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Tall Push Combo


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Posted 13 December 2013 - 03:20 PM

Tall Push Combos

Allows for a freeform combo to move along with it's base. Giving the visual effect of a tall pillar.
//Add this line once at the top of your script file.
import "std.zh"
ffc script TallPushCombo
    void run()
            while(Screen->ComboD[ComboAt(this->X, this->Y+(this->TileHeight*16))] != Screen->UnderCombo)
            //We need to know what direction the block is going to move ahead of time as waitdraw cannot be used.
            float xstep;
            float ystep;
               ystep = -.5;
            else if(Link->Dir==DIR_DOWN)
               ystep = .5;
            else if(Link->Dir==DIR_LEFT)
               xstep = -.5;
            else if(Link->Dir==DIR_RIGHT)
               xstep = .5;
            for(int i; i < 32; i++) //Blocks are pushed for 32 frames.
                this->X += xstep;
                this->Y += ystep;
            this->X = GridX(this->X);
            this->Y = GridY(this->Y);
Place ffc on the screen above the pushable combo so it's aligned on the combo grid. It can be up to 4 tiles high and should have overlay flag set. Set it's TileHeight so the ffc's bottom is touching; but not overlapping the base combo. Then attach the script and apply a push flag to the base combo and your ready to go. NOTE: The base combo is the Push Block placed on the screen NOT the ffc.
Requires std.zh which is included with zc.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: FFC

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