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Tutorial Forum Rules

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Posted 06 February 2013 - 03:02 PM

Before posting a new thread in this forum, please take the time to read these rules.

1. New Topics should be tutorials.

Do not create a new topic in this forum unless it's going to be a tutorial. If you create a new topic that is not a tutorial, it will probably be moved to another forum or merged with the discussion thread without a redirect link. This is to avoid cluttering the forum. If you need to bounce tutorial ideas or make a request, post in the Tutorial Discussion Thread.

2. Tag your tutorial titles appropriately.

You need to have two tags in your topic titles. First, you need to tag the type of tutorial. Please only use one of these:
  • Basic
    Any tutorial that goes into detail over one or more concepts not covered by other tags should be labeled as basic. This mostly includes how to use features that are part of ZQuest in general.
  • Comprehensive
    If you are creating a tutorial that will take someone through the process of making a quest, then it's a comprehensive tutorial. Note that you are free to link external tutorials for feedback with this tag so long as you are the tutorial creator.
  • Tips&Tricks
    Found a neat trick you want to explain and show off? These are tips and tricks. This is different from Basic in that it usually covers design instead of basic usage. Instead of explaining how to use combos, it would explain how to create something with those combos.
  • Scripting
    Any tutorials that involve scripting should be labeled as such.
  • External
    Any tutorials that cover external programs (not ZC or ZQ) should use this tag.

Second, you need to specify the ZC version you made the tutorial for: [1.90][1.92][2.10][2.50]

Example Topic Title: [Basic/2.50] Using Combo Aliases

3. Make sure your tutorial is readable.

While we are relaxing many of our standards to make things more comfortable, your tutorial still needs to be understandable English. While making mistakes is inevitable and we're not expecting perfect grammar, it needs to be good enough to where your tutorial doesn't lose meaning. Tutorials are meant to help people, not leave them confused trying to decipher text puzzles.

Also, if your tutorial spans multiple posts, please include a table of contents so that people don't have to search through replies to find the next post of the tutorial.

4. Put effort into your tutorial!

If you write a bad tutorial that has little to no effort, we may end up removing it. While our standards have relaxed, this is no excuse to post a tutorial that just has two or three sentences or is extremely, extremely vague.

Also try to include screenshots if you can. There are many dialogs in ZQuest where you can't just directly take a screenshot, but it's possible to use Print Screen. You could also use the Windows Snipping Tool, Greenshot (which has the added bonus of letting you auto-upload to popular image hosts), and such. There is no shortage of methods for taking screenshots of ZQ or ZC.

If you are making a video tutorial, try to put some effort into the presentation of your post instead of just posting the video in a Youtube tag and calling it a day. Introduce the video(s) and provide a proper Table of Contents if it's a video series instead of just linking to a channel or playlist.

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