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Which Zelda games you've played, and how far?

Zelda Nintendo CD-i

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 05:51 PM

There's probably been a billion threads like this in the past, but I don't see a current one and I don't remember one since I missed so much of PureZC's history in the time I was gone (insert Captain Dylan Hunt reference here).

  • Which Legend of Zelda games have you ever played?
  • How far did you get in each?
  • If you didn't finish it, have you watched any Let's Plays of it instead?
  • If inclined to say, how much did you enjoy each?
  • If there's more than one version, which versions have you played?

You're welcome to list any you want, including CD-i games, Game and Watch/Game Watch (those were separate things), and even fan games and ZC quests (hopefully I'm not overlooking a forum boundary or something). But obviously the main thing I'm thinking of is the main series, so don't feel obligated to go and list all of everything if you don't want to.


As for myself, I've played...


The Legend of Zelda

  • First quest about 4 times, second quest only once
  • It's pretty good, very, ah... classical.
  • The first time I finished it was actually Example_BS1st.qst, but I've also beaten the Gamecube compilation and NES versions (mostly I play the NES version).
  • I think I've seen a couple of Let's Plays of this but I can't remember offhand.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

  • All of it, about 7 times through?
  • I love it, but I always wished it had more in the way of puzzles and items. Still, it's one of my top three favorite Zelda games.
  • First time I beat it was on the Gamecube compilation, but since then it's been NES.
  • I watched MeleeWizard's let's play of it, too.

Zelda II Randomizer

  • I played half a run in one day, but I only just heard of it this week.
  • It's pretty great! I especially like that you can generate a new overworld and mix up the dungeon rooms, and how there's a ton of adjustable options. You have to be very careful about keys though (I think I may have encountered a situation where I could've gotten stuck); best to make sure you turn on the extra keys rule too. On the other hand, you're likely to get the Fairy spell early. This randomizer is a bit newer so it'll probably get more updates and fixes.

A Link to the Past

  • All of it, probably like 25 times or more, guessing. (Did a 'minimalist items with all hearts' run once. Green tunic Ganon hurts! And plenty of weird sequence break experimentation too, and the debug code.)
  • One of my favorite games ever made, full-stop. Strong contender for the #1 spot, even. I have almost nothing bad to say except that that single heavy rock blocking access to Light World death mountain is a little bit stupid.
  • About half my playthroughs were SNES, and half were GBA. I also did everything in the GBA version except the Riddle Quest due to limited (but not quite nonexistant... after years of waiting) access to Four Swords.
  • Saw a cool LP where TheSatellite played the SNES and GBA version at the same time with one controller.

A Link to the Past Randomizer

  • I've played through it exactly once on V4, but I want to go back and play it again with newer versions.
  • An excellent way to mix up LTTP, I love it!
  • I've watched every LTTP randomizer run TeamUDF has uploaded to Youtube, lots of fun.

Link's Awakening

  • All of it, probably about 10 times? (I've also played with the Kennel glitch and side warp glitch.)
  • I really, really like the story and music. The setting is appealing, too. If only the game were a little less linear and didn't have redundant rambling popup messages everywhere, though. But it's one of my three biggest favorites in the series.
  • Mostly I played on the original version (it's the only one I owned growing up), but also twice on DX.
  • I've also watched Pixcalibur123's lets play of the DX version and MeleeWizard's of the original.

Link: The Faces of Evil & Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

  • I got it FoE running just barely really badly with like... mouse controls. I still had fun doing this somehow, but it never went any further.
  • This game is a ton of fun to watch now and then. The only genuinely good part of them is the music (seriously, some of the music is actually great! Listen to "Goria's Welcome" sometime), but it's main charm lay in how goofy and awkward and cheesy the presentation is, combined with how janky the game design is (clearly they designed the backgrounds first, then a person who doesn't normally make videogames decided what should count as solid objects, and then later still they came up with the actual engine and control scheme, with it's absurd open-the-menu-by-mistake-because-you're-ducking shenanigans).
  • I've watched HalfBlindGamer and poor, poor Eppy (Electrometer Prime) play both of these. Good times.

BS The Legend of Zelda

  • All of Map 1 once. Wanting to do Map 2 someday.
  • Quite fun! It's very very Zelda 1-y, but in a good way. Everything's a bit simple and quick, and it literally cannot take more than about 3 and a half hours to play. The timer never seemed too short. It's a great game to have on a portable device at a motel or somesuch. But I can imagine this being an awful nightmare to play on a forced schedule with the actual expensive Sattelaview device back in the day, it sounds like that part was pretty awful. But to play today, I recommend it for Zelda 1 fans.
  • The version I played was the Mottzilla patch; he does good work. I also played a little of the Zelda Classic 2.50 version; it seemed pretty decently put together.

BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets

  • I've only played week 1, but I want to do a full run sometime.
  • It's interesting. It reuses a lot of LTTP assets, with scheduled NPC events, weird little weather effects, and new dungeons, but the new dungeons seem a bit simplistic. Still, as an LTTP fan, this stuff is pretty fascinating.
  • I watched a full LP of this by DartZaidyer a while back.

Ocarina of Time

  • All of it, twice, a long time ago. Poked at it a little since then.
  • Old-timey (makes me feel old) polygonal N64 games appeal to me and this has a lot of good things in common with a Link to the Past, but the actual drawings/textures/designs are all very ugly and the game is very linear and the plot really drags on, with a lot of words without really saying much at times. So I'm kinda in the middle on this one. I love the "sinking" ghost-boat gimmick room for some reason, though, and I never really minded the Water Temple since I enjoy complex puzzles. (I also had a weird habit of wanting to wear the Hover Boots almost everywhere as if they were an upgrade, mostly because I'm clumsy and fall off everything in 3D games, and they actually helped me not fall so much.)
  • Both times I finished were on a N64 copy that had green blood (Ganon puke?) and crescent Gerudo symbols. I poked very briefly at Master Quest though.
  • I watched a Let's Play of Master Quest by MeleeWizard.

Majora's Mask

  • Stopped playing when I got to Great Bay Temple. Almost ragequit in Snowfall temple. Attempts to return and start again in later years ended before even leaving Clock Town the first time.
  • On the one hand, I love the intricate complexity of the groundhog's day routine, and find it very creative and deep. Transforming is a concept I can work with too. There's so many clever details everywhere that it's really amazing, and some of the puzzles, like the flipping-over dungeon room, are fantastic. And Deku Link is really cute! On the other hand...


  • The version I played was the original release on N64, with the little hologram label thingy that always looked blurry.
  • I watched a minimailst Let's Play of it by MeleeWizard (which he said is to be followed by a completionist revisit at some future date), and that was a lot of fun. So I like the game a lot more if I'm not getting stressed out trying to play it myself and constantly running out of time, basically.

Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages

  • Completed linked games of OOS followed by OOA, then OOA followed by OOS. Started another playthrough of OOS to OOA but kinda trailed off in the middle. I got all the secrets both times, though, 'cause those are cool. The one thing I never got was all the rings; don't have the ludicrous RNG patience.
  • The puzzles and items in these are great! They're actually pretty hard, both in terms of solving some of the puzzles and in terms of me dying constantly (and potions being a biiiiit too hard to come by). It's easy to lose track of what you were doing if you should stop in the middle though, and unfortunately it's a bit linear about exactly what you have to do next at any given step, so that's unfortunate. Still, these are really quite good, and some of my favorites!
  • I watched SCKnuckles' first run of these.

The Wind Waker

  • I finished it once, but I never got all the heart containers. I think I did everything else though.
  • Some of the music in this (especially Dragon Roost Island and the sailing music) is truly awesome, and I really like the sailing-and-islands motif. As in, REALLY REALLY like that. I also like the bright use of color and sheer sense of atmosphere the game has going on. I also liked the Deku Leaf item, very cool; and some new types of Iron Boot puzzles were neat. All the stuff with weights and propellers was great. On the down side, I found it very short in terms of actual dungeons, and long in terms of collecting and paying for the treasure maps and the amount of side quests... I'd have liked to see more in the way of dungeons and items, and less in the way of talking to NPCs. And maybe a little more of a sense of meaningful things to find by exploring, somehow, like more items that actually do stuff, instead of weird collectibles that just sort of... sit there. So I love some things about this game, but tire of others, and it feels like it's missing something?
  • I played on the Gamecube version.
  • I watched half a Let's Play (or so) of the HD version by Vinesauce Vinny, but I haven't gone back to finish it yet. I'm thinking about watching Pixcalibur123's LP of the original though.

Four Swords

  • I've played through exactly one game of this because I didn't know anybody else in person who had it for most of my life.
  • It was alright I guess? I liked that they brought back Bow-wow. But I dunno about that one-item-at-a-time system. I never really was enthusiastic about competition, either, so I think half the game is wasted on me.
  • I've never seen an LP of this. It didn't occur to me until just now that those could exist with the magic of modern technology.

Four Swords Adventures

  • I played three of the stages in this with some other people once upon a time. I never had my own copy.
  • It was also alright I guess? Seeing sideview areas again was neat.
  • I've never seen an LP of it.

The Minish Cap

  • I played through the main game once but didn't do the postgame things and didn't begin to get all those kinstone whatsits.
  • This one has slipped out my memory more than any other. I think maybe the gust jar was cool, and the splitting into multiples puzzles? I remember the overworld feeling sort of fenced in and enclosed though, and I remember there not being many dungeons, like 6 total or something. I know at the time I didn't think it held up well next to it's GBA partner LTTP, but it's been so long I don't feel like I can judge it fairly, and I'd like to give it another go sometime.
  • I've never watched an LP of this. Maybe I should.

Twilight Princess

  • I got to the entrance of the second dungeon and then stopped.
  • This game seems to have a lot of care put into it and a decidedly unique creepy atmosphere, but I had a really hard time getting into it myself. Everything just felt weird and uncomfortable, and the gameplay seemed to have all the flaws of OoT and Wind Waker without adding anything that struck my interest. But it is still interesting; I like the idea of the spinner, and I kinda halfway like Midna. Unfortunately I was never really into wolves and werewolves in the first place either, so that didn't really do anything for me (except annoy me about not having access to my items when I had to do wolf stuff). Ultimately I felt very ehhh and uninterested about this one, which had never happened before with Zelda.
  • I played on the Gamecube version. Don't know if the novelty of the Wii controls would've  helped? I hear it wasn't well implemented in this one.
  • I've watched most of TeamUDF's LP of this one and it's been quite great, a lot more fun than I had on my own. I've been meaning to set aside some time to finish it.

Phantom Hourglass

  • I've gotten one or two of those metal ore things in the second set of dungeons, but sort of trailed off.
  • Like Wind Waker, I kinda like the sailing... but it's not really as majestic. And the music is all somewhere between bland and bad (why are there so many short tiny loops for important things like dungeons?? And why is the title screen music identical to the sailing music? Imagine if Ocarina of Time booted up with the overworld music; it'd be awkward!). Drawing notes... mixed feelings about it. The Temple of the Ocean King might've been fun to go through once, but I hate the mandatory-speedrunning/do it over and over again in expanding chunks thing, it feels like frustrating, stressful padding to me. The stylus controls... not sure how I feel about them one way or the other, except that I definitely don't like the parts where you're supposed to scribble fast to escape something (makes me feel like I'll scratch the screen, which isn't worth it). Not sure how I feel about the stores escalating prices and having 'limited time' goods, it feels kind of annoying instead of interesting. But I had fun playing with the grappling hook I guess (...except it's basically just the hookshot), and I kinda like the layered peg height puzzles.
  • I've never watched an LP of it. Maybe sometime I guess?

(Skyward Sword)

  • I haven't played it at all! I've had very limited experience with the Wii and I don't have one currently.
  • The controls look neat and I love the Beetle concept. Not sure how into it I'd be otherwise, but again it seems to have a lot of care put into the look and atmosphere of everything.
  • I've watched half of TeamUDF's LP of this and it's quite good, going to go back to that sometime too. I feel bad about starting and not finishing these things...

(A Link Between Worlds)

  • I really want to play it, but don't have the money for such a thing yet. I am poor.
  • It sounds pretty good!
  • I haven't watched any LPs because I don't want to spoil the puzzles before I play it myself.

I haven't played enough ZC quests to feel comfortable trying to list them, because I've watched far more LPs (mostly by MeleeWizard, TeamUDF, SCKnuckles, Pixcalibur123, and TK8305) of quests than I've actually played through quests. Most often with a quest I'll download it, spend a couple hours trying to play it, die a lot, and then not get back to it in a timely fashion : (


However, off the top of my head, some quests that really jumped out and impressed me (but that I have not actually finished myself) anyway include:

  • Engage to Zeldawock
  • Link's Quest for the Hookshot 1 and 2 (especially 2)
  • Lost Kingdom of the Banana Blood God
  • Isle of Rebirth
  • Umbral Cloud
  • Eiyuu
  • Randomizer Modern
  • Yuurei

and a few years back,

You Only Live Once

The Journey of Link

(seeing Melee's LPs of those two got me interested in what 2.5 was capable of to the point of actually poking at it myself again).


But there's a LOT more cool quests out there!


Similar problem with romhacks, although I have played a good chunk of Goddess of Wisdom, Hylian Legacy, and Secrets of the Past, as well as poking at and giving up on good ol' Parallel Worlds and the much more questionable IQ Test. I've also watched full LPs (mostly by TeamUDF) of every complete LTTP romhack I know of except that Conker one and IQ Test. I also saw Team's LP of Zelda's Birthday (the only complete OoT romhack I've ever heard of), and I've played a bit of Zelda Outlands (a Zelda 1 romhack). I've tried to play Zelda II Shadow of Night and a bunch of the other Zelda II romhacks by Ice Penguin, but every single one of them was too difficult for me to actually enjoy (even though all of them claimed to have 'easy' versions... I think Ice Penguin and I have different definitions of 'easy'), except for the awesome ZII randomizer.


And I haven't really touched Solarus yet.

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 06:10 PM

I have beaten every Zelda, except LA, the Oracle Games, either of the DS games, and the CDi games. Games I have 100%'d include, Zelda 1, Zelda 2, ALttP, OoT, MM, TWW, TP, FSA, ALBW, and the 3DS/ HD remakes. All others I merely beat without getting everything. Really, TMC, OoT:MQ, and SS are the only ones I've beat without 100%ing.  :) I have got quite far in the hand held games I didn't beat. I could never really get into LA (Slow text speed, small screen, and, I'm probably the only one who hated the item switching mechanic, and you'll be doing A LOT of it -- Also, I didn't play it growing up, so the nostalgia of it is lost on me when from a technical standpoint, ALttP is superior in every way). The Oracle games were more enjoyable (for me, it was seasons. I didn't care for ages), but I just never beat them. I have reached the 6th-7th dungeons in all GB/C handhelds. I tried the DS games and didn't like them. I didn't like the graphics, controls, music, or gimmicks. I got the very end of ST, and just didn't care enough to beat it. SS is also my least favorite 3D Zelda, second only to PH, and ST overall in the series.


EDIT: I forgot about the original Four Swords, and Tri-Force Heroes. I have played FS, like once, but never came close to beating it. I tried playing Tri-Force Heroes, but put it down about halfway through, cause, well, it turns into a real slog.

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 07:12 PM

The Zelda franchise is definitely one of the ones I've gotten the most mileage out of over the years, along with Final Fantasy and maybe Dragon Warrior.  Here goes:


Legend of Zelda (Swordless both quests)

Zelda 2 (Magic-1 & a few randomizer runs)

Link to the Past (Also Parallel Worlds)

Ocarina of Time (Regular & Master Quest)

Majora's Mask (3-heart minimalist run)

Oracle of Seasons & Ages

Minish Cap


Unfortunately, I've never played anything from the DS/Gamecube generation forward, and I've never been of the mind to buy a new system, especially for just one or two games, so it probably won't happen any time soon.  I know emulation is a thing for those systems, but my computer can't handle them too well.


I was tempted to include LP links here, but I didn't think that would be received too well.

#4 The Satellite

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 07:37 PM

To make things easy, I'll just say that I've beaten every single canon Zelda title from start to finish. Minus Breath of the Wild but that one's obvious. I suppose instead I could post impressions for each one, as well as whether or not I got 100%...


The Legend of Zelda - I might have gotten 100% with this one? I'm not sure. In my most recent playthrough, I got everything except the red ring, because Death Mountain lives up to the name "labyrinth" and I happened upon Ganon before I found it. I'm not sure if I got 100% in a past playthrough or not. As far as the game itself, I enjoy it. It gets annoying having to basically guess at hidden secrets for goodies, but I love the freedom of exploration in the game. Dated, but still fun. Door repair charge guys can bite me, though. Never played Second Quest.


The Adventure of Link - If 100% in this game means all levels, hearts, magic upgrades, items, and spells, then yes, I've gotten that in this game. As for the game itself? It's alright. It's not what I want a Zelda game to be, but for what it was, it was fun. Wasn't really a fan of the palaces that much, though my real complaints lie with Death Mountain's difficulty and placement in the game, the lives system entirely, and restarting at the beginning after a game over. Except at Great Palace for some reason...


A Link to the Past - 100% is yes, more than once. I've played this game the most out of any Zelda game and it's my favorite. Saying anything else would really be redundant, coming from me. :P


Link's Awakening - Never got 100% in this one, and I think that's solely heart pieces. And I guess the boomerang at the end of the trading quest, since I didn't want to trade anything away, but I got up to the magnifying glass. And I love this game a lot, it's my second-favorite. The atmosphere and story are amazing, the characters are quirky, the gameplay is great... there's a few kinks, sure, and they're very annoying, but it's a testament to how great the rest of the game is that it doesn't drag down the overall experience.


Ocarina of Time - I honestly don't know if I've ever actually 100%'d this on the N64, and the reason I haven't, if I haven't, is because of the final couple Skulltulas. I don't think I ever got them all. Or I might have. It turns out I only have 97. I definitely have 100 on the 3DS version, though. Which is the better version, honestly, for making boot swapping less of a pain and for speeding up that obnoxious text. The game is alright, the adult section's way better than the child section, and overall it's still a good game. Not the most amazing thing ever though, like people try to claim.


Majora's Mask - I think I've 100%'d this on both the N64 version (via emulator) and 3DS version. It wasn't too bad, except for having to do the longest sidequest in the game twice to get the two different items you receive depending on your actions. As for the game itself, I enjoy it! But the dungeon count is a bit low and the overworld isn't that interesting. I also don't like the time loop system that much; it's fine for one game, but I would never want it to be revisited.


Oracle of Seasons/Ages - 100%? Haha! No way! I have zero desire to 100% these games. Beat the main games? Sure! That's fun enough. I actually enjoyed these games a decent amount the first time through, but on repeat playthroughs I wasn't as big a fan. I like Ages more for its more interesting story and dungeons, as well as its awesome time mechanic, but I just don't like Seasons that much for some reason. Actually, I think overall I just don't think I care for these games as much as most of Nintendo's entries anymore.


Four Swords - Gross.


The Wind Waker - Never have gotten 100%, but I love this game to death. The story is amazing, the characters are great, the graphics are wonderful, the feeling of adventure is palpable, there's really not much more to say. There's a few things that can be tedious, but, like Link's Awakening, they're not enough to bring the game down.


Four Swords Adventures - Uh... I guess this is the first time "100%" just means "beat the main story." So everyone who's beaten this game did so 100%, I suppose. Anyway, it's a good game, underrated I'd say, even in single-player. Streamlined, sure, but really fun, with some clever puzzles thrown in here and there as well.


The Minish Cap - No 100% here. I'm not really a fan of this game either. It's pretty and has an alright atmosphere with some good dungeon design, but the overworld is a chore, and the game itself just feels kind of slow-paced in general.


Twilight Princess - The only thing between me and 100% are a six Poe Souls, to which I say, good luck in trying to find them, me. But apart from meh story, music that would sound better on actual instruments, and dull graphics, I actually love this game. Overworld's great, dungeons are great, it's a ton of fun to play through.


Phantom Hourglass - I don't think I 100%'d this one, but I got all the ship parts at least. I think this game is fun, but also forgettable, though I honestly enjoy the Temple of the Ocean King. It's just the music is kind of bland.


Spirit Tracks - I don't think I 100%'d this one, but I got all the train parts at least. ... hm, deja vu. Anyway, this game's alright, it solves the Phantom Hourglass problem of not having a lot of good music, but otherwise I'm not as sold on the game. Mostly because I still feel trains are a bit out of place in Zelda.


Skyward Sword - I did 100% this. Apparently not, there's a couple of missing heart pieces. Let me tell you, not having two full rows of hearts unless you equip random medals is a very weird feeling. Anyway, this game's good, maybe not the greatest thing ever, but I enjoy its dungeons, graphics, story, and music. The sword controls are alright as well. I hate swimming with the motion controls, and drawing with them too, though at least that's required only once. I also hate that, like Minish Cap, the overworld is basically another dungeon, when I'd rather have a world to explore. It makes the overworld a fatigue to play through. 


A Link Between Worlds - 100% multiple times. Great game, story not so great, but love the freedom, puzzles, and the painting mechanic. Not quite as good as its predecessor, no, but still up there.


Tri Force Heroes - I will never 100% this exceedingly average game with horrible story but at least amazing music.

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 08:21 PM

Here's my list with notes and stuff. If I haven't beaten one of the games myself I have seen the rest of it in one form or another.


The Legend of Zelda

  • Only ever played the ZC version honestly but I have beaten the first quest several times
  • Never played the 2nd quest.
  • One of my favorite Zelda games

Zelda 2

  • Beat like, the first dungeon once
  • I didn't dislike it but it wasn't really my thing and I got stuck and just quit

Link to the Past

  • Beaten it once, not 100% but close
  • Watched countless speedruns of it
  • Very overrated game, can be pretty fun but it'll be a long time before I wanna play it again

Link's Awakening (DX)

  • Have beaten this game probably upwards of 30 times, used to speedrun it
  • Never got 100% completion or played some of the skippable parts
  • 2nd favorite Zelda game

Ocarina of Time

  • Beaten once 100%, played it a lot as a kid and started it many times but never finished it more than once.
  • Pretty good, overrated but a solid game especially for what it was

Majora's Mask

  • Beaten twice 100%, also have a bunch of incomplete runs of it
  • One of my favorite games of all time, definitely the best Zelda game.  What it lacks in gameplay (which isn't much) it more than makes up for in atmosphere.  All games should aspire to have the world building this one does.


  • Got a few dungeons into each of them, pretty far, never beat either of them
  • Bad games, yuck

Wind Waker

  • Quit at the Triforce gathering part
  • Some of the gameplay is absolutely sickening to me
  • Really cool music and world though, also love the graphical style, pretty mediocre game overall

Minish Cap

  • Played half of it once
  • Whatever

Twilight Princess

  • Quit playing before the City in the Sky dungeon
  • Overworld and in-between dungeon sections are abysmal and the start of the game is horrible
  • I absolutely love the dungeon design and had a ton of fun in them, but the rest of the game drags the overall experience down too much for me.


Never played most of the weird offshoot ones of Skyward Sword, oops!

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 03:19 AM

Let's just say I beat them all 100% with the following exceptions:


The Legend of Zelda: I don't remember if I completed the 2nd Quest

A Link to the Past/Four Swords: I never found the Golden Bee (I know where it is now, but haven't gone back).


Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons: I completed both games separately, but I only did the "stacked game" with Seasons as the ending. I tried doing the stacked game with Ages as the ending, but there was one enormous "change the color of the floor tiles" puzzle I got stuck on. As for 100%... I can't keep track of that many objectives.


Skyward Sword: Never could get the pumpkin archery heart piece. Might be a couple other things I missed. I only played through the game once and haven't tried Hero Mode yet.


A Link Between Worlds: I got 100% but only beat the game once. I want to try it on hard/with less hearts.

Ocarina of Time 3D: Need to play Master Quest


Four Swords Anniversary Edition: I don't own it

Wind Waker HD: I don't own this graphical downgrade

Hyrule Warriors/Legends: I don't own it

Majora's Mask 3D: I don't own it

Triforce Heroes: I don't own it

Twilight Princess HD: I don't own it

Breath of the Wild: I don't own it

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 07:34 AM

This is gonna be an interesting list :P I've played every main title Zelda game out there, though I didn't get to finish a few of them. Here's my thoughts on all of them though.


The Legend of Zelda - My first game ever and the one that got me into the whole Zelda series. First time playing this was when I was about 5 years old, so you can imagine it would take a long time to finish this lol. Looking back at it now, it's great to replay for nostalgia. I've also beaten the 1st and 2nd quests at least 20 times or so over the last 13 years, so I've memorised everything.


Zelda II - I never managed to finish this game. Furthest I've gone is probably past the end of the first palace. I've watched a few LPs of it so I know what's coming up, but meh I don't think making the whole game sidescrolling like that is my kind of thing. It just doesn't feel very Zelda-like to me.


A Link to the Past - Beaten this one about twice or three times and it was pretty fun to play. I don't like it as much as I used to ever since ALBW came out, but it's still nice to go back and replay this once in a while and it is fun to play.


Link's Awakening - Only beaten this once after several attempts in the past. I originally gave up at Eagle's Tower when I was much younger thinking that I got myself permastuck or something (which was just me being stupid). Very fun game though, and I definitely could replay this again in the future.


Ocarina of Time - One of the first Zeldas I've played other than Z1. Beaten this several times now (on GameCube and 3DS) and I would probably play it again if I want. Despite some hate its getting recently (sadly), I still really love this game and enjoy playing it whenever I can. It's one of those games where I never get sick of and while there are a couple small issues here and there, I still find the game pretty fun. Never managed to 100% the game though, but I got very close. The Master Quest IMO is more exciting and interesting to play, especially with Jabu-Jabu's Belly.


Majora's Mask - Never managed to finish this one after attempting this several times. Furthest I've ever got is halfway through Stone Tower Temple on the 3DS version (and that was just last week). I've watched LPs on this though and while it is something I really do want to 100%, it's gonna be really long and stressful since you have that god awful 3 day cycle ever since the start of the game. I honestly would've preferred the game much more if it didn't have that cycle since that adds so much unnecessary time pressure and really messes up my gameplay most of the time (slowing down time slightly helps but you can never really stop anywhere to do things slowly). But yeah, I can't really enjoy Majora's Mask as much as everyone else can, and if I do end up finishing the game, I probably won't play it again for a very long time.


Oracle of Ages/Seasons - Very nice set of games. I beat both of them several times (with linked games as well) and they were very fun to play through. Great overworlds, dungeons and password system. I definitely prefer Seasons over Ages because of the cool season-switching idea. Subrosia is also pretty neat. Also sparks a lot of awesome ZC screen design, so something to thank there I guess :P I'll try to pick up on these games again.


Four Swords - Only managed to play this when the 3DS anniversary came around. Was pretty fun to play but it's nothing too special really. Only beaten the game once and never picked it up again. From what I played though, there were some cool puzzles here and there, and the bosses were fun, but the game was too short.


Wind Waker - Definitely the greatest game I've ever played in my life. I don't think I've ever loved a game so much as this. I've beaten WW several times in the past, and only done one full 100% run (with all figurines included). The game is pretty much almost perfect IMO. The only thing I would've liked more is a greater amount of dungeons, since dungeon design in the game is pretty good. Sailing around the ocean feels great and I always love exploring new islands I come across. Even replaying the game several times, I still get surprised over the new islands I find, since most of the time I just forget where goes where in the world lol. The HD version is also my favourite version of the game. Many things are improved, graphics look much better (though that is quite an unpopular opinion apparently lol) and you can sail much faster in the ocean, making things more bearable.


Four Swords Adventures - Really fun game to play. Beaten it about twice now and I wouldn't mind playing it again soon. Single player is actually pretty fun to play with since you have all these crazy formations you can make with the four Links. The game feels very ALTTP-like too with a couple similar areas and though the game is quite linear, I don't really mind since the stages themselves can be quite complex at times. Ended up watching a multiplayer playthrough of this and it was probably one of the funniest things I've ever watched.


Minish Cap - Interestingly this is probably my favourite 2D Zelda game. Beaten this one about two times now and I'm gonna try and play it again real soon. From what I remember, this was very fun to play and I had a really good time with it. I can understand complaints people have with the game, like linearity and the Kinstone quest being a pain, but personally they don't bother me a whole lot. I found the Kinstone quests to be a pretty neat addition to the game and I think I managed to 100% that once. Though having to get all the figurines for just a heart piece is a total pain.


Twilight Princess - My second favourite Zelda game. Managed to 100% this once and it was pretty fun to do. I actually really liked this game and IMO it's got the best dungeons in the series. I also love the overworld of this game, especially past Lakebed Temple when everything is now open to you and you can just run around the big world and find stuff you missed. That always felt fun to me. Also played the HD remake and I can't really decide which one is better. They both seem almost the same to me, just that the HD remake has worse and delayed controls.


Phantom Hourglass - Managed to get close to the final boss but kinda just randomly gave up. This game felt like a rollercoaster to me. Some parts were decent and others were really bad. It's also my least favourite Zelda game so I dunno if I really want to replay this again. Music is also really mediocre and bad for the most part and nothing is really memorable, unlike with every other Zelda game. I watched an LP of the game to see the ending and I don't think I can be bothered to try and get there again lol. Also Temple of the Ocean King is one of the worst things I've played. I hate that dungeon so much and I don't want to suffer that again.


Spirit Tracks - Pretty much opposite opinions to Phantom Hourglass, this is the superior DS game IMO. This game fixes pretty much all the problems PH had. The Tower of Spirits was actually fun to play through and Zelda herself was actually pretty cool as a sidekick constantly being with you throughout the whole game. Travelling by train is neat, though the demon trains throughout the land can be a real pain and can make travelling become a bit of a chore. I only beat this game once, but I might go back and rebeat this again.


Skyward Sword - This was an interesting game. I beat it once with 100% and I didn't get very far with Hero Mode. I liked the game though I didn't enjoy some parts. Flying in the sky was really annoying at times and seeing side caves being removed was kinda sad. Though I got to say, dungeons were really cool to go through. Though I do wish there was a greater range of themes other than forest, desert, fire and water. Motion controls were also horrendous at times and made the game horribly frustrating. I'll probably try to pick this up again in the future though.


A Link Between Worlds - Beat this twice with 100% in both runs. Definitely a great sequel to ALTTP and a better experience overall. I really liked this game and I probably would try to play it again in the future. I didn't really like how Lorule was all fragmented making it harder to travel, but that's kind of a minor annoyance. Dungeons were really fun to go through, even if they were a bit short, and the difficulty was pretty much perfect. Trying to 100% this one was really fun, and I think I've gotten an addiction for Octoball now lol.


Tri Force Heroes - Never got far with this one and I never really watched an LP of it so I dunno what to expect. From what I played with friends and by myself, the game seems decent, though it is nothing compared to Four Swords Adventures. Single player can be really annoying to play at times, though playing with friends can be a bit fun. I don't think I can see myself beating this anytime soon though.


Wow I dragged this post on forever lmao.

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 07:36 AM

Legend of Zelda:

  • Never beaten second quest otherwise I have pretty much fully completed the main game twice.
  • It's alright. Not the best or the worst but it did well as the first entry of the series.

Adventure of Link:

  • Took me a while, but I beat it. Don't recall if I fully did, but I think I did.
  • It's brutal. It's an alright game, not much else to say about it.

A Link to the Past:

  • I finished it on my first playthrough. Fully on the second playthrough. Only played the GBA version though.
  • Better than the first two, this game really fleshes out a lot for the series. But with ALBW out it's hard for me to come back to this.

Link's Awakening:

  • I finished this fully multiple times (only the DX version though). Heck, I even raced Eddy, Yoshi and Eddy's friend with this game (I technically won, we ended at Face Shrine due to reasons).
  • Fantastic entry! While it lacks the polished feel the Oracles have, this game's narrative and other features easily give it the upper hand.

Ocarina of Time:

  • First game I ever played. Fully finished it multiple times, including the 3DS version.
  • This fantastic game holds a special place in my heart. The subject of it being "overrated" is pretty much beyond beating a dead horse at this point.

Majora's Mask:

  • First playthrough I stopped after Snowhead Temple. Year or so later I fully beat it, I didn't feel as rewarded as others claimed but oh well. I fully completed the 3DS version too.
  • This game is great but I can't say I feel for the characters (WW and SS did that for me) but the sidequests were fun.

Oracle Series:

  • I played and fully beat Seasons first. A year or so later I beat Ages. While I consider them both 100% complete I never did go the extra mile.
  • These games are fantastic! I do prefer seasons more but both were fun and polished.

Four Sword:

  • Had to wait til the anniversary edition to play with others and fully beat it.
  • It easily doesn't hold well in comparison to real Zelda games but it was a fun title, I can appreciate it.

The Wind Waker:

  • I fully completed it on my second playthrough. Triforce hunt was a pain first time and I almost gave up. I also fully beat the HD version which IMO was the better experience.
  • Fantastic game. It had the characters I could feel for (especially Link's grandma and Link's sister) and the world and dungeons were fantastic with an amazing story to boot.

Four Swords Adventures:

  • I played it three times only, alone. Completed each playthrough.
  • Solid game, much better than Four Swords.

The Minish Cap:

  • I played and finished it twice, 100%ing it is not worth it so I didn't do such on my second playthrough.
  • It had terribly slow pacing but the gameplay was fun, the world was imaginative and even things like the soundtrack had a unique charm. A fun little origin story too.

Twilight Princess:

  • I played it lots. It was the first Zelda game I truly anticipated eagerly for, watching trailers and whatnot. I fully completed it in later playthroughs and even on the remastered version.
  • Decent game, fun dungeons and likable characters. Wolf Link sequences are tedious and I can't get why people give Wind Waker HD such a hard time when Twilight Princess HD worsened its control schemes and more.

Phantom Hourglass:

  • I played it a few times on road trips. Pretty fun game, fully completed it each time.
  • It's... enjoyable? I mean I feel the hate for it and Spirit Tracks is really undeserving. Sure, the graphics are dated and music is generic but there was a lot of fun, creative ideas and gameplay in these games.

Spirit Tracks:

  • I played it a few times on road trips, much like the prequel. Fully completed it each time and it was always fun.
  • Improved soundtrack, controls... everything. Truly a worthy successor in my books. Fantastic game.

Skyward Sword:

  • Stopped at Tadtone event. Month or so later I finished it. Replayed and fully beat twice.
  • Great game but hard to replay it due to the control scheme. Otherwise amazing dungeon design, overworld design, characters, etc.

A Link Between Worlds:

  • Played it multiple times, each time fully.
  • Fantastic game, truly brings back the meaning of Zelda for me. Refreshing lack of dungeon order and improvements on LttP.

Tri Force Heroes:

  • Fully beat it... until Den of Trials came along now it's not fully complete.
  • Decent game. Would rather have something else than this but ah well. Fun playing with others and single player, while appreciated, can be tedious at times.

Breath of the Wild:

  • In less than 3-4 weeks I'll beat this game. ;)

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 09:47 AM

I think I'll give more fleshed out opinions on each game. Games that are bolded are games I have finished.

Legend of Zelda

  • Pretty solid game. I played it as a kid, but by the time I started seriously getting into games, AlttP was the newest console game, I had not heard of Link's Awakening, and OoT was about to come out.
  • I like this game, for what it was, but compared to later advancements in the series, it leaves a lot to be desired, but hey, every great thing has to start somewhere, and like I said, for what it is, it is pretty good. There was nothing else like it in 1986. It made in-game saves a big deal. Plus, it was huge at the time. It had 18 dungeons, after all, the most of any single game to date.
  • Plus, the sheer amount of items, and skills you could get, and keep was also unseen at the time.
  • Have 100% the first quest several times, and probably the 2nd quest too, but I did at least beat Ganon in the second quest.

Zelda 2

  • A dubious second step. One that was experimental. It added a lot of staples to the series, but also took such a radically different approach, it would have been hard to imagine at the time what a third Zelda game would be like.
  • Beat it 100% once. Have tried several playthroughs, but just can't bring myself to do it again. :P

Link to the Past

  • My favorite game.
  • Blah blah blah greatest the ever of ALL TIMe TIMEImtitm
  • Beat it 100% several times. Both versions. This was my first Zelda that I really truly remember playing. I wasn't good at it, really, and usually just wandered around, but it was the first Zelda I managed to beat on my own.

Link's Awakening

  • Didn't play this till later. Never finished either version. It's not bad, but I just didn't enjoy it as much as the other games. I don't think I knew about this till after OoT came out, but before MM, and the OoX games.
  • The biggest reason was, I didn't like playing a game like Zelda on such a small screen, and I still don't. I got farthest when I emulated the DX version on a bigger screen. I also was not a fan of the subscreen. The game also has a lot of slow texts. Design is not bad overall, I just never beat it.

Ocarina of Time

  • 100% several times. Any% several times. 3 Heart several times. Besides AlttP, this is my most-played Zelda game.
  • I don't like the beginning, in particular, the first two dungeons. It's not bad, but I've seen it so many times, I just want to get to the fun part. :P
  • Besides the boot swapping, which was fixed in the definitive 3DS version, this game has aged fairly okay compared to other series.

Majora's Mask

  • I have 100% both versions of this game. I remember not liking this game when it came out, but I have come to love it now, as it is tied for my second favorite game along with OoT.
  • Low dungeon count, and heavier focus on side stories immensely annoyed the younger me, but I can appreciate it more now.
  • 3DS version is the definitive version. Still not entriely sure how I feel about the boss changes though. Could they have added a "legacy mode" or something?


  • Pretty much the same stuff I said about LA.
  • Never beat either one all the way, but have come quite close to the ends of both, but I either got stuck, lost, or both, and quit playing.
  • Seasons was more enjoyable of the two for me. OoA's bosses sucked, and I didn't like the heavier focus on puzzles, and some of the items felt like they were trying too hard.
  • Seasons had better bosses, and had more of what I like about Zelda games. Plus, seasons. A cool idea that has never returned.

Wind Waker

  • 100% both versions.
  • HD is better, IMO, but I don't like the bloom lighting, or the softer "light bubbles" on torches, and fire. Other than that, it looks just as good.
  • Music and art is great. Great sea is okay, but it's a lot more enjoyable with the quick sail.
  • Probably my thrd favorite Zelda. I wish it had more dungeons though, and I wish that long akward swordless pace-breaking part in the beginning at Forsaken Fortress was better, or gone, but hey.

Minish Cap

  • I actually managed to beat this. Maybe its shorter length allowed me to do so. I have not 100% this, and I always miss the light arrows. I have replayed it a few times, but I'm pretty sure I only beat the final boss once.
  • Best hand helded graphics. I really wish the DS games used a similar sprite/ 2D style instead of butchering WW's art style.

Four Swords/ Four Swords Adventure

  • Haven't really played enough of FS to make a real opinion, but the fact that you are locked out of the game right away unless you have rich friends who also have the game, link cable, and their own GBA, I'm skeptical. It was an experimental title, and they knew it wouldn't sell well alone, so we got an ALttP port. That's.. good, right?
  • Four Swords Adventures is actually a really fun game. I liked it a lot. The biggest complaint I have is that you can only have one item at a time, and you may find yourself doing a lot of backtracking in later areas to to find the item you need to progress.

Twilight Princess

  • I've 100% both versions. Have not 100% hero mode. Yet.
  • A lot of people don't like this game, but I think it is one of the best in the series. 4th, in fact.
  • Awesome music, huge world, mostly good dungeons.
  • I don't like the early wolf parts. Not that I don't like Wolf Link, but the beginning of this game has the same problem as OoT. It's just so slow. This is coming from someone who has played these a lot, and I fele that someone who isn't as familaiar with it might enjoy the beginning, but a lot of people say TP's beginning is slower, and worse than OoT's. The second half, and late game shine though.
  • Gyro controls, and extra collectibles make some of the chests less annoying. I never minded how big the world was, or how "empty" it was cause part of why I play Zelda is to explore a new world.

Shitty DS Games

  • I have nothing positive to say about either of these, except that ST was slightly better.
  • Bad controls, bad music, boring, uninspired world building and art style.
  • Did I mention how much I hate the controls?
  • I have not beat either one, and never, ever plan on playing them again, something I can't say about any other game in the series (including the GB games I bailed on, cause maybe one day I will beat them).
  • These games are just gross.

Skyward Sword

  • I have finished this once, but haven't brought myself to play through it again. I planned on 100%ing it, but when I transferred my Wii stuff to my Wii U, I somehow lost this save, and never got to the end again.
  • Sword controls are not fun to me. Flying the loft wing is annoying at best, rage inducing at worst.
  • Music is good.
  • Dungeon design is actually really good; some of the best in 3D Zelda. Too bad everything else just didn't live up to it.
  • The game is too segmented, and the overworlds don't really feel like real places. I feel like they would have been better off if the whole game takes place in a giant dungeon, since they clearly had more ideas for dungeons. :P

A Link Between Worlds

  • 100% a few times, beat it a few more.
  • Good game. Is it ALttP? No. But it's still pretty good.
  • Hated Ravio/ Item rentals at first, but now that I never die in the game, it doesn't matter.
  • Try to do a run where you never buy items if you find yourself carrying too many rupees.
  • A bit on the easy side, even by Zelda standards, but the dungeons are top notch.

Tri-Force Heroes

  • Meh. Didn't beat it. Probadly won't. Too tedious, and the story is utterly ridiculous.

Breath of the Wild

  • Beat the story, and got all the shrines, and most side quests. Not technically 100%, but pretty close for all intents and purposes.
  • Great game. Very different, yet very Zelda
  • First 3D Zelda game that is not trying to be OoT
  • Don't mind item durability.
  • Not enough enemy variety. 
  • Tied with AlttP for favorite Zelda.
  • BS that I can't register the mountain spirit.

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 10:09 AM

Core Series:

(Note: This list probably isn't in the right order)

  • The Legend of Zelda (100%)
  • Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link (100%)
  • A Link to the Past (100%)
  • Link's Awakening DX (100%)
  • Ocarina of Time (100%)
  • Majora's Mask (100%)
  • Oracle Series (100%)
  • Four Swords (100%)
  • Twilight Princess (100%)
  • Four Swords Adventures (100%)
  • Minish Cap (100%)
  • Phantom Hourglass
  • Skyward Sword (100% I think?)
  • A Link Between Worlds (100%)

I've technically nearly 100% the entire series until the DS Zelda's didn't grasp my interest. I haven't even played Spirit Tracks yet. I'll probably post another more detailed post in the near future. 

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 03:29 PM

The only ones I haven't finished are Wind Waker (haven't played it), Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, the DS games (haven't played them), and Tri Force Heroes (haven't played them). The ones that I have finished, I've played through more than once.

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 04:15 PM

Since i don't had any Nintendo console after N64 , i never play to the more recent games and remakes, but here the list of the ones i play :


The legend of Zelda : 100% both first and second quest whit 000 lives at the end, i made 3° and 4° quest only in quest Zelda Origin

Zelda 2 : 100%, the first time i was blocked in 6° palace 'cause i was not able to find magic key then complete it blind 

Alttp : the one i play most, i know it as the palm of my hand,i play even to the remake for GBA and i completed the extra dungeon too, was nice and i like the fact that afte complete it you can see how many times you used a weapon

LA and after few years  LA delux ( borrow from a friend ) : 100% including the photo and the extra dungeon

Ocarina of Time, game competed, take all items but i think i miss few heart containers.....

Majora Mask : completed both whit and whitout that  mask, but i always miss a ton of heart containers ! i miss 5 full hearts at the end, to tell the truth i don't have will to search it.

Minish Cap : killed Vaati, fuse all the stones, take all items but never collect all figurines ( and so all hearts ) due..lack of patience i guess.

Oracle and Ages : i think i missed few rings, i almost sure i found all the secrets


Then i was more attract by games like Final Fantasy and i pass to the playstations 

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 07:14 PM

You know I tend to forget about the second quest in Zelda 1. I have never actually attempted it. I should someday, but I'm not incredibly keen on it.

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 07:29 PM

Yeah, the second quest can be kind of hard. The dungeons feel like they are smaller, if only slightly, but the last 3 levels stick out as being pretty annoying. There are a lot walk thru walls though, and no way to know where they are other than trying each wall. The map(s) help you guess, but it is still a pain, and probably the most annoying thing, save for bubble/ like like/ wizrobe rooms. There are even a few overworld screens that are different between the two quests. They are not new screens, but they use different screen from elsewhere in the game.

#15 Dark Ice Dragon

Dark Ice Dragon


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Posted 15 February 2017 - 02:32 PM

actually i finish the second quest in less time that the first, that 'cause i play both blind and i was not able to found Lv5 ( and so even 7 ) in the first quest, so i had to beat 6 and 8 before and seach again in all overworld ! the hint "go up up on lost mountain" really don't help me at all.  

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