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Announcement: Read before requesting help:

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When requesting information from the ZQuest Help forum, or even the ZC Discussion forum, please cite the following information! It is very important that you do so, or else the information we give you may be highly inaccurate relative to your needs.

  • The Version Number that you're working with. This is EXTREMELY Important! For example:

    • ZC 2.10

    • ZC 2.5 - The most recent, stable release.

    • A different 2.5 Build - It really helps to be specific. For example, cite "Build 1008" for example. (And clicking that will actually download 1008 for you.)

    • Any other Build. PLEASE SPECIFY!!

  • The Tileset that you're working with. - Because the author of the set may specify certain things withiin the set that you don't know about yet.

  • The Dmap Type, because different Dmaps behave in different ways.

  • The Dmap Flags that you have already looked at and checked.

  • What is your Dmap's Level Number? If it's 0, many things won't work. Read this for more information on level numbers. Here's a summarized description of it:

    • The Dmap's Level Number corresponds to the Triforce of the dungeon, i.e. 1 through 8, if it's for a Dmap that contains a Triforce that you get to complete the 8-piece (Or 3 or 6.) Triforce.

    • If the Level Number is 0, that's an overworld Level Number. Try to keep it above 10 for a regular, non-Triforce-related Dungeon or underground area.

    • Note that those are generally applicable to pre-2.5 version of ZC.

Also, always remember, it's best to avoid using the words "It just doesn't work!" or "I just don't know what went wrong!" They are counter-productive, and don't enable anyone to isolate any problems you're having. The more descriptive you are of your experiences, or lack of experiences, the more readily your aid will arrive.