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#1 CastChaos



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Posted 15 September 2013 - 04:00 PM

I seen the announcement about qpfs closing soon.

So, I'm making an update so that anybody who still follows don't need to part from here without hearing a word.



The past:

I got my qpf from Shoelace in 2007 end-summer, when people were getting qpfs through the recommendation of great and knowledgeable questmakers based on already made quests and properly showcased projects, so don't think even for a moment that I'm among those whos got a qpf after 2 weeks of joining when still not knowing much tricks and not knowing even all of the basics, only to keep scrapping projects or be idle till eventually dropping out without anything or any much made. Those were the ones coming after me (from 2008).

I made Ballad of a Bloodline with extreme support from the community (like, 60-80% of it wasn't even made up by me directly), then things already started to flop at Seasoned Blood, with freefalling interesting and I'm speaking more about my Eight Powers and Ellivenia concept and story ideas than how much I was actually making quests. At the time of Cousin of Powers, interest was unmeasurably low and the whole ZC didn't feel as it did in 2006 spring/summer. I unfortunately took a big break after CoP and started to make GM only when I got a job, so questmaking was the last of my concerns.



Reason for silence:

I posted few in the last years even at those rare weeks when I actually progressed fast with GM. Reasons follow.

1. Post-buddy feeling evaporated:

I don't care forums, community or post-weaving as much anymore. It's no new anymore and/or I just grew out from it. I'm to update only when there are many things accumulated to be updated.

2. Eventual trolling:

If I take down the nostalgia glowes, I must admit that the situation wasn't perfect even in 2006, and from what I heard from older members, the situation was _hellish_ sometimes before I joined, but still, the things that started in 2008's spring and really escalated when trolls stopped fearing from BB's initial 5-star rating barrage, that is completely unacceptable. Why to post if things happen like in the BBDC thread or if people can more than get away with one-liner 0 star ratings that don't even talk about the quest.

3. Lack of reading comprehension:

While I seen my posts were often misunderstood, I understood only in some 2012's spring that 99% of the things I posted in my qpf since 2007 went into the ether instead into the brains. Why to post if the reply has nothing to do with my post? I never said that GM would have no story, yet a post in the GM thread assumes I did. I never said I started a RuneScape project, yet there once was somebody who thought I just announced it. There was one who thought I said BB was a Guitar Hero remake. And all the faggotry in the Eight Powers threads. Why bother then?



Current standings:

1. Ballad of a Bloodline series:

GM is on rest till I finish another project, then I continue it. I learned much while making this another project, so GM eventually could go fast. It finishes the BB storyline and there won't be more mainstream BB quests and probably not a sequel series, but quests in the same universe could come anytime... Playing Final Fantasy VII and seeing Eppy's SB stream really puts me back into the beaten DoR path mood.

2. Current project:

What I started as a leisure break from GM escalated into something that might very well be more popular than BB and could turn the tables if I continued that line instead of story type quests. It would be a new beginning. So far it's enough if I can finish it. I keep thinking of it as "Randomizer without randomization". Uses a PTUX/DoR tileset and is biiiiiig. 20+ dungeons with only a few being small and some being very big. You can imagine.

3. NTCC:

I made a lot of dungeons already (best mainstream dungeons I ever made, I think). While I still have a laptop and ZC on it, I always can continue when Twilight_Knight made more overworlds.

4. Shadow Wars III, Banjo-Spyrooie:

Such side projects are on halt. If I ever continue them, that will be a restart on 2.50 with new ideas. I don't want simplicity in SWIII anymore, nor I want Banjo-Spyrooie to be just a rehash of that you already seen in Spyro and Banjo games.

5. Other future projects:

Hey, hey! I bet many of you didn't even read till this part of the post, just punched in "Why are you still here then, %!#&!#?". Though such people being a reason for lower activity or even getting out from here, I can say that it WAS so that GM and NTCC be my last projects. But you know, creativity needs to be used in some way, and book writing wasn't a good way for that, so I stayed with ZC... Not like I cared much anymore about anything in the world, so ZC is as good as anything else...

So, I already have 2 projects in mind, but it's hard to plan ahead, since I usually have the mood for making what I play. Playing Castlevania made me think about a perfectly good Castlevania action RPG (top-down view) in ZC, but when the memory of playing it flies away, then I will have mood for else... The BB quests were the only exception, because there the ideas went into dungeons, overworlds and cameos, not into the main theme. How could I have such a quest again? With a new Shadow Wars line? With Ellivenia? Who knows...

6. Ellivenia:

Yes, the world  made up with that Eight Powers theme... Well, I WAS really messed up in those Eight Powers threads, but it's all sorted out now. I wrote some chapters of the planned Ellivenia book and by today, I know how to handle this whole Eight Powers thing. It's hard to make use of it's features in ZC, though... And always the last thing I wanted for Ellivenia to closely resemble another game/story... But an Ellivenia quest series on the pattern of the BB series would be also a life insurance. With THAT I could even fully come back and be active again. Hard to explain why...



The future:

Till I have a place to host quests at (http://www.twccgaming.com) and people to play some on video sites (both possible to vanish sometime in the future), I can always make quests without day-to-day community involvement. I just can't imagine any else way. That half year when I was just playing, not making, felt inert and lazy.

See, even today, Pixcalibur123 started a Shadow Wars II LP (http://www.youtube.c...h?v=LtmKvQ_FufA).

So I finish my current project first. I don't know how long it would last, I make it as I feel like. So, I might feel like making 300 dungeons. That would take long. Or I make just 22 (the amount that fits the current overworld and endings layout). That is still some more. Than I finish GM. Quick. And then? What I feel like. I have some solid ideas in mind. Though they can liquify anytime.

Then again, I might find something other besides ZC (rom hacking, maybe, or other). Or something else drives me away from making quests even just for myself.

And a car can hit me any day. But if it doesn't, the future is much more shrouded in mist than it was at the time of making BB/SB/CoP, when I was still in college...








--OR NOT!--


BB was already questionable in regards if being finished and SB had big breaks, as well as CoP. So, now this slow GM progress might be not new. Each BB quests can have their obstacles and GM simple has these. Many other things I mentioned might be just made up in my mind. Work takes up much time? Well, college did, too, plus I was playing games much...

So, I might have much time for my projects, they will be finished quick and many will like them, I just need to recognize those, who do!



--OR NOT!--


The last paragraph might be just my imagination and the things before it are correct. I just don't know anymore.


One thing is sure: now I go and make more of my current project.



(Psst, this entire post is just about where you find me after qpfs went boom. It's lenghty only because... well... it was written by me!)

#2 DarkFlame Sheep

DarkFlame Sheep

    Praise The Goddess Our "Jandra"

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Posted 19 September 2013 - 10:49 PM

I love to see you and TK's quest making progress in this forum. But we have some times until clothing, it's not bad...

#3 CastChaos



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Posted 21 September 2013 - 02:31 PM

Yeah, I made this a bit soon. Once again I blame the modern times and internet for my absolute lack of patience since this last few years...


Know what's cool? FFC! ... No, not that Freeform Combo, that also can be kind of cool, but what now I mean is Final Fantasy Classic. I seen a subforum about it at AGN. I don't know how complete it is, and I fear SquareEnix isn't as overlooking as Nintendo, but if it becomes like ZC, then it would be hella great to use. The only reason I didn't look for a download link yet, because there wouldn't be point in delaying my current project and Guardian Mother EVEN longer. Otherwise it would be great to make one of the first FFC quests or the first charismatic, "will-be-remembered"/"will-be-trend-starter" quest.


Back to ZC, I have ideas about quests even after GM, and the most interesting thing about it is that I suddenly had mood/idea for an Other Elements quest.

I have ideas about one of the later stories in the universe of Other Elements, which isn't necessarily good. See, the Ellivenia story (with Estemira and the Tyrant) is not the first major happening/adventure in Ellivenia's universe, so incorporating that into the BB series and writing some of that in book form feels a tiny bit wrong. I always think it would be better to make the first story of an universe and then expand on with sequels, instead of jumping into the middle and make something that takes never-made stories and granted prequels.

However, this is exactly so with my current Other Elements plans...

See the timeline:

1. Bates' Adventure 1, 2 **

2. Other Elements 1, 2, 3

3. Other Elements II 1, 2 *

4. Other Elements Blood 1, 2, 3, 4+ **

5. Other Elements Time 1, 2, 3 **

Numbers represent number of ZC quest sized stories (so, Blood would take kinda many quests...), one asterix means it's affected by time travel, two asterixes mean it IS about time travel, so it takes place at more times in the universe.

As you can see, Other Elements II (the one I got ready-to-make ideas for ZC) is in the middle. Taking the non-made prequels granted has the great risk that I eventually have no mood for them, or have mood differently. To make things worse, II is affected by Blood (for Blood's main characters visit II's time a bit).


But none of those will be in this qpf.

What shall we going to do?! What shall we going to do?! (The boiler!)

#4 DarkFlame Sheep

DarkFlame Sheep

    Praise The Goddess Our "Jandra"

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Posted 21 September 2013 - 10:53 PM

Final Fantasy Classic, is AGN developing it!? I just know. But it seems to have some problem.I think RPG maker VX (Ace) is useful tool for realizing your ideal.

I brought a great example, see it. It was made by RPG maker VX.


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#5 CastChaos



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Posted 23 September 2013 - 12:04 AM

I know RPG Maker is capable for much, but spending 1-2 years to learn its script and be any pro in it is too much.

In case of Final Fantasy Classic, it would surely be like ZC, so maximum 1-2 small quests would be needed to get used to it, as I already know ZC...

#6 Nolornbon


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Posted 16 October 2013 - 03:47 PM

As the years go by, I see the world getting bleaker with each passing day. I haven't been very active around here these days either, and mostly for the same reasons you speak of, CastChaos. Most of the quests being uploaded to the database these days are either short or dull.


Have you ever tried playing a game where you can build things? I know of one called Minetest, which is an open-source sandbox game that is similar to Minecraft (it is also a free game.) You might want to give it a look sometime, because you are the kind of person that can create some truly remarkable things.

#7 Yoshi


    Formally Shane

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Posted 17 October 2013 - 05:39 AM

That's kind of harsh to the people who put effort into quests. But in all honestly I have to disagree, there are many quests that have been recently uploaded that stand up against Ballad of a Bloodline and Seasons Bloodline and whatnot. Such as the contest quests, Avataro's scripted masterpieces and a few other quests here and there. But again, everything everyone says about quests is subjective.


Short =/= Bad, for the matter.


Oh and QPF's are still a thing? Well then, I guess we'll be saying goodbye to them soon. I never saw them as "pyramids" with "gods" on them. Just quest makers getting the honor of having a forum. Which are now shadowed by Quest Project Pages.

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#8 CastChaos



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Posted 17 October 2013 - 03:08 PM

As the years go by, I see the world getting bleaker with each passing day. I haven't been very active around here these days either, and mostly for the same reasons you speak of, CastChaos. Most of the quests being uploaded to the database these days are either short or dull.


Have you ever tried playing a game where you can build things? I know of one called Minetest, which is an open-source sandbox game that is similar to Minecraft (it is also a free game.) You might want to give it a look sometime, because you are the kind of person that can create some truly remarkable things.

I don't want to learn something big from scratch now for fun. I'm not in college anymore. At that time, it was OK to slowly have fun with ZC projects, trying 2.11, playing lots of quests.

Now most of my attention is occupied with work and what I must learn are things that I use for work. I'm much more happy when I increase my skills of php<->oracle binding than when I realize a new wonderful 2.50 trick.

So, IF I do something creative, I want to stay with ZC for it.


I was excited for Final Fantasy Classic too soon, but ZC is also just "least bad" choice instead of being best:

More and more 2.50 bugs are found and simply not using the features that these bugs affect would be too much to leave out. And using 2.10 is not an option on my newer laptop (Win7 + laptop nVidia = no 2.10).

So, there really is no a good choice, just like there isn't in anything other (youtube failed me and many others, too, for example).



So, what now?


-I'm very far into my current project. At first, I made it purely just for my own entertainment, but the knowledge that I will release it affects development more and more. In some viewpoints, it could be better for me than for example BB, especially that the player really weaves their own fate in this very open quest.

("Something is diverse, something is evolving")


-Then I simply need to finish GM. Some good overworlds, dungeons, towers, custom bosses and the non-tiring sewing off of all plotlines and the non-cliffhanger closing of the story. The dungeons will be different from what you see in the first demo, they will be more like ZC/LttP dungeons than SB dungeons. All in aformat that can be presented in this lifetime already.

("Cry at your mother... if you dare")


-I actually naturally merged some of my ideas, a gameplay plan without story and a stor without gameplay into a quest with story and gameplay. This is what I should make after GM, a 2.50 story type quest that, albeit having story, isn't operating with huge reveals and hours long conversations. I have many good things in plan for this, with a lot of things that I never done so far and are not even the exact same style.

("The past is uncertain, I summon the newborn god")


Idea-wise, things are up.

#9 CastChaos



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Posted 30 December 2013 - 10:47 AM

Finally, if anybody is wondering in the next 2-3 years that where have I been:


Despite having barely any time for ZC, I still have project ideas even for after GM.

I finish "Valami - It Means Something" sometime 2014 at best, then "BBIV: Guardian Mother" sometime 2016 the earliest.

Currently, I have mood to make all those Ellivenia stories I was talking about and the BB series hinted to. In a completely revised format and making them not that story type, rather concentrating on design, gameplay and making good use of 2.50. I already made some solid plans about the first episode.


If/when I release a new quest, you probably can see it appear at www.twccgaming.com


+NTCC is still to be finished.

#10 Twilight Knight

Twilight Knight

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Posted 30 December 2013 - 03:21 PM

I totally forgot about the cleansing of the QPFs...


Anyway, CastChaos and I haven't worked it out yet, but all we know is that we aren't a big fan of the Quest Project Pages. I might make a page for NTCC since we're basically forced to do so, otherwise no one but those few checking out TWCCgaming.com will know about updates or quest releases...


It's definite that I will rework TWCCgaming to offer more room for our projects and it's updates and somehow link it to PureZC (in our signatures). That will be the place-to-be to see any projects by me or CastChaos.


For those interested in NTCC: I'm mainly just changing, fixing and adding things to make the quest more playable. My recent work has really made me more certain that people can actually enjoy this game and it motivates me.



Thanks to MBWChampion/Shoelace for making this QPF in the first place. I really always wanted to be in this QPF from the beginning, and it was a dream came true when I was able to share it with CastChaos. Also thanks to CastChaos for being a great friend and co-creator of many projects. It's sad we need to let our favourite place on these forums go... :cry:


Keep an eye on TWCCgaming for more information in the future, and possibly you can expect a QPP from me/us.


This is not the end.

#11 judasrising


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Posted 31 December 2013 - 05:04 AM



I like to thank you both for this great adventure the Magnificent forum has given me.

Great quests to play and i am a part of a betatesting thing also. So Thank you TK/CC

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#12 CastChaos



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Posted 28 March 2014 - 01:56 AM

What a chaos...


Well, then I tell the new standing, since this forum is still around.



So, Valami - It Means Something is finished and it lives up to everything I wanted from it. Go and have fun with exploring a free world with a Hufnn boy leisurely without any story and get one of the simpler endings or jump into the rich lore headfirst and cover up all the hidden items, dungeons and story by finding all the many ending.


So, nowadays I'm mostly onto the NTCC dungeons. Excellent stuff. After wrapping that up, Ballad of a Bloodline IV: Guardian Mother needs to be finally finished.

Production lasts for so long that my ideas and wishes changed quite a bit since starting... for all the better. The plot will go faster and this time I skip this "only hint at anything, show truth only at the very end of the best ending" thing, so major twists and realizations will come at many points of the game. Valami was a good practice for 2.50 usage, GM is already benefitting from that.

I didn't have mood to make videos of finished areas so far, maybe some will come later. Now that the entire main overworld and an important part of Oil Lake is finished, it's time to see what happened with the Zoras and Subrosians (they were at war in SB). Laying down some good gameplay is a priority.

"When you are falling out from a tower, when you drown in invisible water, when you have a nightmare in the hospital, when you pick spring flowers in the burning hot winter, go cry at your mother... if you dare!"



There are three leftover projects:


Shadow Wars III: I really don't have mood for what was to be it's main gimmick, the mixing of radically different tilesets. It's 33% finished (demo is up somewhere), but it's so simple (I intentionally made it so, sadly), I wouldn't want to leave it that way. So, if I ever get back to my original series, the one I associated myself with before BB, then I probably just start SWIII all over.


Link in Ellivenia: People didn't really got what this whole Ellivenia thing was, but I expected them to know what Zelda had been, so I made up this crossover to bridge the gap between the known and unknown, so that people see what Ellivenia is and then make Ellivenia related quests. Now this is absolutely not needed, since BBIII: CoP was Ellivenia enough. If I ever do anything with this project, it will be starting with starting it over from scratch.


Banjo-Spyrooie: What a perfect concept! But I don't have mood for mixing some already existing Banjo and Spyro stages. If I ever start over, all stages will take place in Spyro worlds and they will be mostly new, made up by me. A minimized Spyro being in the backpack of Banjo is just too great to miss. I could have it so that Avalar has a teleport gate experiment once again (like in Spyro 2, not like that one wasn't catastrophic enough), this time bringing not Ripto, but Grunty and some other Banjo crew over. Yes, that I would like! I totally should schelude it after GM.


All three of these were conceived in the spring of 2009, the great demotivation period of the stalling SB. As byproducts of demotivation, they instantly vanished when I regained my control over SB in the early autumn of 2009. As BB was the legacy project of Freeze to the Past, even these three projects can see the sunlight is a completely different form. And shape.

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