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Distort Screen effect (for cutsceen)

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Posted 14 March 2020 - 04:43 PM

hello i would like to ask a script request:

I simply wish a script that could create a distorted effect like the Oracle series from Zelda but unlike the underwater effects screen i was thinking about some edit on it:

When the player enter in the screen map the screen start to distort slowly (with a sound) until the screen is completly distorted. But if Link get all 8 triforce pieces then the screen flashs 3 times after a few second ( useful if all pieces gets out from Link manually so no needs a script for this one, just the warp timer with movable ffc would do wich i could do. ) and at the 4th time the flash would hold much longer before disappearing and then the screen start to be back to normal slowly and a secret trigger would be actived if used.

I was thinking that i could use it only for cutsceen and the distort effect would still take effect as long as a "script screen" would be activated to avoid problems with that script and since i had no problem with combining global script anymore i think i could use it as a global script ^^ I still uses the 5.53 version of ZC so yeah... ^^' Welp that all what i wanted to ask. 

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