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[OtBP] Tags List

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Posted 18 June 2008 - 11:09 AM

The following tags will be required [in brackets] at the start of every thread name used in this forum. More info can be found here. Don't be overwhelmed by the number of tags -- you won't be warned if you miscategorize a thread or if you are unsure which tag to use. Generally if you are unsure, the most general tag that is the most related should be the one to use.

These are in no particular order, unfortunately. If someone can reorganize them to make them easier to browse through, it'd be appreciated.

  • Adv - for an advertisement of your site, forums, etc. These threads should be used sparingly. If they are abused, these threads will also be removed.
  • Books - For general literature, doesn't necessarily mean a book.
  • News - Current events.
  • Food - for food-related threads.
  • Music - for discussion or advertisement of music.
  • Art - for discussion or display of visual art. The image dimension limit in these threads is relaxed somewhat, but you are still encouraged to link to your images instead of using the img tags.
  • Word - for written art such as poetry, short stories, etc.
  • Science - For science!
  • Math - Mathematics.
  • Video - for discussion or display of videos.
  • TV - Television discussion.
  • Movie - Commercial movie discussion.
  • Anime - Anime discussion. icon_kawaii.gif
  • Manga - Manga discussion.
  • Game - Deals with games or gaming in general.
  • VGame - Deals specifically with video games for both console systems and PCs.
  • BGame - Deals with non-electronic games such as pen-and-paper RPGs, board games, etc.
  • Tech - General technology category.
  • Comp - Dealing with computers and their components, or software, problems with yours, etc.
  • Story - For general anecdotes. Could be about your vacation to Florida where your sister got her ear lopped off by accident in a bizarre computer shopping incident, could be about that time your cat fell off of a bridge and turned into a doorknob. Basically anything that isn't terribly specific but is a little more long-winded than a single incident should have this tag.
  • ZC - Zelda Classic category. The ZC Discussion forum is readily available, but if you want the less-restrictive nature of this forum in your thread, by all means, put it here.
  • Misc - Miscellaneous. Anything not covered by existing tags goes here. Ideally, this tag should not be required very often.
  • Link - for discussion about something found elsewhere on the internet, with a link included in the first post. Could be a blog post, or other article, etc.--pretty much anything not covered by the "Video" or "News" tags. Threads would be essentially "hey, look what I found, discuss." ~ suggested by Snarwin
  • RP - Role-play. Use this topic to RP battles, wars, or just about anything as if this were part of an RPG message board. ~ suggested by Schwa
  • IRC - For topics related to IRC. ~ suggested by Espilan
  • Lang - For foreign language discussion. ~ suggested by Powerbracelet
  • School - Looking for help/input on a school assignment or homework? This is your tag. ~ added by The Satellite
Specialized Tags:
  • Site - For threads about PureZC. Random suggestions or questions that don't seem "major" enough for the official Assistance and Propositions forum should go here. This includes ideas for more tags to use.
  • OtBP - For threads about the forum itself.
  • Spam - Go wild in here, adkjfd;fkldgjdfg;lkjfgd all you want. In this thread, image dimension limits are abolished. Be warned that if this thread gets out of hand, it will disappear. Only one should exist; do not make any more or they will be locked on sight. Spam threads are currently disallowed at this time.
  • READ - These tags should only appear on threads made by the staff and should be pinned anyway. Regular members shouldn't be making these.
  • TEST - Administrators might occasionally want to use this forum to test things.
  • Lounge - The Lounge thread is a bit different. It has no actual topic, but is a place for lazy discussion of anything, kind of like a slower-paced chat room. This thread is inherently going to be a little difficult to follow, but if you read through the whole thing, you needn't be concerned about being lost.
At the time of this writing (June 18th) this tag list is not terribly large. Members are welcome to suggest new ones if one they are looking for is not here.

June 19th - Books, Link, News, Anime, Manga, Movies, TV tags added. I knew we were missing some things.
July 19th - RP added.
September 13th - IRC added.
January 22nd - School added.

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