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Posted 03 December 2018 - 11:03 AM

As of the full Alpha 3 build, npc scripts are fully-usable.
I'm looking for some people who are willing to play with this new feature, and to see if it has any bugs/issues/complications.
I'll be posting the full public Alpha 3 build topic soon, nd then I'll start on Alpha 4.
For A4, I'm planning to add ZScript calls to internal npc functions such as can_move(), constant_walk(), and so forth, to simplify making scripted enemies that use system AI of some sort.


I will also be addibg 'Custom Enemy' families, for use with making fully-scripted NPC Families. These will be similar to the script type weapons (e.g. LW_SCRIPT2), but for NPCT_*. With the module options to rename family types, you will be able to namethese classes as you wish, within the module context.


I may eventually expand that to the quest context, but that'll probably need to wait a version.


Anyway, I'm planning to add twenty scripted npc types to the system, this week.  For the present, you can use the traditional Other and Other (Floating) types to run npc scripts without running into issues of conflicts with other internal, hardcoded enemies; although if you would like to experiment by adding scripts to hardcoded enemies, then by all means, feel free.
I'm also targeting A4 for weapon scripts.


In the interim, I will work on creating some basic example npc scripts, that mimic some of the classic enemies. If any other scripters would like to assist with this, please let me know.


I would also like to see a mechanism availale to port ghost.zh scripts into the new format, at some point, either as a header, or as an external cross-compiler of some sort. At the least, I may make a library to call ghost.zh functions for npc scripts. Perhaps Saffith might wanbt to be involved with this. IDK. :)

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