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The Adventure of Kain Help

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#106 DarthHitomi



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Posted Today, 04:58 PM

Could not find an item in the Dwarf Mines but did beat the boss.  I'm not sure where to go next.  I think I found some optional areas:  Ghast Caverns(can't go anywhere), Magic Upgrade, Western M Cave,  and I'm very close to beating the dragon in the Desert Dungeon if I get really really lucky with hits.


I did finish the Forest Ruins, slash and Mountain Caverns as well.

#107 dr_henke



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Posted Today, 05:10 PM

The ghost caverns is closed intil they are finished.
Like a few other places Western m cave also i belive.

The item is close to the start on the dwarf caves look at the map for rooms.

Try the magic upgrade! For item and upgrade.

#108 Zolias


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Posted Today, 06:04 PM

I just finished the game... all but 1 heart container was obtained (23 hearts in my life bar), 16 hours (2 hours were spent searching for the lens and the wand) and only 1 death (accidentally had F1 pressed before getting caught in a Like Like that sucked away my health in seconds; dumb, but I'm counting it lol).  Missed the Cane and the Black Sword, but pretty sure I got everything else, maybe except for 1 magic container.


Also, yeah... it was the wand that opened that rock, so searching for the wand was a good play on my part.


Also liked the slight nostalgia I got from Lv 9 lol

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