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Fall Uh De Honky Pig

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Posted 04 March 2010 - 10:45 AM

Review of Fall uh de Honky Pig by WildBill
Reviewed by Blaman

A little late...but better late than never!

This is one of those quests I've had on my back-log for so long now. I decided that I'd give it another go in hopes of finishing it this time. It's an oldbie, that's for sure. (I mean, it's quest number 2 in the database! Maybe I'll do the first one some day...) But old doesn't mean bad, and I'll show you why with the review.

This quest features a BS Overworld and 9 major dungeons, all done with the Revenge 2 tileset.

WildBill does a fairly good job with the Revenge 2 set to make solid screens. It's clean, simple and effective. While they're not the brim with detail, they get the point across. There are a few different kind of areas you can visit, but there isn't many, being a small overworld and all. In terms of dungeons, they look good, but again, nothing extravagant. Simplicity and playability seemed to be key when this was made, which is all fine and dandy. However, I did notice some rather major graphical bugs, which irks me a little.

The music in the quest was fairly good, too. Nothing wildly overused nor annoying. Almost everything fit where it was supposed to. Each dungeon got their own theme along with each area. The styles were a little different, but overall, it sounded good and pleasant to the ears.

In terms of game-play and design, this quest is pretty good. It's got some good exploration and the like. While nothing is blantly obvious, nothing is too cryptic or hidden either, making it enjoyable to figure out what needs to be done. The overworld opens up as you get farther, so you may feel a little restricted at first, but as you go on, it feels good to have new paths open and to be able to explore more.

In terms of dungeons, they start rather straight-forward and simple, but grow into more complex designs later on. While nothing new, they're still fun to go through. The puzzles in the quest are interesting and force you to make good use of your items. Sometimes as many as 3 different items on a single screen!

Playing through, I noticed that there were no boss keys. I figured this was because of its age, and thought that it was nice how WildBill still sort of imitated such an effect. However, I was a little put-off by a point in the quest where I thought I was utterly stuck and had to continue (F6) in order to escape, which is a rather big design flaw, in my opinion. Of course, I may have been missing something, but the fact that I could get into the puzzle so far without being able to find my way back is a little irking, again.

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing this, despite some issues I had with it. It wasn't crazily difficult, but it provided a fair challenge. Being an older quest, I imagine that not as much was possible at the time, but WildBill did create quite a fun romp within these limits.

In the end, I decided to give this a 7.8 for the amount of fun I had with it. It may have scored higher if it weren't for some of these bugs I found, though.

What's with how everyone talks in the quest, anyways? I don't get it. T_T

You can discuss the quest here (agree or not, it's my own opinion), but please take any questions regarding this quest to Custom Quest Discussion Also, be sure to rate this quest. The author is bound to appreciate it.

Thank you.

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