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The 2015 Summer Two-Week Quest Contest Auxiliary Poll #1

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Poll: Auxillary Poll #1 (23 member(s) have cast votes)

Innovation Award

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Headscratcher Award

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Storyteller Award

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#1 Russ


    Caelan, the Encouraging

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Posted 07 September 2015 - 02:53 AM

Hey, just because a quest didn't win the Summer 2015 Two-Week Quest Contest doesn't mean it shouldn't get any recognition. Here, you can vote for other awards as well. Unlike the main poll though, you're limited to one vote per category. Contest entrants: Please vote for somebody other than yourself. Now, descriptions of the awards.

Innovation Award
For the quest that went and did something that's never been done before. Maybe it had off-the-wall crazy ideas, or maybe it threw new twists on familiar things in a way you'd never seen before. The key here is innovation; this award goes to the quest that's all new and like nothing we've seen up to this point.

Headscratcher Award
Some quests are all about brawn. Others exercise your brain a bit. This award is for the latter. Which entry really made you stop and think? Which entry legitimately stumped you at points, and made you really think long and hard about what to do to move on? This award goes to the quest that really makes you scratch your head and think things through.

Storyteller Award
While not everybody can be the next J. K. Rowling, a good bit of quests can suck you in with an interesting story, and weave a fascinating tale throughout the game. Maybe you loved the emotionally compelling story the quest told. Or maybe you laughed at how zany and ridiculous it was. This award goes to the quest that told the best story.

Don't forget to vote in the Main Poll and Auxilary Poll #2!
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#2 Joelmacool



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Posted 07 September 2015 - 03:38 AM

So I've voted, and I'd like to share why.

Innovation Award:

For this I have voted The Slipstream. I have chosen this because it provided an amazing idea with cleverly placed out puzzles. Though this did not make it to the other two (on this topic) i certainly want this quest to be continued in the future.
Head-scratcher Award:

I have chosen the Hellen Keller Quest. Why you ask? Well if you think about it, it is a very cool idea to be blind while playing zelda 1, it creates an intense and spooky setting, meaning that you must be weary of you surroundings. Even if this quest was probably made in 1 day (max). It still is a great game to play for those that want a little challenge in Zelda 1, becuase there was no actual challenge in the original.

Storyteller Award:

For this one I have chosen Freedom in Chains. I have chosen this one because I think that it really deserves a spot in the poll, it has amazing detail but more importantly, it brings a whole new level to Zelda. Showing you what happened to Ganon in the past. I makes you want to beat the game to finally see what has happened. I highly recommend this quest for its amazing story-line and magnificent architecture. 

#3 Eddy


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Posted 07 September 2015 - 07:56 AM

Here's my thoughts:


Innovation Award:

Gonna go for The Slipstream on this one. This quest did an impressive job in becoming a very interesting quest, almost like a hybrid of Vault of Souls and Hitodama with open end exploration and a unique weakness system. Most of the items were very well used and I had tons of fun playing through this quest. It is definitely the most innovative out of the bunch.


Head-scratcher Award:

Even though I still have some minor issues with the quest, I'm gonna vote for Rhapsody on this. It does a good job at being very confusing with a huge maze-like structure of dungeons and overworlds. I found myself getting lost quite a lot places too :P


Storyteller Award:

Freedom in Chains, yes please. This quest has a pretty interesting story to it and seeing how Ganondorf was the main character was a pretty unique twist on things.

#4 The Satellite

The Satellite

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Posted 07 September 2015 - 07:04 PM

Alright here we go, here's me:




And here's my thoughts on the poll:




This one was the toughie. In the end, the top contenders for the vote were Freedom in Chains, Ancient Cave, Legend of Lana Gaiden, and Money Making Game. Ancient Cave and Lana Gaiden both had pretty great RPG leveling elements, but it's not as though RPG elements are too new; plus, how do I pick between the two systems? They're both great in their own ways. Money Making Game, for its completely different style of gameplay that could certainly make a great quest in the end. Freedom in Chains for, well, a lot of reasons. In the end, I give it to Freedom in Chains; it is simply the best sideview quest I have yet played, with awesome menu systems, and hell, I might have voted for it based on its incredible minimap alone. :heh:




I'd say the most puzzling quests here were Rhapsody, Freedom in Chains, and Puzzles of Hyrule. However, Puzzles of Hyrule's most "difficult" puzzle segment in the third dungeon could be cheesed with trial and error, so we'll scratch that one. Freedom in Chains had a couple of challenging puzzles, as well as the overall gameplay, but Rhapsody I feel is the one that made me stop and think the most and figure out my surroundings to progress. Even without the blue dots thing.




Well, the only two quests I feel had any true narrative were The Slipstream and Freedom in Chains, and both did it quite well. The Slipstream went with a unique story and great atmosphere, whereas Freedom in Chains attempts to tell its own tale in the Zelda universe. Both do it very well, but I have to say that Freedom in Chains did it just a touch better...

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