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Even More Sound Effects

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Posted 14 October 2019 - 07:46 PM

This is a suggested expansion to the "More Sound Effects" rule. In quests pre-2.53, all these sounds would just be set to none.


-Armos Activating

-Grave Activating

-Enemy Hopping (Pols Voice, Tektite, Vire)

-Enemy Chomping (Like Like etc.)

-Zora Emerge/Submerge

-Enemy Alerted (Rope, Bombchu etc.)

-Trap Alerted (line of sight traps)

-Leever Emerge/Submerge

-Enemy Shield Broken

-Wizzrobe Appear/Disappear

-Link Caught in Whirlwind (Whistle/Windrobe)

-Enemy Splits

-Enemy Tribbles Up

-Patra Throws Kids

-Dodongo Hurt (swallows bomb)

-Gleeok Head Ambient Noise (differentiated from the Gleeok enemy's ambient noise)

-Enemy Fire Ambient Noise (played if a Fire/Fire2/Fire Trail EWeapon is on screen. Does not stack!)

-Link Fire Ambient Noise

-Magic Prism Reflects Magic

-X Block Combo Blocks Projectile Noise (magic, arrow, etc)

-Link Drowning

-Link Swimming

-Link Emerging/Submerging

-LTTP Warp Pad (not sure how these are made in the editor. I mean a noise for when Link uses one a la LTTP)

-Enter Pit Warp

-Link Lands from Jump


-Walking on Harmful Combo w/Boots

-Walking on Grass

-Walking on Shallow Water

-Walking on Ladder (Slow Walk)

-Walking on Ladder (Item)



Whew that's a lot but I made sure this list was fairly comprehensive as to what people would want to make sounds in original quests.

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