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having trouble with block puzzles

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Posted 26 October 2019 - 01:06 PM

I want to make a one-way blocks puzzle in my dungeon, but i am terribly confused.


can anybody help me? zquest is confusing to me.

#2 ShadowTiger



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Posted 26 October 2019 - 01:40 PM

For one, tell us what you're doing now.  We have to know where to go from there.


In general, there are a few things to remember:


1)  It's mostly a flag-driven operation, but some combo types affect your experience too.  If you need the L1 or L2 Gauntlets (Power Bracelet)  to push the block, you'd set them to "Push: Heavy" and "Push: Very Heavy"  respectively. - If the player has no Gauntlet, just use "Push."    The "Wait" part of the combo type means all enemies must be dead before the block will move.


2)  There are loads of Flags you can put on a combo to push it.  Look at Flags #1 or #2, for example.  Those dictate where and how you can move that block.  The word "Trigger" in a flag means  pushing it will trigger a Dungeon type screen's shutter doors.  It may even trigger secrets.  Flag #2 on a combo means you can push that once in any direction.  When you get to Flag #47, you'll see a big list of push-block related flags. Some have "Trigger" and some have "Once" .  Flag #2 should be near flag #47 but it's a relic from past days, and the flags are only in the order that they were introduced into ZC, so just pretend Flag #2 is up near the rest of the pushblock flags.  It's no different or special than the rest of them.   The word "Many" means you can push it in the applicable directions an unlimited amount of times.  There's nothing in between "Once" and "Many."    Flag #61 is the generic "Hey, I'm a pushable thing.  Push me anywhere!" block. 


3)  Flag #66 can be placed on a floor, or something that looks like a block trigger plate.  When you push a combo with a push-flag onto it, it'll trigger the screen's secrets.  There might also be a flag of some kind where you have to have a block on all of the screen's Flag 66, but I'm not sure.   Flag #67 can be put down onto something where you don't want a thing to be pushed, but you still want to be able to walk on it normally. 


4)  Flag #91, the "Block Hole (Block -> Next)"  flag, will turn into the next combo in the combo page after the combo with this Flag #91 when you push a block onto it.  It's probably a good idea to have this combo be walkable. :P

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Posted 26 October 2019 - 03:36 PM

the block puzzle that i want to make is like the one from IOR, the one in level 1. @ShadowTiger, your comment describes it 100%(at least to me). i always was confused as to the flags for blocks. never really used them before. but now that i know how to use these speciafic flags, i can now make the puzzle that i want! and i've also figured out how to make the tiles that i want link(or the main protaginist) to be able to walk on to tiles that blocks cant be pushed onto (which i'l probably use for switches that i dont want pushable blocks in the same room to be able to be pushed onto). Thank you very much! :love: 

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