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subscreen level display

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#1 Shadowblitz16



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Posted 19 April 2019 - 09:06 PM

just a small suggestion for a subscreen widget where it displays the level of an item like in the gb games.

it would accept text to be put before the level display (in the gameboy games case it would be 'L') and it would accept a font. it the case of the gameboy this font would need to exist.




this is the gameboy hud font


EDIT: now that I realize the counter and level widgets should also be implemented in the item widget as well because inh the gameboy games the level and amount were displayed in both passive and active subscreens

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#2 ZoriaRPG


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Posted 22 April 2019 - 09:50 AM

Actually, this one seems the most feasible of the recent reuests. I passionately hate the subscreen code, but adding another type of object set for item property, that draws text to the screen, seems like it'd be fine.


You can already draw the counter text for an item, and the text of its item name, so is other idata properties would effectively be code dupication of those.

#3 Shadowblitz16



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Posted 23 April 2019 - 06:23 PM

@ZoriaRPG the problem is getting the counter and level display to change with the item that is in the slot.

maybe there could be a special class type for currently selected a and b items or if active subscreen item switching was implemented we would need it to be either part of the item display or allow users to select a widget that the counter and level display reads from.


because in the gb games you could literally organize your items on the active subscreen by setting them to your a and b buttons.

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