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Vintage Dreams Tileset


VD Beta 0.2.1 Update

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Mani Kanina


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Posted 31 July 2020 - 06:44 PM

All the work on this was done a while back, but I decided to wait with pushing this till today due to the MotM contest that is being run on pure. I'm sure you'll understand what I mean when that (hopefully) goes live later today, or read the changelog.

So, here are the changes for this update:

1. Script re-structuring: VD_Main.z is now the file you should load in first if you want to compile the codebase, furthermore: The most obvious things you'd want to change as an end user in regards to scripted content will be gradually moved from individual script files to here in order to streamline the tileset experience.
2. The Gasha tree script is now imported and should work, furthermore, as supported by that script a Gasha Ring item has been created and added. Gotta grow those lootboxes trees quickly!

3. A slight re-structuring to the combo pages and more tiles comboed.
4. Oh and I guess the tileset now includes a recreation of Koholint.

The new update should be avalible from the database shortly, just in time for you to take advantage of for the Two-Week contest that is happening!


Edit: the update is live Get it here!


Edit 2: You might notice some oddities in this version of the tileset compared to the previous, such as one of the HUDs (and possibly other misc things) being rolled back to a version that supports 4 buttons even though that's not a feature currently. The reason for this is that I forked this version to start the work to port into 2.55 before I made a few of those changes (because the final 2.55 version is intended to have support for 4 buttons). This was not intended to be like this in this release though, but it slipped through the cracks, I will push a minor fix at some point.

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