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Nargad's Trail: Argon's Evil Lair

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Posted 13 November 2009 - 07:07 PM

Nargad's Trail:
Argon's Evil Lair
By CastChaos and Twilight_Knight


Long ago, there came an incredible Force to existence on earth. This Force was the Power which kept the earth together and gave it life. Nearly all people saw this Force as a God, as they didn’t know what it was. Many traveled far and long, searching for the origin of this Power. None of them found it, but some wise ones kept their stories written in books. Centuries later, these books were seen as rubbish, nonsense, kings and lords burnt them all into ashes, because they thought it was an insult to their beliefs in God. However, a curious young boy started reading these books, becoming obsessed by the idea of the possible might the Power could contain. He started figuring out riddles and tales written by his ancestors. He found out where to search for this power. As he grew adult he became a mighty lord by his victories as war commander in an army. He slowly began making a dark and evil plan of taking over the world, by using this power. At least, if he could find it...

About 50 years later, a boy in a town called Millton just became 18. He was named Nargad. His mother sends him off to get his own equipment, but then strange things started to happen...
This is Nargad’s Trail...

-Customly enhanced version of Dance of Remembrance tileset.
-ZC version: 2.5b
-Customized Link sprites inspired by Moonwhisper’s DoR Link modifications.
-1 about 1 map big intro overworld.
-9 giant and fun overworlds made by an expert overworld smither.
-1 intro dungeon.
-9 giant and exciting dungeons made by an expert dungeon crafter.
-Big custom bosses.
-Good quality graphics.
-Many new items and scripting goodies.
-Realistic money.
-New and custom tiles.
-Perfect quality music.
-A flag collecting system inspired by many other games.

And much more!

Here are some videos from NTAeL, enjoy:
Cogflake Citadel
Force Caves
Skyland Meadow
Fracture Nest

And some artworks for NTAeL:


ShadowTiger - Betatesting + Good Ideas + Extra Work.
Elmensajero - Scripts + Betatesting (Main Overworld and W1).
Moonwhisper - Link tiles inspiration.
Radien - DoR tileset.
Linkus - Tiles.
Anthus - Tiles.
Xavier - Tiles.
Noel - Tiles.
LinkMystro - Tiles.
T. Platinum - Tiles.
Ebola Zaire - Tiles + Support and Author Userbar.
Joe123 - Scripts.
Molten Onyx - Tile suggestion.
Nuvo - Tiles.
Dlbrooks - Tiles.

This game is RELEASED. I know it's slightly unusual to announce released games here, but I need to promote it more. Click here to get the released game. The website will instruct you exactly what to do (only required is basic computer knowledge, like knowing what Alt and Ctrl is and how to extract files from a .zip). Have fun.

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