the comments.


If you see any ratings or reviews breaking these rules, please use the report function to let us know.


12. Be considerate with reviews and ratings.


Reviews should reflect your own opinion after trying a database submission for yourself. In the case of quests, it's recommended that you at least play in a few dungeons (depending on the format of the quest), but more complete playthroughs are ideal. Do not rate quests based solely on viewing a Let's Play or on the description, screenshots, or quest project alone. Music submissions need to be listened to. Scripts should be at least tried in an example quest. Tilesets and loose tiles should be tried for yourself, unless a significant portion of the tiles are displayed in the screenshots. Any reviews that rate the submission without trying it first will be removed.


Database entries should be rated with your own personal opinion, not to "correct" other peoples' ratings. Do not rate things higher or lower than you normally would with the intent of undermining other members' reviews or adjusting the overall score. Reviews that do this will be removed.


Constructive criticism is of course encouraged in reviews, but please try to be respectful of the person who submitted it. Remember that in the end, we're a community mostly of amateurs doing this for fun. Just like with other areas of the forum, harassment will not be tolerated in the reviews and comments on a submission.

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#977794 Zelda Classic 2.50.2

Posted by Saffith on 22 October 2015 - 10:49 PM

This is it. No betas, no release candidates. See shardstorm.com (since build 1703) for changes since 2.50.1.

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#1053579 New Staff Members!

Posted by David on 03 April 2020 - 01:46 PM

Finally the moment everyone's been waiting for...


But, before we reveal the new staff members, we'd just like to quickly thank everyone who has submitted this time around! We received many applications from really good candidates and it was tough to select only four out of the potential selections. We really hope those that weren't selected will consider applying in the future!


With that out of the way, please welcome Joelmacool, Matthew, Dimi, and Xavier (a30502355) as our new PureZC moderators! We are excited to have each and every single one of them on the team and we're confident that they will perform wonderfully with their new roles.


Congratulations to each of you! :)

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#1052879 A new admin? Who could it be? ...

Posted by Aevin on 07 March 2020 - 04:27 PM

It's David. Aren't clickbait titles wonderful?


Please join me in welcoming David to the admin team. Recently, he has been invaluable in helping with events such as the Superlatives and the Expo, and has been an important voice in staff discussions that have taken place behind the scenes. He's also a very positive and thoughtful person who has served the community well for many years. Russ and I are happy to have him join us and do all the work.


In many ways, he's already been performing the duties of an admin for quite awhile, now. This promotion made perfect sense as a way of simplifying things and rewarding his hard work.

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#1036761 Eddy Finished AR3

Posted by Eddy on 14 April 2018 - 01:55 PM

Yep, that's right. I've officially completed the quest. I got all the feedback I needed from my testers and I fixed up all the issues I came across, so I'm now in a state to finally release the quest (which should be up very shortly). I'll probably update the quest in the future when a certain script gets done, but I figured I don't want to wait anymore and it won't affect too much anyway, so I'll just go right ahead and inactivate this project and release the quest.

Thanks for the support from everyone and my testers, I really appreciate it :D
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#1019717 Back or whatever.

Posted by Lüt on 20 April 2017 - 11:53 PM

This thread is art.

Which is precisely why, upon reading it, I immediately contacted my primary watercoloring contractor and commissioned this wooden wall hanging to add to my gallery:


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#1006067 Phoenix, A Link to the Past inspired tileset

Posted by FireSeraphim on 15 September 2016 - 02:30 AM


Welcome to the official thread for my WIP Phoenix Tileset! As a few of you may be already aware, I've been working on this tileset for roughly a week now (And this is impressive since I have gotten ALOT done in that small time frame, although it may still need testing). And now for some Q&As and some exposition for those reading this thread so people will know what to expect.


Q: What is your goals with this tileset?

A: Simply put, I am hoping to make my own take on a "ALTTP Plus" styled tileset that's actually fairly faithful to (some of) the stylistic sensibilities of ALTTP while adding some polish here and there.


Q: Anything peculiar we should know about this tileset

A: Yep, I feel that I need to inform you that for the overworld I'm using tiles that have been condensed or scaled down to account for the actual size scale of a 16x16 pixel sized Link, but the dungeon and interior tiles will retain their full scale from ALTTP and before you claim this is inconsistant I will point out there is actual prior precedent in the LOZ series for this in good ol' Zelda 1 on the NES and I think it works here as well. 'Fore you all start worrying this tileset will not be another Pure.


Q: Do you have a release plan of sorts?

A: Infact I do, This tileset will be released in three phases

  • Phase 1 - "Light World"   which will include alot of basic overworld tiles, interior tiles, cave tiles (and palette), most of the usable dungeon tiles, unique light world tiles that have never been ripped before, the palettes for the Light world (Overworld), Hyrule Castle, Hyrule Castle's Basement (it's palette is actually shared with the Dark World's very own Swamp Palace), The unique and never before ripped palette for the Sanctuary (Yep, the Sanctuary actually has it's own palette), The Eastern Palace, The Desert Palace, The Ice Cave (It's palette is shared with the Dark World's Ice Palace) and the Tower of Hera
  • Phase 2 - "Dark World"   which will include dark world tiles, including those that have never been in any other set before, The palletes for the Dark Palace, Skull Woods, Thieves Town/Gargoyles Domain, Ganon's Tower and the Pyramid of Power (The Pyramid has it's own palette as well)
  • Phase 3 - "Realm of the Heavens"   which will include what unique little bits was recently ripped from Four Sword Adventures (and any potential future ripped assets that might be made in the interim) as well as bits and pieces of my unique reworking of some of the tiles from Crusader of Centy (obviously only the stuff that wouldn't have too much trouble fitting into ALTTP) and other tiles that fit into Phoenix's artstyle

Q: Can we see some screenshots?

A: Sure.


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#976568 Mass recoloring

Posted by Saffith on 11 October 2015 - 01:19 PM

It's not available quite yet (should be soon, honest), but I thought I'd provide a brief introduction to 2.50.2's new mass recoloring tool. It's useful for fixing tiles that don't match your palette structure or making palette-swapped enemies.

(Yeah, it says ESP 2, and it looks fine in that. Just go with it.)

Select the tiles to be recolored and click "Recolor" or press Ctrl+R, and this window will pop up:

Each color in under "From" will be replaced with the corresponding color under "To." Drag and drop colors into "To" to create the desired mapping.

Click "OK," et voilà:

If you've got a lot of tiles to redo, you can press Ctrl+Shift+R to repeat the last recolor without bringing up the dialog again.

As you can see, this can be selectively applied to each CSet in 8-bit tiles, but there's also a separate 8-bit mode. This works a bit differently.

Drag and drop colors to both the "From" and "To" sets. Any colors not in "From" will be unchanged. You can do up to 16 at a time.

This mode only recolors 8-bit tiles; any 4-bit tiles selected will be unaffected.
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#1038225 Sad news for our PureZC gaming community

Posted by Mister Snooze on 20 May 2018 - 04:02 PM

Sad news for our PureZC gaming community. Last Sunday, on Mother’s Day, our dear friend Artistic passed away after a long battle with illness. For the sake of her family’s privacy, her true name and details will be withheld. But the essence of her character was known to many of us who played the Zelda games. She tirelessly assisted anyone who asked for help in the discussion forums, patiently directing the lost or frustrated player, often with humor. What can be said is that she was a loving wife, mother, and a grandmother. Please have a fond thought of her when you play again, knowing that we were only one tiny facet of the truly immense and caring life in which we were privileged to share a part. May she rest in peace, we shall all miss her.

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#1034976 Main Game Completed! ...but we're not done yet

Posted by Eddy on 17 February 2018 - 03:15 PM

Yes you heard that right, the entire main quest for AR3 is now fully finished and functional! Just a few minutes ago I finished up and tested the outro credits sequence, so the main game is no longer a worry. Though the streams of "Eddy Finish AR3" won't finish here. I'm now progressing onto the post-game of the quest, which involves a bonus story, a trading quest to access a dungeon as well as an additional part of a minigame being unlocked for something special. I'm not sure how long this will take, but we'll see lol.

As far as beta testing goes, I have a full set of testers so I probably won't be accepting anymore now (8 is definitely enough for me). The beta testing phase will begin shortly after everything is fully finished, which should hopefully be relatively soon given the speed I'm going at recently.

So yeah, I'm gonna jump straight into post game development now, and I deeply want to thank all the people giving this quest support in recent times.

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#1029784 Farmer Lüt's Absurdly Expanded Classic Based Tileset (Summary)

Posted by Lüt on 28 October 2017 - 09:38 PM

So, as I begin writing this summary 2 days before the expo, having been just now convinced by a few people to at least share a little bit of what I've been doing, I feel like I should get the bad news out of the way first: there's no tileset available for download.
That said, given that I'd peg its progress at somewhere between 80-90% complete, I figure it's worth finally going public with it. Yeah, I've dropped a few screenshots and brief mentions of it here and there throughout the forum over the last year, in addition to sending a few PMs regarding permission to incorporate certain resources, but here's the first official announcement.
I love classic, but will admit that it's severely limited when it comes to design possibilities, especially compared to many other available tilesets. So, I set out to expand those possibilities.
The first phase of the expansion was easy - take most of the unused tiles scattered around the tile pages and combo them up.
The second phase was a bit more tedious - tweak the existing resources and add further variations of them (graphically or functionally).
The third phase involved farming numerous resources from PZC's loose tiles and tileset database collections.
The fourth phase involved me still not being satisfied with the possibilities and designing a bunch of my own tiles to compensate.
Not that all the phases happened in that specific order - most were, and still are, simultaneously ongoing.
To be clear, I'm not merely dumping every 3 or 4-colored tile from the database into the set. There's some level of quality control, and a priority focus on resources that, in my opinion, fit the classic style.
There's a fair bit of overworld expansion, including more rock and cave variations, smoothly-contoured cuttable grass, ladder assortments, extra large objects, new objects like fountains/bones/signs/docks/piers, additional tree/cactus/dungeon-entrance variations, snow-covered scenery, flowers, statues, and weather effects. Water variations have also been expanded, objects like lily pads/flowers/logs/stalks can be placed on them, and obviously no liquids collection is complete without lava and ice. There are also functional objects which have options for push, damage, pound, hookshot, block, walkability, and so on. Lastly, nearly every object comes in layerable format, including shaped overhead layers for large objects, because I hate seeing flat layer lines across non-flat objects.
But more than anything, I've developed a severe allergy to strings of rectangular dungeon rooms with miscellaneous block arrangements - especially when it comes down to spending minutes block-humping to find the random pushable one. Thus, the majority of my time working on this set has been dedicated to expanding dungeon design possibilities.
I began with Lightwulf's diagonal and first-tier-down dungeon tiles, and - as the name would suggest - absurdly expanded and reworked them into a 4-tier dungeon setup. This included a dungeon palette expansion for mid-level tile shades, along with additional colors for triforce flats and various nature options like trees.
Other additions beyond angled walls and multiple floor heights include ladders, centered and off-centered doors, lock block variations of doors (with shutter copycats for each), re-perspective'd frames for the sides of rooms, alternate passageways and overheads, more stair options, door-stairs, bombable wall options and hints, and extended foliage overlays.
Floors now have on/off warp tiles, more conveyors, and additional options for object-switches, step-switches, spikes, statues, lock blocks, and treasure chests.
Cycling floors have been expanded to 16 levels of falling and spinning tiles rather than 8, and now include alternating raised/lowered blocks, alternating magic-mirror angles, spike waves of up to 4 different speeds, and number overlays so that you can create a temporary overhead layer to keep track of all these same-looking tiles.
Other things include 16 push-block choices for block puzzles (with multi-directional options using both inherent and on-screen flags), 3 sizes of triforce flats for small tiles or large entries, 3 pit varieties in direct-warp/no-walk/walkable options, barriers in 8-pixel and 16-pixel widths, the latter of which include standard, lock block, boss lock variety and copycats of each. And as with the overworld, anything that can come in layerable format, does.
Dungeon nature is the most lagging section of the project, but basically just recreates overworld landscaping for dungeons.
Finally, activatable objects. This is a section of walls and floors that "activate" (are copycat combos) when you perform up to 6 different actions: step -> next, lock block, boss lock, treasure chest, locked treasure chest, boss locked treasure chest. So if you ever want to open a treasure chest and have statue shooters come alive, or open a lock block and have spikes pop up, or step on a floor switch and have lines of motionless floors turn into conveyors, here it is, no scripting involved. Works great with screen state carry-overs as well.
So that's essentially what the new tile/combo collection comes down to.
Part of what makes this so "absurdly expanded" is that every dungeon tier has its own wall and floor set. Thus, each tier has multiple wall varieties that can end at its own floor, continue down to the one below, or reach up to the one above. Additionally, because each of the 3 main levels has its own color shade, every floor tile has to be done 3 times over for the 3 different heights.
It's a lot, but the point here is to have enough wall and floor variety that nobody has to see a single-height rectangle for a dungeon room ever again.
"This thread is worthless without pics!"
Alright then.
Let's do a visual rehash of some of the stuff I mentioned.
First off, 2 small examples of what I meant by tweaking the existing resources:
The original tree on the left has remaining large-sized 2x2 "pixels" from being upscaled; the tweaked tree on the right is smoothed out to eliminate the blocky upscaled look.
The original animated water on the left has bugged me since the beginning. The 3-pixel-wide water ripples get cut off by 1 or 2 pixels, often multiple times, on nearly every tile that has a horizontal connection to any other tile; the tweaked water animations on the right eliminate this clipping entirely. Yes a few water pixels aren't 100% accurate to their original NES positioning, no I don't care; smooth animation FTW.
Next, a few examples of what I meant by adding further variations of existing resources:
See those empty tan ground patches next to objects placed on detailed ground tiles? Yeah, I can't be the only one getting triggered by that, so for all of us who want consistent ground detail, here we have it:
And no I didn't just overlay the objects onto the grounds; the grounds were adjusted to accomodate the objects so as not to blend into them in odd ways.
Hard to see a difference scrolling between the 2 pics? Need a back-and-forth animation? Here you go:


Next, 2 shoddy test screens meant to show off tile capabilities rather than to actually look good.
This one shows the smooth-contoured cuttable grass, a few of the new land and sea objects, and a dock set:
This one shows some of the winter options, as well as mountain shadows:
Now, on to dungeons!
Here's your new full-height dungeon template:
And the diagonal version:
All diagonal walls and floor tiles also have layerable versions, in case you want floors that aren't the standard 16x16 tiles:
And here's a brief sampling of some of the floor stuff:
Is it all starting to sound overwhelming? Because it feels that way to me. Honestly, the number of tiles expanded to the point that even I want to cry sometimes when I look at the size of combo list - and I made the damn things.
To that extent, I decided to take full advantage of ZQuest's automation features. I had to, if I wanted to release this in a way that would be accessible to more than the most advanced designers. Enter relational modes and aliases.
Relational Modes:
So, you hate making structures like rocks, lakes, pits, barriers, docks and shadows tile-by-tile? Well, I do too, thus I've set up relational modes for all of those and more.
For those unaware, relational mode is a drawing mode that allows you to automatically create or remove fully shaped structures by clicking and dragging your cursor around the screen. Select the first combo in the structural set, click and drag to create the structure, or hold shift to remove it.
Here's a brief sampling of some of the designs you can create in less than 5 seconds:
This is the core of the tileset.
For those unaware, aliases are collections of combos which form a larger structure. They allow each combo to be placed simultaneously, in the correct position, and on the correct layer. They're the ZC equivalent of what would be called "prefabs" in modern game editing. Just go to alias mode, select the structure you want, click where on the screen you want it, and there's your multi-combo structure.
To that extent, I've been assembling an incredibly large collection of aliases so that people can build large pieces of architecture with a single click. This makes complex structures accessible for intermediate users, and quick for advanced users.
Aliases also serve an instructional purpose. You can place them on a test screen to determine the correct placement and usage of individual combos in the combo list. Once the alias is placed, right-click the combo you want, choose "select combo," and possibly "scroll to combo." This will highlight your combo of choice, and place it at the center of the combo list; then you can see which combo in the combo list goes where in the larger structure.
My goal of the set, particularly when it comes to dungeon design, is to move people away from building screens combo-by-combo, and push them toward placing multiple large structures, only using the combo list for fine-tuning and floor designs.
The alias list is generally set up such that you have a series of structures with 4 variations per structure - the 1st column on the left will give you the default, and the next 3 columns on the right will give you the variations.
Example 01 - Overworld Basics:
A small sample of overworld selections in which you see the 4-variation format:
Example 02 - Combined Trees:
Ever see that miscellaneous inter-tree junk in the combo list and wonder how it all fits together, let alone how to work corners with it? Don't worry, I got it taken care of for you:
Comes in the usual set of 4 ground variations.
Example 03 - Corner Foliage:
Some of you have probably seen the Contra-based jungle overhangs for classic, but corners alone didn't satisfy me, so I rebuilt it into freeform options with 2 different offsets:
Example 04 - Main Dungeon Walls:
Segments of the upper dungeon main-level wall:
Comes with all 4 sides for all 4 levels.
Example 05 - Diagonal Dungeon Walls:
This top-to-mid-level upper-left collection shows the 5 segments needed for full diagonal variety in 4-variation format:
Do these exist for every height combination? Well, we'll get to that in a bit.
Example 06 - Large Dungeon Shapes:
Full shapes are the ones I find most useful. The first 3 columns show 3 of a few different shapes and sizes for upper-left corners, while column 4 rehashes the main upper-left diagonal. These account for all floor height combinations; standard 4-variation format is assumed.
So how big is this collection?
Well, truth is, I broke the alias limit. Despite having 65,520 tiles and 65,280 combos available, it was much to my surprise when I discovered the alias limit was 2,048.
See the green checkmarks and red x's above? The 1st set applies to the first 3 columns, and the 2nd set applies to the 4th column. Green checkmarks are the ones currently in place - red x's are ones that will be added if the limit is expanded.
Honestly, that's why work on this project has been put aside in favor of other projects over the last few months. I don't feel it's fully adequate to release it without these structures complete. Even if the combo collection is complete, the whole point was to move people away from building screens combo-by-combo and toward building them structure-by-structure.
Still, it's been deemed possible to expand the alias limit for either ZC 2.54 or 2.55, so we'll see how that goes.
Sample Room Construction From Aliases:
So, how quick do these aliases help you build a room?
Well, look at this screenshot here:
Seems moderately complex. But how many steps is it really? Open the animation and find out:

"So what kind of screens can I make with all this stuff?"
Well, basically, things like this:
Or dungeons like these:
Oh, and are these Zelda 2 screens?
Yeah, this comes with full graphical support for Zelda 2 also.
And no, I didn't (and likely won't) create Zelda 2 enemy sets, especially if they have to be scripted.
Though, speaking of which...
Potential Script Pack:
For further design and gameplay possibilities, as well as ease of use, I've been strongly considering including a script pack containing what I believe to be either essential functions, or tweaks that make things run or look smoother.
My primary considerations:
Fire Trail Reduction
Enemy Spawner
Permanent Block Secrets
Enemy/Boss Music
Better Cane of Byrna
Item Pick-Up Message/Heart Piece Message
Item Bundle (such as Bow & Arrow) along with Map & Compass variation.
Stop Compass On Item Pickup/Enemy Death
Anti-Bump Item - because that trash gets so annoying.
Linked Secrets
Summoner Control System
Moosh Pits - if the move-on-fall issue gets addressed.
I'd also like it to come with ghost.zh configured, so that people can just paste ghosted enemy FFCs into the script pile and be done with it.
But we'll see. I'd probably need some help from somebody who knew what they were doing.
When will it be done?
If you had asked me this in Spring 2016, I would have said Fall 2016.
Honestly, not for at least a few months. Probably more, depending on ZC development. Sometime 2018 though.
That said, I suppose I wouldn't mind passing a beta on to maybe a few people who are genuinely interested in working with it and want a say in how it turns out.
Anyway, this post grew way longer than I anticipated. Let me know what you think.

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#1029707 Vintage Dreams Tileset

Posted by Shane on 27 October 2017 - 04:56 AM

Vintage Dreams Tileset

by Shane and Lunaria


The Vintage Dreams tileset is a new tileset that aims to offer a more refine GB Zelda working environment.
EZGBZ has been the long running goto GB style tileset and it has done a pretty fine job, however certain parts of it have left some quest authors more frustrated than they should. This tileset aims to offer practical solutions to some of those problems while also offering additional options. However this sounds like mumbo jumbo, so I'll just break down the main aims of the tileset:

  • Provide better accuracy when replicating GB Zeldas.
  • Provide a more efficient base tileset.
  • Providing the means to create a contemporary quest for designers.

But what does this actually mean? Well for a practical example: GB treetops is a staple in more quests than you can count, it's also often common practice to draw these on any layer higher than 1 (and possibly let the player walk behind them). The Game Boy only has one layer outside of sprites, so given that it's not feasible to draw sprites for all the trees... well, you get my drift. The VD tileset does in base provide (and advocate) solid tree tops on layer 0 in contrast to the weirdly configured transparent ones in EZGBZ. This is more accurate but I can already see some people shake their heads, don't worry, we offer transparent tree tops too!
In regards to efficiency... all tile data and combo data have been re-configured (from scratch in regards to combos) to have better organization. EZGBZ likes to map almost all tiles as combos, this is seldom practical to given quest author who'll only use a fraction. Do you need five bridge designs? What about four mountain types? Sure, there are quests that does use all these assets, but for most it's simply more than is needed. No tile data has been removed, but the combo pages are way more compact focusing more on a wide selection of assets, rather than all different versions of said assets. Only two mountain types are mapped for combos, for example, but you could easily replace which one you want to use by copy pasting the tilepage of your prefered one over the already mapped one. (Or insert and map new combos!)
Furthermore, EZGBZ palette configuration is one I could not describe as anything other than a mess. As such it has been thrown out for a new one (all tile assets re-coloured to work) that has, in my opinion, a bit more thought put into it. Main palettes has only one highlight colour and then several colour ramps followed by black and white at the end. Level palettes follow the same structure, except one ramp is replaced with a new highlight colour (for the last two ramps) as well as generic shade of gray. Duplicate colours have been cut down en-mass except for where it's not possible (CSet 6, mainly). All of this should make it much easier to know what tiles, items, or enemies are affected by what palette changes, and setting up new palettes should be much easier.
Now, for the the forward thinking one you might realize that, "hey, that means I can use main palettes for screens and level palettes for items", and yes, that is indeed true. But as per usual, it's recommended that quest authors keep best practices and don't do that. :P
And finally, providing the means to make a contemporary quest. That might sound vague or complex, but it's actually quite simple: The Vintage Dream tileset is not JUST a tileset. In fact, a better way to describe it would be a Quest Starter Pack. Not everyone can script, in fact just getting scripts into a quest is a hassle for many. This tileset therefore comes pre-packed with a lot of practical ones. Most of them are aimed at replicating GB features, but some insert custom things or ports from other Zelda titles. Stuff like pits you can jump over, NPCs to talk to, and enemies a plenty are really common features in quests these days. Therefore the aim is to make the entry level to use these features be lowered.

But it doesn't really stop at scripts either, everything has (or will be) looked over for refinement. The Palette rips offered in EZGBZ are accurate, but they don't work very well on backlit computer screens. If you can't do palettes though, then you're stuck with them. We decided to throw those out and instead offer a wide array of new palettes to choose from. From one thing to another, all the ZC added enemies have been looked over and modified. A Bat Wizzrobe or a splitting Darknuts might have their fans, but few players get excited about fighting a Mirrorobe or a Death Knight. Therefore these and a few other ones have had tweaks to make them a bit more interesting and engaging (No default Zelda 1 enemies have been modified). Furthermore, to fit some holes in the enemy tier list a few new enemy editor enemies have also been created to make it easier for new people (Don't worry, they are listed!).
Of course, having all these features here is one thing, knowing how to use them is another. The tileset will offer a wide variety of example screens that new quest authors can play around until they get the hang of it (Or put to use their project, we don't judge!). For the purists out there that wants to start at a blank slate it'll be easy enough to delete the example DMaps and Maps, so don't break a sweat! :D
JyKGVbt.png EkeGOKs.png ovYTRQ4.png zebNIjF.png

Lastly, but not least, the tileset comes with extensive documentation. The main script file is fully commented about what does what as well as what scripts are assigned to what assets (what combo type ID is used for what script, etc). Which enemies were changed from base is also listed, included what the changes were.

So oh boy are you excited to give the tileset a spin and wonder when you can get your hands on it!?! Me too! The official release date is: When it's done™. A lot of things are done (and you could in theory make a quest in it just fine right now), but there is still quite a bit left to do. Production has been going really fast currently, but you never know when motivation goes away! But hey, at least we are two!

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