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Wind Waker Zero: Relaunch and Tileset

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#1 Neptune


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Posted 10 November 2009 - 04:27 PM

Wind Waker Zero: Relaunch and Tileset
By Molten Onyx

w00t, chances are I will eventually release the WWZ tileset. Now, I know what you're thinking: "BUT MOLTY, THAT'S PrinceMSC'S TILESET!!!" Yes, it started as his AI Tiles, but it eventually got way too cluttered as I made new tiles for WWZ, so I started re-arranging everything. So far I have completed most of the overworld tiles and all of the Link tiles. I have not started on the interior tiles... Now for some samples!

IPB Image----IPB Image
CSet 0 - CSet 4
IPB Image----IPB Image
CSet 6

The AI Tiles CSet structure is very complex, for example there is a CSet for cliffs and water, there is a CSet for cliffs and ground textures, there is a CSet for sand and water, a CSet for houses (roofs are the same colour as the sand) and ground textures, there is a CSet for trees and ground textures, and many others. This makes it more difficult to create more Palettes because it uses CSets that do not differ between palettes (eg. CSet 0). So, don't complain if you only see a couple different palettes! (This also means it's not the best tileset to use for a first quest, I know...I'm a hypocrite. icon_deformed.gif )

Double w00t, I have re-created 2 1/2 screens with the new tileset for you to enjoy, but you shall not get to see the half finished one. I know, it's painful. icon_razz.gif

IPB Image <-Comparison Shot

IPB Image----IPB Image
Yes, the one on the right goes on top of the one on the left. icon_biggrin.gif

Link is only 10 when his homeland is attacked by an army of Moblins lead by an Iron Knuckle. Everyone he knows are slaughtered, the only survivors are Link and his sister who escape on a small rowboat. After several hours of rowing, when their homeland is only barely visible, Link's sister get's tired of rowing and stops. Minutes pass, it begins to rain when suddenly they see the same Iron Knuckle riding a dragon, it begins coming their way. The dragon bumps Link off the rowboat and into the ocean, as his sister attempts to grab him the Iron Knuckle grabs her and urges the dragon to fly away. Link is left floating in the ocean.
Several days later an old man and woman are taking a peaceful walk along the beach of their home island Borderhaven when the come across what they thought was a washed up corpse. However, once they neared the body it's fingers moved slightly, pushing a small amount of sand forward. The old man and woman nursed Link back to health and continued to take care of him until he was 17 when a damaged red boat washes up on the shores of Borderhaven, Link decides to repair the boat and sail off to find his sister, thus beginning his adventure.

01. Starting Area Borderhaven (Normal)
02. Level 1 Bark Isle (Forest)
03. Level 2 Norman Isle (A C-C-Cold Place)
04. Level 3 Sink Isle (Swamp)
05. Level 4 Volatile (Volcanic)
06. Level 5 Great Rupea (Mainland)
07. Level 6 Shalemy Dunes (Desert)
08. Level 7 Lockfall (Clouds)
09. Level 9 Stygia (Underworld)
10. End Level Ganon's Encampment (Underworld Castle)

Characters (Highlight for spoilers)
The young hero, he is driven by the urge to rescue his sister that was kidnapped 7 years ago.
Dies at the end while saving his sister.

Link's Sister
Kidnapped by an Iron Knuckle when she was only 14, not much is known about her.
Tetra's mother.

Iron Knuckle
Ganon's second-in-command.
I hate Darknuts, and Iron Knuckles are awesome. So there.

Mysterious Dragon
The dragon that the Iron Knuckle was riding the night that Link's sister was captured.
Yes, it is Valoo.

Red Boat
A severely damaged red boat washed up on the shores of Borderhaven, Link is attempting to repair it.

The boss that Link fights in Stygia.
Link retrieves the Wind Waker after defeating Zero.

The big baddie in WWZ.
After Link defeats Ganon, he escapes to the Forsaken Fortress.

Molten Onyx ~ Obvious Reasons
PrinceMSC ~ Adventure Island Tiles
jimmyb ~ TMC Tiles
Beefster ~ WW Style Swimming Script
Joe123 ~ Can't Remember
pkmnfrk ~ NPC and Signpost Scripts
lucas92 ~ ALttP Walking Bush Script
CastChaos ~ Name Suggestions

IPB Image
IPB Image

IPB Image
IPB Image

Links (I know, bad pun icon_razz.gif )
PrinceMSC's AI Tiles
Original Wind Waker Zero Thread

PS - If you have a name suggestion for Link's homeland, tell me in your comment. PLEASE.

Sorry, no demo. icon_razz.gif

#2 Silver


    If only scripting were that easy...

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Posted 10 November 2009 - 08:24 PM

So you're still keeping this going? Awesome. 10/10

As for the island, how about...Windfall island? Or Isle of the Winds? icon_deformed.gif
But seriously, maybe...Solis Island, Wynn Isle, Menne d' Etere...something like that.

#3 Geoffrey


    The Giraffe

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Posted 11 November 2009 - 03:14 PM

Thanks man, I might use Solis, not sure yet. icon_biggrin.gif

On another note... It was pretty disappointing to see such low ratings (1 and 2), you guys are entitled to your own opinions, but it would be nice if you also left a comment saying what you don't like about it and how I could improve it.

#4 Harken



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Posted 18 November 2009 - 10:19 PM

Sweet! I've seem these graphics before! I like them and the redone storyline is great! I'd say a 9/10!

Edited by Harken, 18 November 2009 - 10:20 PM.

#5 Geoffrey


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Posted 19 November 2009 - 08:57 PM

Thanks Harken!

UPDATE: I've started on the Dungeon part of the Tileset.
Also, here's a website that should have frequent updates on WWZ...I just threw it together in the last couple hours. http://sandred.webs.com

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