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[OtBP] The Great Experiment

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#1 ShadowTiger



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Posted 14 June 2008 - 12:46 PM

Welcome to the PureZC experiment: Off The Beaten Path. It is so named because no other board has probably really attempted something like this before. (Maybe some have. I dunno. I don't know of any. So whatever.)

Within the metaphorical walls of this forum, the amount of topics you may post within this highly experimental forum are of an expanded variation than that of General Discussion.

Inside General Discussion, topics are generally of a serious nature, and to change the topic mid-thread is frowned upon, and is a disservice to the topic starter. This forum is different. In this forum, you are advised to remain on-topic, but not actually required to do so. Here you can ramble on about things that might not be related to the thread at hand (within reasonable limits,) as well as make less formal or specialized threads. All other forum rules apply - no porn, roms, etc.

This forum will do a few things differently than what you're used to. The first of these is ...


Generally, if you create a topic, you should mark (or "tag") the nature of the topic in the topic title. Examples:

[Food] Creplachs and Blintz. - [Music] Eminem vs. M&Ms - [Game] Why is Sonic blue? - [Art] I drew a piggie

These "tags" will help the forum's organization, and must appear in every topic title. If you forget, it's not a big deal, as a moderator can read your post and fix the topic name for you. We have a small list of "tags" set up for you to use in a separate thread called "Tags List" - by using these, organization is improved both when scanning for a topic of interest, and improves searching using the site search as well.

Voting for threads to be removed or kept open

This concept is already in place in wikis all over the internet, and we found no problems in adapting it to work in this new forum. Members will have the ability to nominate threads for closure or deletion simply by posting in the thread and saying so; if there are enough people requesting deletion, it will be done when a staff member is available to deal with it. Listing reasons why a thread should be deleted is not necessary, but it does help people understand why you want it to be removed. Members can also contest deletion as well if they give valid reasons why the thread should remain open. By utilizing this method, threads that are deemed "too immature for the forum" can be voted against and removed by force of popular opinion. Seeing as this is a forum for the people, the people should have the power to determine what this forum will operate by.

By the ... well, not the Members I guess, but definitely For the Members anyway

This is a forum moderated by the staff, but run by the members - you can define your own "rules" within the threads you create. You can't officially warn people, but you can get away with "rent-a-modding" by advising people to remain on topic, etc. You may also consider the multi-posting and image size limits rules relaxed a bit - no official warnings should be given for these here unless the violation is deliberately intended to cause problems in the eyes of the staff.

Anyway, that's the end of this WALL OF TEXT. It's a little bit of a complicated forum in description, but should become quite easy to use once you get the hang of it.

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Posted 19 May 2012 - 03:50 PM

Just a reminder that we (the staff) (us) (people!) would still prefer it if you could include a tag alongside your threads -- tags are still required for all unpinned threads. You won't ever get in trouble or be reprimanded for not including a tag, but it would reaaaally be helpful to both us (the staff) (we) (people!) and the general organization of the forum if you guys would try to include them. Thanks!

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