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TLOZ: The 3 Crystals(Interactive)

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Posted 27 May 2016 - 11:40 AM

...a day or two...

*comes back four and a half months later*

Hey guys! I was totally gonna write something here!



Anyway, I don't have much to say, so read the recap in my previous post for a recap on what's happened. On with the story.




Sorn Nors

Day 9/10 - Midnight


Asara woke us up. First me, then, together, Gasser. Without a word, she gave each of us one of the Spiritual Stones - of course, keeping the Kokiri Emerald from Gasser - and led us out of the Spirit Templer.

The Desert was strange at night. Asara was leading us South, past the Arbiter's Grounds. It was dark, cold, and, honestly, quite frightening. Who knew what lurked around the desert at night?

Stalfos. That's how Asara and I met. I was attacked by a stalfos. If anything was here at this time of night, it would be one of them.

Asara stopped. We couldn't see her, but the awful clanking of her Iron Knuckle Armour stopped... clanking. A faint movement in the surrounding darkness let us see that she had raised her left arm.

"Poes," we heard.

"Well, th-th-that's not bad, is it?" I said. "I mean, we c-can d-d-defeat poes, right?"

There was no answer but for the sound of Asara's axe being removed from her armour. She expected to have to fight. With shaking hands, I took my boomerang from my belt and held it as ready as possible.

Then I remembered that I had the Kokiri Emerald in my belt as well. Was that not supposed to symbolise courage? If so, should it not help me a little?

I quietly reached down to where I had the Emerald hanging. At that moment, a lantern appeared, and I jumped back. I saw Asara, her axe raised, ready to strike it down, but an ear-splitting shriek resounded through the desert and Asara fell to her knees.

I grasped the Emerald, and threw my boomerang. Closer and closer to the lantern it went, leaving a green path of light behind it as it flew. The poe appeared behind the lantern, watching my boomerang come closer. I felt my fears fading away. I was finally useful for once. Twice already, I'd been saved by Asara. She had given me a boomerang - this boomerang - for it, and said nothing. I had been nothing but a liability, but now, in this moment, I would repay her kindness. The poe's face was contorting into something which I could only assume was fear.

Laughter erupted from around. Lanterns shone from all directions. My boomerang, powered up by the Emerald, smashed into the first poe's lantern, killing it in one hit.

The laughter got only louder. I looked around in horror as the poes behind each lantern slowly materialised. I saw Gasser beside me, trying with all his might to use the Zora's Sapphire to do something with his deku seeds, but it wasn't working. I saw Asara kneeling on the ground, held frozen in the position she was in last time I saw her. The Goron's ruby shone brightly in her belt.

I caught my boomerang as it returned and held it ready, my fear completely dissolved. I would fight these until I was dead. Nothing would stop me.

"Put down your weapon, Goriya," said a voice. "It will not help you here."

"I disagree! I killed one of you already."

Another round of laughter. "I don't know if that's quite true. He was dead already. But you did free his spirit." the pause would have sent a chill down my spine if I wasn't being pumped with so much adrenaline. "You've taken one of ours, though," said the voice. "Maybe we should take one of yours."

I heard a clattering; looked to where it was coming from. Asara's body within the armour was shaking uncontrollably. Slowly, moans of pain became screams of agony as I watched, unable to tear my eyes away.

"Stop!" I shouted. The Kokiri Emerald had stopped glowing; my boomerang was just a piece of wood now. The fear had returned. But it wasn't fear for myself.

The laughter came once again. "Now," said the voice. "I expect you to cooperate."

"What do you want?!" I cried at the top of my voice.

"We want the Spiritual Stones."

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Posted 20 July 2017 - 04:43 AM

If you think I’m gravedigging by posting here, you can just go tell it to Dampé!  :P  I intend to finish the story that I’ve started here.


Just to recap a little (some of which was not said), the Dark Lord has taken over Hyrule.  Link is old now and is being held captive at Hyrule Castle.  At the end of Ocarina of Time, Zelda and the other sages left and took up residence in an undisclosed location (but I know where, so ask me if you want to include them in your story).  You can see the rest of the recap in the post before last (by klop422).


We now join a new character that was introduced in my last few posts.  Instead of Jaron’s point of view, it will be his point of view (and I’ll switch back and forth as needed).


Important Note: If some dialogue is contained in quotes and parentheses, it is a translation.  In this case, it is a translation from Goriya-speak to Hylian (English, actually).


Now, on with the story!


Hyrule Atlas

Name: Gritsam
Type: Escapee (non-hiding, though)
Race: Goriya
Age: 62
Main Hand: Left
Weapon-of-Choice: Boomerang
Back-Story: The only peaceful goriya left in the forest. He is old, for a goriya, but very wise and willing to help anyone restore peace to the land.


Day 8 – Morning


After closing the trap door and pushing the table back into place, I sat down in my chair and heaved a sigh if relief. … Then I noticed the Kokiri boys’ belts and gear laying next to the wall! “Oh no!” I said to myself.  I had been in such a hurry to hide the boys that I forgot to make sure they had their gear with them.  Before I could do anything, a fairy with a bluish glow flew out of one of the pouches they had been resting in.

“Hey,” said the blue fairy, “where’s Jaron???  I need to protect him!”

Before I could answer, another fairy with a greenish glow flew out from behind the other belt.

“Rido? Rido???  Oh, where’d you go now???”

Thinking quickly, I got up and opened the door to my bedroom.

“Come this way!  I’ll show you!” I whispered.

The fairies followed me into my room.  I stood on top of the bed and, reaching up, pulled open a small hatch that led directly outside behind my house.

“The boys are in a passageway under my house.  It leads to a cave to the southwest.  They’ll be exiting there.”

“All right.  Thanks, mister... Gritsam!” said the blue fairy.  “Yeah, thanks!” said the green fairy.  Then they quickly flew out the window.

I closed and re-latched the window.  Relieved, I returned to my living room… only to realize that the boys’ gear was still there!  I was in such a hurry to help the fairies that I’d forgotten!  I quickly grabbed the boys’ gear and brought it in my room, briefly setting it on the bed.  I unlatched my window again, and shoved the boys’ gear out the window, hoping they would retrieve it once they left the cave.  I re-latched the window and returned to my living room.  After checking to make sure that I hadn’t forgotten any of their gear, I sat down in my chair to catch my breath.


Fortunately, I had smelled the Goriyas while they were a distance away.  A breeze had carried their scent into my house at just the right angle so as to alert me in time.  As I caught my breath and rested, I reviewed in my mind how this all started.

Ever since that dratted Dark Lord came to Hyrule, things have taken a turn for the worse.  He led Grilwol astray, taking advantage of his lust for power that I’ve spent years trying to work out of his system, and granting him evil powers.  I’m a bit too old to be fighting against such evil power, so Grilwol forced me to leave the Guild.  Ever since then, he’s kept sending his sentries to check on me.  I think he’s afraid I’d leave to find some rebels to fight against him and/or the Dark Lord.

The scent I caught was stronger than usual, making me think he must have increased his sentry force.  After what the Kokiri elder said last night…  what was his name again?  … Oh, Jaron.  That’s right.  The fairy just so happened to remind me a minute ago.  Anyways, after what Jaron said last night, I suppose Grilwol has probably sent a larger force to search for Jaron and his friend for what they’ve done to his hunters.


As I sat pondering, I began to hear the sounds of Goriya soldiers approaching.  Then I heard a gruff Goriya yell to halt the soldiers. 


I looked up with alarm.  It was Grilwol himself leading the soldiers!  I didn’t expect that.  He sure sounded upset to have called my name in such a manner.

“(Coming!)” I yelled back in Goriya language.  I got up, unlocked the door, and headed outside.


Grilwol had brought about 20 Goriya soldiers.  He normally only sent a few to check on me.  I spotted Grilwol approaching me, so I stepped away from my house.

“(Seriously, Grilwol,)” I began, “(must you really call on me in such an unceremonious manner?)”

Grilwol had a scowl on his face.  He hasn’t shown me ANY respect as his elder since receiving his dark powers.  “(Did you see any foreign creatures in the woods lately?)” he demanded.  “(I’ve lost nearly a DOZEN troops in the past few days, and no one has seen the culprits.  There’s been hardly a scent left other than that of a strange forest.)”

I smiled.  If he wasn’t going to respect me, I wasn’t about to show him any compassion. “(Oh, really?)” I amusingly replied.  “(I guess being in charge is a bit harder than you thought, eh?  I don’t think I’VE ever misplaced any of MY Goriyas before!  You sure you didn’t make them disappear with that eye of yours while you were sleeping?)”

Grilwol growled.  “(Answer the question, you old dog!)” he snapped back.

“(Now, now,)” I replied, “(no need to resort to insults.  I don’t get many visitors, you know, so I can’t help but find humor in the situation.)”

“(Never mind that,)” replied Grilwol, impatiently.  “(Have you seen anything???)”

“(Wellllll...)” I said while scratching my chin, pretending to think.  “(Now that you mention it…)”

“(What?  What is it???)” insisted Grilwol.  I was really trying his patience, and loving every minute of it!

“(Hm… I think I did see some giant bird heading south on the main path yesterday.)”

Grilwol burned with anger.  “(A giant bird???  What do you take me for, a cub???  Don’t make me remind you of my power, old one!  I will use it!!! )”

“(Why?)” I asked, still smiling at him.  “(I was only trying to help you.  I haven’t seen any Goriya-eating monsters lately, okay?  You’re wasting your time here.)”

Grilwol gave me a frustrated scowl, and turned to go back to his men.

Pleased, I turned to go back into my house.

Grilwol turned back to me.  “(Be that as it may,)” he said, calmer this time, “(I expect you to report to me if you DO see anything out of the ordinary.  Do you understand me, old one?)”

I turned back to him, sounding serious this time.  “(Yes, yes, don’t worry.  I’ll let you know.)”

“(Thank you,)” he gruffly replied before turning back to his troops and ordering them to turn around and head back toward the Guild.

That last remark caught me by surprise.  That was the first resemblance of respect that I’d ever received from him since he turned to darkness.  I stood there and pondered on that while the Goriyas marched off.







Day 8 – Morning


Rido and I exited the cave and looked around to get our bearings.  It was difficult to see anything familiar because of the thick foliage.  I figured that’s why Gritsam kept that trap door exit, because no one would find the cave that it leads to.  I figured that, based on what Gritsam said and the curve of the cave, it exited facing west.

“What should we do now?” Rido whispered to me. “The way Gritsam acted, it seemed like someone was coming that would try to harm us.”

I nodded in agreement. Then it hit me.  “Oh!” I whispered back.  “It was probably other Goriyas!  I think they might be mad we… vanquished some of their kind.”

“Honestly, I thought Gritsam was going to be upset at that,” Rido whispered back.

“I know,” I responded.  “However, Faron did say that Gritsam was exiled.  He’s no longer in control of his people. ...  He has compassion for the monkeys like we do, so that’s probably why…”

“Shh!” Rido interrupted.  He held his hand to his ear, listening.

“What?” I asked after a moment.

“Did you hear that?” Rido asked.

I listened.  I heard a familiar sound!  “It’s Kovi!”  I couldn’t believe it; in all the excitement I’d forgotten about my fairy!  How could I have forgotten her???

“And… I hear Noru!” Rido whispered.  We didn’t want to let the Goriyas to hear us, so we only spoke in whispers.

I spotted our fairies flying to the north of where we were and waved my arms to get their attention.  Rido waved as well, and soon our fairies headed our direction.

“Jaron!” called Kovi as she got nearer.

I held my finger to my lips.

“Oh, sorry,” she whispered.

I held out my hand and Kovi landed on it.  “Sorry we left you behind,” I whispered.

“It’s alright!” she replied.  I brought my hand up next to my cheek and Kovi hugged it.


After we welcomed our fairies, I asked if they could lead us back to Gritsam’s house.  They agreed, but I asked them to do so slowly because I didn’t want Rido and I to make a lot of noise moving through the trees.  They led us north and we eventually made it to the road west of Gritsam’s house.

I carefully peered out to the east.  I could hear some growls and yelps, which I recognized as Goriya-speech.  I spotted Gritsam’s house a ways off… and a few Goriyas on the other side.  I motioned for Rido to get back.  “We were right,” I said. “There are a bunch of Goriyas over there.  We best lay low until they’re gone.”

Rido nodded, and we sat down to wait.


After several minutes, we heard a loud snarl and what sounded like people walking away.  I crept back to the road.  The Goriyas that I’d seen before were gone, but I could still hear them going back on the east road.  I motioned to Rido and we cautiously followed the road back to Gritsam’s house.

As we got closer, I noticed something piled up in a small heap behind the house.  When we were within a few feet, I realized what it was.  “Hey, that’s our gear!” I whispered to Rido.  (We couldn’t hear the Goriyas anymore, but we still whispered just in case.)  We hurried over to the pile.  It was obvious Gritsam had hurriedly dumped our stuff out… of what?  I looked up.  I could barely make out the outline of a hatch in the back wall of the house.

Kovi noticed me looking.  “That’s a secret window,” she explained.  “That’s how Gritsam let us out of the house to go find you.”

Rido and I put our belts back on.  I had to re-tighten the bottles since they came a little loose from being dropped.  Luckily, they hadn’t broken at all.


Once we were ready, I slowly peeked around the left side of the house.  No one was in the road.  Cautiously, I crept around the house, in case there were any behind it I couldn’t see.  When the front door came into my view, I noticed it was slightly ajar.  I crept up and lightly knocked on it three times.

“Who is it?” I heard Gritsam casually say inside.

“It’s Jaron and Rido,” I replied.  I looked behind me just to make sure Rido was, indeed, behind me.  I’d been so focused on making sure no other Goriyas were around that I hadn’t looked back earlier.

“Come in,” Gritsam replied.  “I left the door open for you.”


To be continued…

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Posted 13 August 2017 - 03:56 PM

Damn, I saw your post on the day you posted it, Lightwulf, but I've been away and really couldn't deal with extended amounts of typing on a phone. So, here I am.

Also, firefox just crashed, so I had to write this bit and a couple paragraphs again, which is fun.

And, it turns out that my post is too long with the recap in it. So, I am keeping it to myself for now. There's one a few posts ago.


Anyway, on to the story! (great to type that again):





Day 11 - Morning


There he was. Fizleon. The barman from Kakariko. I'd known him for barely over a week, but it felt like we had known each other for half a lifetime. And Lynels live for a long time!

He waved heartily as he saw our approach. There was no turning back now. I let Goroko go on ahead while I collected my thoughts. This was a man with whom I had travelled for days. He had also skinned one of my friends and turned him into a shield. But that was after he was already dead, and he had given the shield to me. Then there was the problem that he wanted to kill Link. And he had admitted that he wanted revenge on me. And he was supposed to be dead!

"How are you doing, Kinek?" His voice broke me out of my thoughts. "Goroko was just telling me about himself." He smiled at me in a way that seemed like honest pleasantness.

"Where is this Dusk Stone?" I asked him.

"Right to the point, I guess," said Fizleon, slightly exaggerating his offendedness at this. He knew that I didn't trust him right now, but clearly hoped that I would soon. "Well, that's the problem," he continued. "I... I was a bit of a scoundrel in my adolescence, and I took the Dusk Stone, and..." he paused and looked down in what I thought for a moment was embarrassment, though I caught a smirk of amusement on his face as he looked back up to finish. "...I sold it. To the moblins." There was a clear grin on his face.

"You don't look ashamed," said Goroko.

"Well, what can I say?" said Fizleon. "You saw them. They're a bit stuck up, and, being completely honest, not the people I'd trust to be able to own a palace. And definitely not a people deserving of the sword that is inside."

"You've talked a lot about this sword," I said. "What is it?"

"To be honest, I forget its name. But I hear it has magical powers. Enough to cause a lot of trouble in the wrong hands, at the very least."

I reflected on how little this actually told me, but before I could say anything, Fizleon started to talk again.

"If we're wanting this sword, we've got to go. We need to be in Moblin Village as soon as possible. I believe the Dark Lord has been trying to get support from them. Stupid place to start, if you ask me. Most moblins are stupider than a pile of rubble. No matter how flavoursome that might be to some," he added with a glance at Goroko, who returned his glance with a grin. "In any case, if we take too long, they may not want us there at all."

"Didn't you work for the Dark Lord?" Goroko asked Fizleon. He nodded unsurely, glancing at me, as if a little surprised that I had said anything. "Then," said Goroko, "could you not just go in and ask for the Dusk Stone?"

Fizleon looked at him for a moment, suddenly a serious. He was either ashamed or annoyed. "...Of course," he said, laughing again. "Didn't think of that." He turned to walk along the wall, but then stopped.

"Goroko," he said, "how fast are you?"

Goroko's expression changed into a grin. "I'm one of the fastest in Goron City!" he said. "I did the Death Mountain Loop in a matter of seconds!"

Fizleon smiled. "That's good," he said. He turned round to look at me. "Kinek, no offense, but you're a Hylian. You're slow. I have another saddle on me. You can ride."

I looked at him, confused. Fizleon hated saddles. When I had taken his previous one off as straps for my shield, he had been so relieved. Was he trying to prove his trustworthiness? What he would sacrifice for our friendship?

"It's fine, really," said Fizleon, lowering himself down to let me climb onto him. I uneasily climbed onto his back and harnessed myself onto his body.

"And we're off!" he called, his voice betraying a little savagery as he stood back up. And he began to gallop along the wall away from Lynel Town, Goroko rolling along beside us.

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 09:04 PM

OOC: I will only use this to update Chillen's status at the start (and possibly the end) of each post, to remind the players of his condition. This will not be directly referenced in character


Previously, Chillen and his crew had landed on Saldora Bay and were set upon by a bunch of Goriyas; who Chillen killed with a single epic move. A guard by the name of Gareth Smith came up to greet the foreign Vulpine, who seemed to know his parents. Before he could say anything further, the immediately advised Chillen and his men to leave the bay and seek out to land on Saldora Cove to the south.

Day 8 (Midnight/early morning) - Chillen Hunter

Perched atop the front deck and bathed in a gentle aura of moonlight, Chillen gazed over the horizon and at the stars. Reaching out to the sky and making gestures using one of his furry hands while his other kept a steady weight on the ship's wooden steering wheel to turn when needed, the captain seemed entirely preoccupied with navigation that he seemed to forget about a glass of lemonade that had spilled all over his boots earlier. Standing beside the captain to the left were a petite human woman, standing barely shorter in stature than the already short fox, dressed in black as she too looked over the horizon and a big beefy male anthropomorphic brown bear in leather armor standing to the right of him, standing guard and watching for potential threats. A couple other crew-mates moved about on the deck, creating chatter that echoed through otherwise silent the night while one could hear the faint creaking of the ship's timber rubbing against itself echo under the chatter.


Looking past the hull of the ship and across the water in front, the bear stood tall and pondered about the ocean; what they were going to do when they reached their new destination, the next location at which they would land on Hyrule, as the bear scratched his neck.
"Hey captain!" the bear called to Chillen as he turned his head to face the fox, eager to get his attention.
No response followed, the captain seemingly entranced into reading the stars to guide his navigation as he remained staring over the horizon.
Grunting and biting into a stray wedge of lemon he held in his hand, the bear's facial expression briefly furrowed from biting the sour fruit. During his furrow his sight brifely jerked downwards, down far enough for the bear to notice the lemonade that had spilled all over the fox' boots and the glass mug tossed to the side through the ebb and flow of the waves crashing on the ship's hull. Sighing once again, the bear reached down and sharply tugged the hem of the fox' shirt downwards as another attempt to grab his attention.
"What Barnaby?" the fox responded at last though rather rashly, interrupting his stargazing to talk with his crewmate.
"So captain... will we land at Saldora Cove soon?" Barnaby quizzed rather excitedly, anticipating their arrival on the shore.
"There ain't much time left 'till we land. If we are lucky, by 1 o'clock. 2 o'clock is more likely. Prepare our crew to land, and make sure they are armed - We're not landing here and then getting booted off by some bratty lady and her pets like we did last time" Chillen coughed, explaining arrival time and giving the bear orders as he shrugged.
The female human woman, after hearing the orders Barnaby was given, interrupted her own skygazing out of concern and turned to look behind herself with a jerk to see a female anthropomorphic white rabbit in a deep scarlet robe sitting next to the same big muscly deckhand rabbit who woke Chillen up earlier.
"Hey Battlemaster Harde! We need your help!" she hurriedly called out to the female rabbit in a high-pitched voice.
The female rabbit rubbed her eyes, sighing, and turned to face the petite human and walked with a hurried gait up to her, leaving audible creaks from her boots pounding on the timber in her wake, and looked around to witness Chillen palming his forehead into his hand and shaking his head in exasperation after getting dobbed in and Barnaby reluctantly stepping away from him. Reading the signs, which had been all too common since the crew set sail from Yarna Desert on Koholint, her face twisted itself into a scowl in disappointment and marched up to Chillen.
"Okay captain, what did you order Barnaby or Analise to do this time?" Harde asked, taking up an assertive tone out of her disappointment in his tactics.
"I gave orders for Barnaby to rally all our men to gear up for combat. There ain't much time left 'till we land in Saldora Cove and we ain't getting pushed off by scum like that Gerudo lady and her pets like we did last time. Battlemaster" Chillen assertively turned to her and recited with the hope he'd somehow convinced her that he was right.
Briefly pasuing to process the information, Harde turned around to look at Chillen, Barnaby and the human female in turn before clearing her throat and yawning out of tiredness. "...Captain, I would advise that you amend your order. We won't need our whole ship armed right now - only whoever is currently on deck will need arms and we will need to wake up everyone else in preparation for landing and contact with anyone who living in the cove. Is that clear with you?" she sternly advised, gazing at Chillen.
"It's perfectly clear for me, battlemaster. However, if we blunder up this attempt, we are going to have to charge onto the next place we can dock - We need to at least restock our rations, especially our water" Chillen responded, slowly nodding to agree with Harde's advice. Turning around to look at a backpedaling Barnaby, the fox called, ordering "Elite Corsair Barnaby! Rally anyone on deck and get 'em armed.", pointing to the rest of the men on deck. Turning back, the captain faced the human woman "Elite Deadeye Analise! Get the rest of our men up and at 'em, tell 'em that we are approaching Saldora Cove in an hour's time" he ordered, pointing to the hatch leading down below the deck.
Having recieved appropriate orders; Barnaby and Analise briefly stopped in their tracks to turn around to Chillen. In sync, the petite woman and the big bear kneeled over and bowed down to their captain out of both obediance and respect before marching down the deck to carry out their orders. Harde, too, begun marching away before turning around and bowing down to Chillen after a few steps.
"Oh by the way captain Chillen, I would appreciate if you don't lose your cueballs next time Deckhand Forde wakes you up regardless of how he does so. Just a reminder to keep your temper in control." the rabbit advised, afterwards parting with Chillen for the moment for him to finish navigating.
The reynard nodded, looking back on his overreaction to that incident as being embarassing towards himself, before turning back to the steering wheel. No longer needing the stars above to guide him for the moment, Chillen looked to the rail to the left of him and reached out to grab something. Realizing he was gripping at air, the fox looked around himself to see that his lemonade had spilled all over his boots in a sticky mess and the glass mug nowhere to be seen nearby. Cursing to himself, the fox reached into his pocket to grab a small orange fruit that looked like a cross between a grape and orange and bit into it. His face briefly clenching out of bitterness, the fox returned to steering his ship towards the land coming into view in the front of his sight.

Day 8 (Early Morning) - Chillen Hunter

Chillen Hunter and his crew have landed on Saldora Cove.

Sheltered by the natural rock formation high above and waves broken by the rock walls to the side, Saldora Cove takes on the appearance of a natural bay lit by the faintest moonlight leading into the inky blackness of a cave. Dotted about the walls of Saldora Cove are many unlit torches, presumably placed and previously by people who had landed here before. Scattered around the floor are the mangled skeletons of people, often partially dissolved or trapped in goo or webbing. Large crab-like shells, burn marks and scraps of black metal dot the floor, indicating that some sort of battle has taken place here. Not far to the side of Chillen's ship lies the sunkern wreckage of another vessel, seemed to appear torn apart and forgotten with time.


Standing erect on the rock ground; Chillen looking back while Barnaby, Analise, Harde and twenty of their crew-mates stood behind their captain and stared into the inky blackness of the interior of Saldora Cove; everyone carrying lit torches in preparation to march out of the moonlight and into the inky depths, where danger would certainly assure.
"Everyone! Be on your best guard. We are likely to go up against what Lord Hal and Zedra would describe as a Queen Ghoma up in this cave. This monster is said to resemble a giant spider crab with a single great eye. It is said to bear two giant claws which it can use to swipe at foes and can shoot lasers and spew poison at us. Also to watch out for are her countless offspring, said to be living versions of the many tiny spidercrab shells we see here, as well as potential Stalfos. Understood?" Chillen briefed in an assertive tone, warning his crew-mates of the potential dangers ahead before the fox stared over his crew.
"AYE AYE CAPTAIN!" the crew-mates, wearing leather armor and armed with cutlasses, crossbows, hammers, bombs and wands all shouted to Chillen in unison; shortly before rallying together in a battle-cry; reverberating through the cave.
"THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO HEAR! LET US MARCH AND MAKE OUR LORDS PROUD! ATTACK ALL MONSTERS ON SIGHT!" Chillen ordered the crew, yelling to further rouse their spirits shortly before he himself turned and started marching into the inky blackness ahead.
Following Chillen, the rest of the crew marched forwards into the shadows inside the cave, mincing everything on the floor in its path except the skeletons from the repeated pounding of boots on the stone, and ready to fight whatever lurked inside.

To be continued...

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Again, my post is too long for the recap. You can read it on the previous page and then read the rest of this page. If my posts keep being really long, I may just post the recap in a separate post, since double posting rules seem to be a little laxer in this topic.



On with the story!



Sorn Nors

Day 10 - Unknown Time

We don't have the Spiritual Stones anymore, And I have no idea where Asara or Gasser are.

Almost immediately after they asked for the Spiritual Stones, Gasser gave up the Zora's Sapphire. Asara had dropped her in her agony, and so I decided, against my will, that I had to give up the Emerald as well. I couldn't let them kill Asara either, could I?
Once we had all dropped the Stones, the poes dropped Asara. She fell on the ground with a clattering of her armour. I ran to her, scared for her life. She said nothing as she slowly stood up, but I could hear her breathing heavily.
The poes then began to lead us somewhere - probably the Arbiter's Grounds. I stood close to Asara in case they tried anything else - though, being honest, it was for my own protection. I watched Gasser as closely as I could by the poes' light, in case he tried to run away. He seemed more at ease than he should be, though definitely not comfortable. The poes often shot random pain through him, just for fun, but he said nothing.

After a long time - no idea how long - we ended up at a building; probably the Arbiter's Grounds. It seemed like daylight was beginning to show, but I could barely tell because of all of the bright lamps and shadows of the poes. Slowly, the poes descended between the three of us, the light stopping us from seeing each other. Even though I was sure I never left Asara's side, we were separated. At some point, I stopped in a small chamber, the door slamming shut behind me.


"Where am I?" I asked the closest poe, as the rest began to disperse and let me see where I was.

"You are our prisoner," said the poe. "You are in our castle."

And he left.


I took some time to think about where I might be. We were still in the desert - I had felt sand under my feet the whole way (I had spent a minute shaking it out of my fur), and the walls of my cell were clearly sandstone. The poes were clearly at home here, so it had to be some deserted building. That narrowed it down! In any case, I had to find some way out.

I know how these rooms work. There's some kind of a puzzle in the room that opens the door. Either I had to kill some enemies (probably poes, since this is supposed to be their castle), or solve some kind of puzzle. I looked around the room. Nothing. It was a small cube with enough space for maybe three people to stand in. I felt around the walls to see if there was anything. Still nothing.

I began to pace around the sides of the room. I couldn't believe this. Had the poes closed the door on me? It was the only way to explain this. Either that or I'd missed something in the room.

Suddenly, I tripped, my foot caught on something. Getting up, I looked back at what could have tripped me, but there was nothing there. Not convinced, I felt around the floor there: there was a small hole in the floor. It didn't look like it at all; my hand reached inside the floor. I felt around a little more. There was enough space for my whole hand to get through. Nothing else, though.

I reached my entire arm into the hole and felt around inside the cavity on the other side. It was a small cavity, without very wide walls, and short enough for me to reach. There was a small box in the bottom, which I removed from the cavity. It was a little case, like that typically used for a wedding ring. I opened it; it wasn't a ring at all - though I don't think I had expected one -, it was a small key. For the door?

I walked over to the door and felt along the edges, looking for a keyhole. There was one, invisible as the hole in the floor had been. I unlocked the door with the small key, which broke off in the lock, and pocketed the little case. Now I was ready to find Asara and Gasser.

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I'm just going to put the plot recap here:




And I'll post something else here fairly soon. I's supposed to be doing a project for Uni due in a couple hours, so I can't go on with the story yet.

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