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Zelda Classic 2.55 Alpha 30 for Windows (Official)

alpha Æternal Aeternal Windows 2.55

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Posted 27 August 2019 - 07:44 AM

Zelda Classic AEternal, v2.55, Alpha 30 (Win32, 48MB)
Changelog for 2.55 on GitHub.
Expo Module | Demo Module | PhantomMenace Module |

Fixes to Legacy Bosses
Corrected visual bugs with legacy bosses (Gleeok, Dodongo) and vulnerability for Patras.


Added Scripted Knockback

Added npc->Knockback() and related ZScript handling for fully-scripted control over npc knockback, either disabling engine knockback (->Slide()) or otherwise.


Added Add-On Utilities

Added Allegro Sprite Editor to edit ZQ tile pages.

Added Allegro Font Editor to edit fonts.dat for modules.

Added Allegro Grabber to edit module .dat files.

Added utilities.text to explain the use of each.


Allegro Sprite Editor is an older version of ASESprite, designed to work with ZC and other similar, older Allegro game software.


We have opened GitHub repositories for Allegro Sprite Editor and Allegro Font Editor on the AGN GitHub repo portal. The source for Allegro grabber is part of Allegro 4.4.x.



Fixed if(object) and unless(object) compilation errors; These expressions are now legal, to match if (!object).

Added identifier registration.

Added char32 datatype. Strings now default to this type.



Fixed Tango include under ./headers to correct use of bitmap as an identifier (fix compilation).



npc scripts now run for one frame after the npc's HP is reduce to zero (or belie), to match behavious with Link. This allows you to set up death effects or other events if the npc's HP is reduced to 0 before the script aborts.


weapon scripts run for one frame after the weapon dies. This allows for weapon death effects, matching npc scripts and Link.



Added npc->Immortal

This allows you to ensure that npcs aren't destroyed and cannot take damage. 

Fixed sciope resolution for custom enum types. 

Allow setting LA_RAFTING as an action.

Added DrawTileCloaked() and DrawComboCloaked() to Screen-> and bitmap->.

Added  new global and link script types for use with title screens, F6 screens, and other events. 

Renamed OnContinue to 4for clarity. This script loads from a saved game.

Added global script OnLaunch: This script runs at the init of every game session, including the first; useful for title screens.

Added global script OnContinue: this script loads fromF6->Continue.

Added Global Script OnF6: This Script runs whenever ther player pressed F6 and is useful for custom F6 menus. 

Retooled hero init script to run whenever Link is reinitialised. 

Added Game->SaveAndQuit() and Game->SaveAndContinue().

Started implementation of combo scripts and subscreens cripts

Various instruction bugfixes.

Added some basic script version metadata on compilation.

Additional fixes to NO_ERROR_HALT.

Fixed memory leak with array deallocation. Old scripts have a QR to disable this behaviour.

Added methods to determine array validity by script.



Added ignore changers and changer imprecision flags to ffcs. 



Combos and Flags

Added internal Sideview Ladders with a ruleset to determine their behavious. Sideview (Link's Awakening/Oracle game) ladders no no-longer require scripts. 

Fixed Combo SkipY animation bugs, and added a rule for the old (bugged) behaviour. 

Fixed some issues with the tile editor and combo editor working with expanded tile pages when using animated combos.

Fixed Mass Combo Creation.



Fixed screenshot colours when taking a screenshot from the menus in ZC Player.


ZQuest UI
Updated ZQ Ui to work better with small mode, resizing menus, reformatting contextual menus, to fit properly.

Rearranged ZScript Rules dialogues with tabs. 


Enemies & Items

Corrected boss enemy deaths and other graphical issues.

Corrected graphical and solidity behaviour for large enemeis created in the Enemy Editor.

Added Gravity flag to enemies and items. 



Added a RQ set to allow enabling item shifting of B items on pressing or R and ensure that the appropriate QR bits are set on older quests.

Added the ability to shift inventory slot A on pressing Ex2 and Ex4.

Added fullscreen confirmation dialogues.

Added QR to prevent uncapping.

Added epilepsy flash reduction.



various additional fixes and improvements. Please see the changelog for more details, covering Alphas 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30. 


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