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Welcome to ZC Creation Showcase (Rules/Guidelines)

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Posted 05 March 2018 - 09:16 PM

ZC Creation Showcase

Welcome to ZC Creation Showcase!


ZC Creation Showcase is a contest in which you showcase your very own ZC Creation, and is the successor of Enemy of the Month which was created and hosted by Shoelace in 2014 until he later resigned his role as EotM host. This lead to a few new hosts to continue the contest over time, including Eddy, David, Anthus, and NewJourneysFire. Enemy of the Month continued to host enemies until the contest ended in early 2018. ZC Creation Showcase serves to be similar to EotM while now welcoming more than just enemies. Every month, participants are presented with a new theme. Participants can then choose to submit their creation to ZC Creation Showcase with or without a theme. Participants are given around 1 month to make and submit their creation. Once the deadline has passed and all the submissions have been received, a poll is posted with all the received submissions where one can vote for four categories that we will learn more about below. At the same time, a new theme will be created and the cycle will commence once again.


Now that you know more about ZC Creation Showcase, let's talk about some rules/guidelines. Please read these rules/guidelines before submitting! We look forward to seeing your submitted creations!  :)



  1. ALL PureZC rules apply to ZC Creation Showcase topics and submissions.
  2. Your creation is no longer limited to a theme, but it is highly encouraged as it does make the contest more interesting and consistent.
  3. You may only submit up the three creations per month at maximum. (Full Length Quests like Spurdlunky are NOT PERMITTED!
  4. The submitted creation must be made by yourself and not by someone else. 
  5. We encourage you to "Null Vote" if your creation is in the poll. It's good sportsmanship. 
  6. Be nice and have a positive attitude! Give fair and constructive criticism, and also learn to take it as well. 
  7. Have fun! This contest is about having a good time.  :)

Submitting a Creation

To submit a creation, please post a topic in the dropbox. Also, please follow the following template when submitting your creation.

  • Submission Name: What your submission is called.
  • Submission Type: Enemy, Puzzle, etc. (Submission Types are Listed Below)
  • Description: Describe your submission.
  • Version: Specify the version of ZQuest that your creation was made from.
  • Quest File or Video: Please include a link to a video file or a zipped file including necessary files (unpassworded quest file, scripts, images, and setup instructions).

(New Changes: Quest download links are now optional. Players can choose to just share an image or a video with their submission. Some creations just may not be appropriate for public use as they may be too hardcoded for specific quests or simply may be cutscene spoilers that are flat out inappropriate for sharing due to being too specific to their own quest. However, if you're in this to compete in the polls, a full packaged playable demo goes a lot farther than just an image or a video.  If you are sharing a video, please refrain from adding in your own voice commentary because that is technically my job. lol Text commentary within your video is completely fine.)


(Note: If you are submitting a quest file for me to review, but do not want it to be shared publicly, please include this in your message. These types of submissions don't need to be unpassworded or have setup instructions because it wouldn't really make any sense as they are not available for public use.)


=== If any of the above rules/guidelines are broken or not met, you will be notified and asked to resubmit your creation. ===


Submission Types


Voting Categories

‚ÄčThis contest will have a total of four voting categories.

  • Best Overall
  • Most Useful
  • Most Creative
  • Most Entertaining

(New Changes: Since the community was very divided on contest polls, we're choosing to keep them in, but with new rules. You can now choose to opt out of contest polls if you so choose. If you don't want to participate in these polls, you can mention it with your submission).



Themes are still a part of ZC Creation Showcase, but people can now opt out of being limited to themes. Please include in your submission if your entry is a themed one or not. 




Thank you for visiting ZC Creation Showcase! We are looking forward to the entries you guys are going to submit!

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