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Torches maze puzzle

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Posted 01 September 2018 - 04:09 PM

Hello guys i would like to asks a request. That would be a ffc script. Here we go:

I would like to uses a specific ffc that Link must uses is candle to lit a torches. There's 4 combinaisons in 2 orders. I would like to create a maze with many torches to making it more harder.

There's two types of torches: The correct one and the incorrect one. The D0 will specific the order of the torches. (4 torchs maximum.), the D1 will determines if it's the correct torches to lit (1 or any numbers) or the incorrect one (-1 or another numbers),
the D2 will determines the sound of the incorrect torches if Link lit it. The D3 however will determines exemple if Link have to do this puzzle first (1) or later. (-1). Exemple if Link must go to the north to solve that puzzle then he'll make the right one just after the north puzzle and etc. Also if changes the room and returns at the previous room then Link will not have to restart it since the puzzle would be in the next room. If Link do the puzzle incorrectly then Link have to lit all torches onces again until he find the right combinaison. When the puzzle is solved then secret triggers will be trigged. (I prefer that put the torches combo as ffc to put it one per one and not only the entire room.)

The Puzzle Room ffc script will pervents that Link have to restart the puzzle again and again at the everytime he changes the room as long he don't leave the maze rooms. Of course when Link solves the puzzle then he'll never restart the puzzle ever again even if he leave the dungeon. 

That's for my quest. I was aspired this one by a horror game named Amnesia (custom story) Woods of lost memories (downloadable) that the player must the lits the torches at a maze.

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