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Elemental Equipment

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#1 grayswandir



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Posted 20 August 2016 - 06:30 AM

So, I'm considering making a short elemental themed mini quest. I was wondering if y'all had any ideas for elemental versions of the standardized ZC equipment. For example, maybe a wind hammer, or a fire bow. There's already a couple of in-built ones (like the fire boomerang, and I guess the "fire" candle?), and there's a couple items I've seen in other quests that fit the description (like Moosh's fire hookshot). I'm planning on having 3-4 elements of 4-5 different pieces of equipment. Particularly, I don't think I'll be focusing too much on damage multipliers against specific enemies. I'm more interested in the actual effects of the equipment. 


This is all in the very early planning stages. Any items from this thread that I do end up making though, I'm planning on submitting to the database, so if you have anything you're particularly interested in, let me know. Thanks for the help.



Anyways, here's a few ideas I have already:

Wind Bomb - Superbomb size, low damage, high knockback

Earth Bow - 3 or 4 tile range, counts as a hammer hit.

Water Candle - Bubbles? Stun, pop after the first hit, limit 8 at once.

#2 Dimi


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Posted 20 August 2016 - 06:50 AM

I had a similar idea back in the day (okay, maybe pretty much the exact idea), but what I went for was

Fire Bow, could shoot fire arrows and lay bombs
Frostgale Boomerang, can freeze water and does windy things

Electroshot, electric boomerang that can hook onto metal things, including enemies, and could destroy nearby projectiles at the cost of voltage
Sword, considered the light element, could also shoot light discs and switch between stabby and swingy
Dark Pulse, a short burst of dark energy (and could fuse items together)

The game would later let you fuse items to have, say, an electric bow, or a frostgaleshot, or a fire sword, or a dark boomerang. 

Feel free to use any of these ideas.

#3 Naru



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Posted 20 August 2016 - 11:15 AM

Hmm, the nonsense I thought up but could never make myself. Since I don't follow the item-contest, most likely nothing new.


Magnetic boots (earth, electro?)

- more complicated version: if you jump at certain places with these boots obtained you are pulled up and walk on the cyling (link seen from below with his shoes upwards). While you become  invulnerable to "ground" enemies there are also a few that can only be fight there. Sounds rather complicated to me and might look pretty dumb. Based on SS I think?

- easy version: you can run on certain walls, depending on the wall the sprite is flipped to reflect this. Opens up new pathes.


Ice arrows/wand/whatever (water)

- activates split on hit on enemies (no other hits split them, look alike but no movement and frozen palette), interesting for some battle strategies.

- fake-zora-shooters that turn into a swimming platform if hit by this item like in MM.


Iron boots

- wind temple, slows you down, protects you from wind effect. combined with hookshot pulls thing to you.

- lets you walk on watergrounds if dived with them. time-limit for air.

- rush down if used in mid-air (feather) and works like a hammer)


Whirlwind bait (wind)

- pulls enemies or certain items of them in. Has also an effect on Link but can be ignored with iron-boots.


Light candle (electro -> earth?)

- the screen turns white for a short moment and nearby enemies are stunned.

- in dark rooms after turning white it goes slowly dark again, rooms include station where you can charge and use the candle, not needed for better version of it.


Electro Wand

- activates statues, some only through a direct hit, multiple levels in a big dungeon (though could be very well replaced with a sword and sword beams)

- maybe upgraded to the one in the database that can use


Cane of Byrna/Boots/flippers (wind)

- enables you to walk on water or air

- maybe really just flippers with a flying sprite (thought about doing this with marple on her broom), but not sure what to do with the dive

- byrna as activateable weapon during these areas?


Fairy Porter

- based on the element fairys OoS

- statues as raft-docks you can only enter from below

- you are moved up a bit and change than to a glowing light and move around like with the rafts. uses things like solid steps you can move over with the raft.


massive hammer (~earth? or to break ice)

- charged hits finally also effect pound-next

- can be temporary obtained in a certain spot to get to a certain area

- grounds, areas that can be broken up with a charged hit (useful for a riddle like the eagle tower in some way)


true feather (wind)

- based on the scripts to jump over stuff, but while you are on a solid and jumpable combo you can walk on these.

- If you leave them you move slightly down and make a drop sound

- places where you "fall down a few tiles" (jumping sprites) till you reach the ground to make the illusion of hights when jumping.


lava cloak (fire)

- like flippers and boots to walk over or swim in lava, pretty boring.


shovel whistle (earth)

- sound and animation of digging, changes only the combo below and does not triggers secrets, most useful as tool for going underground (combo turns into warp)


block wands (wind or magnetic)

- the one from Avataro that shoves blocks away from you

- another one that changes the block for puzzles that need both weapons


wind cloak

- the one you made (phantom?) without afterimage.

- can be upgraded to work like a instant hookshot if used with a hookshot grab in front.

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