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The Hero of Dreams Walkthrough

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Posted 09 April 2006 - 03:53 PM

First of all. I really suggest using this walkthrough only if you really, really, really, really, really need to. I am against walkthroughs, so I don't even know why I am doing this. However, I know that you guys need it, because HoD has a lot of puzzles and such. So here is the walkthrough.

By the way, this isn't the finished walkthrough yet. I am just going to be updating it time to time as I go along. The complete walkthrough won't be done until June most likely. Also, this thread is going to be closed so I can add to it later. After the complete one is finished, I will open the thread up, to see if I forgotten anything.

Heart Pieces Locations:

Palm Island
1. After defeating the leader in Ruto's House, go to Lizzy's house two screens to the east of Ruto's House. Ruto will thank you with a HCP. (Screen)

2. After getting the boomerang from the first level, return to Donmore's Cave. On the upper right corner of the level is a HCP. You will have to kill a dragon to get it.(Screen)

3. With the Flippers, go to your hangout spot (where the picture of the sword is), then go left one screen. There is a vine that you can climb. It leads to a HCP.(Screen)

Hyrule Field

4. On the screen of the entrance to Citadel from Hyrule Field you can go right, through the a little space of the mountains and end up on this screen to get the HCP.(Screen)

5. With the Bow and Arrow, you can hit the shield one screen to the right of the entrance to Windy Peak. That leads to a HCP.(Screen)

6. With the stepladder, you can get the house that is one screen left of the windmill. You will have to pay 15 rupees to go through a cave. Once out of the cave go across the bridge to the other mountain. Go in that cave, and when you come out of that cave there will be your HCP.(Screen)

7. With the hookshot go south from the entrance of Autumn Town. There are these two little islands in the water. Hookshot across them to get the HCP.(Screen)

8. With an Ocarina go one screen down, and one screen right from the entrance of Citadel, and there is a little pond. Blow the Ocarina on the spot and you shall get the HCP.(Screen)

9. One screen up from the raft spot to Palm Island is a house of a crazy Cucco book fan. If you got the cucco book from Vola Cave (just east of the house), he will give you a HCP.(Screen)

10. With the wand and Book of Flamo go one screen down from the place where the thieves were talking about the hookshot. Use the wand on the lone tree to open the passageway to the HCP.(Screen)

11. With the flippers you can get the HCP across the water in this screen.(Screen)

12. From the previous screen with the flippers swim down two screens. Dive from the waves meet.(Screen)

13. With the flippers, go in the waterfall just left of the entrance of Windy Peak to get that HCP.(Screen)

14. With the flippers, on the lower right most part of the area is a pond (just right of Vola Cave), where the waves meet, dive to get the HCP.(Screen)

Moblin Forest

15. One screen south of the entrance of Moblin Forest is a lone Treasure chest with an HCP sitting against the river. (Screen)

16. On the lower left side of Treetop village is Billy's House. Bomb the rock in the back of his house to get the HCP. (Screen)

17. From Billy's House go left and then up through the log. Then go east though the tight passage between the trees. It will lead to a HCP.(Screen)

18. In the river just north of Treetop village is HCP. Push the rock out of the way to get it.(Screen)

19. Follow the river with the flippers to the east. You will reach Brock's House. To the right of the house is waves that meet. Dive in there and get the HCP.(Screen)

Golden Swamp

20. One screen up from the super bomb rocks on a hill is a couple of plants. Cut them and a HCP is hiding in one.(Screen)

21. On the top left corner of the Golden Swamp is Vinnie's House. Right below is a HCP. You will need the sword (to hit the skull to lower the spikes), the step ladder to walk over the holes, and the boomerang to lower the spikes.(Screen)

22. In Frodo's Hide is a HCP. Go to screens up from the entrance and then go east through the small passageway to get it. (Screen)

23. With the Flippers go one screen right. Dive in between the obvious waves. (Screen)

24. With the Flippers in the swampy area (where Frodo's Hide is). Swim up and left in the river. It will lead to a waterfall with a passageway. It has a HCP in it. (Screen)

Death Mountain

25. With the stepladder go one screen left and one screen down from the entrance of the 3rd level. Go right using the step ladder and it will lead to a HCP. (Screen)

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Posted 09 April 2006 - 03:59 PM

Heart Pieces Locations Continued:
Windy Peak

26. When playing the Boomerang game. If you beat the first round of the game, your prize will be a HCP. (Screen)

Autumn Town

27. One screen south of Donmore's house is a Link Statue. Blow the Ocarina to open it. Go all of the way right in the LoZ dream. You will see the HCP. To get it, shoot the armos with an arrow. And Step ladder across.(Screen)

28. With a hookshot go to the raft game. During the rafting, Go left in the first split, down in the second split, down in the third split and left on the forth split. You will reach an island. Go left. There is another raft spot to the south go on it. On the first split go down and on the second go up and you will reach an island with a chest on it. Hookshot across the islands, and there is the HCP. (Screen)

29. After you saved Clara from the 5th level, return back to her mom's house. She will be a so happy she will give you a HCP. (Screen)

30. Playing the Bow and Arrow game, the first prize is a HCP if you win. (Screen)

31. Go to Torrie's House. She will tell you about Billy from Moblin Forest and that she hasn't heard from him. Go to Moblin Forest to Billy's House and tell him this. He will give you a letter to bring back to her. Give it to Torrie to get a HCP.(Screen)

32. Go west with the flippers from the entrance of Season Isle. There will be waves that meet. Dive in the middle of them. (Screen)

33. Go to the upper left part of Autumn Town. You will come to mini waterfalls. Go east through them and you will reach a HCP in a chest. (Screen)

Havasu Canyon

34. In the Thieves Hideout after you have gotten the Hookshot return the Hideout and go up three screens. You can hookshot across and show up at another hookshot room where your prize is a HCP.(Screen)

35. With the hookshot you can hookshot over the entrance of Havasu Canyon to the east. There is a HCP there.(Screen)

36. At the base of the river of the Canyon go all of the way right to a screen with a chest and a swim warp. In the chest is a HCP.(Screen)

Cerbat Desert

37. From the entrance of level 4, go south 3 screens, and west 1 screen. There is a chest with an HCP.(Screen)

Lorbi Graveyard

38. From the entrance of the Graveyard go up one screen. There is a secret passage in the trees to the left. Go through it and on the side of Riah's house is rocks. Blow it up with a Super Bomb and then get the HCP.(Screen)

Mt. Frost

39. After you got the hammer, pound the hammer thing down to reveal a HCP on the screen that is 3 screens west from the entrance of Mt. Frost from Windy Peak.(Screen)

Season Isle

40.Two screens south of the entrance is waves that meet. Dive in the middle of them to get the HCP.(Screen)

Level HCPs

41. In Level 1, go to the top left corner of the level when the water is drained. You can walk under the level into a secret room. Kill the enemies and get the HCP(Screen)

42. In Level 2, in the room that you get the bow, with the bow & arrow, shoot the shield and the blocks will go down. That is where the HCP is.(Screen)

43. In Level 3, go to the bottom right most part of the level. Bomb the wall and it will lead outside to a HCP.(Screen)

44. In level 4, one screen to the right of the lower right Flip Room, is a room with a statue in the middle of it. Shoot it with an arrow, and the HCP will appear. (Screen)

45. In Level 5, on the fire floor entrance, go one screen down. Hookshot across to the treasure chest, that is the HCP. (Screen)

46. In level 6, on the bottom left corner of the 2nd floor, there is a hidden passage to the south. It leads to a Mirror Wizrobe. Kill it and you will have your HCP. (Screen)

47. In level 7, in the summer of the closest tree stump to the entrance. Go right one screen and up 3 screens. (Screen)

48. In level 8, on the 2nd floor of Hyrule Castle when you open the key locks, go up. Bomb the wall it will take you to a room with Dodongos. Kill them for the HCP. (Screen)

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