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Design Concepts and Ideas

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#31 Orithan


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Posted 02 April 2011 - 02:44 AM

@Nolorlbon: I'm pretty sure that words won't hurt Link much, since he doesn't have much of a personality in the Zelda titles. Of course; this is ZC, so it won't matter much.

@Shiek91: The forest fire idea has been used in Warrior of the Lost World; It was the combustion forest. It would be nice to see that in other quests too.

A couple of more ideas from the top of my head:

What you say is what you get: A nasty little gimmic I got from Super Paper Mario; basicaly you have a dialouge set up where the player answers a set of questions, asking something like "What enemy you fear the most?", and what they put as their answers for each question is what they get later on! Maybe you shouldn't have answered with "Deathknight" for one of the questions then if you have the Blue Tunic and White Sword...

Enemy order: For partictular rooms; you must kill the enemies in an exact order for a reward, like in LA. This would need scripting, and there should be a hint on how to complete this puzzle.


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#32 Shane


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Posted 03 April 2011 - 03:32 AM

Crystal Forest: Simple yet sounding magical many crystals should be everywhere growing (yes crystals DO grow) on tree trunks, mountains and ruins (that's if you have ruins).
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#33 Sheik



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Posted 03 April 2011 - 06:11 AM

QUOTE(Orin XD @ Apr 2 2011, 10:44 AM) View Post
@Shiek91: The forest fire idea has been used in Warrior of the Lost World; It was the combustion forest. It would be nice to see that in other quests too.
When did I talk about buring forests? o_O I actually think the only thing I posted here was the crap about Oracle of Seasons and Seasons themed dungeons? Meh, I'm too lazy to read through the thread now.

#34 Giggidy


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Posted 04 April 2011 - 10:05 AM

An idea for a quest paradigim: An almost entirely optional game. Rather than collecting particular items, instead the story is advanced by the collection of "renown" (which can be anything, really, so long as it's justifiably obtainable from multiple sources.) The player gets renown from clearing out dungeons, performing side quests, or anything else you want them to do. This way, it's totally possible to completely ignore the dungeons and finish the game just by doing side quests. Or you can do all the dungeons except the ones you don't like and get the rest from side quests.

#35 Nolornbon


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Posted 06 April 2011 - 03:43 PM

@Giggidy: The idea of having optional gameplay has to be one of the most original ideas for a Zelda Classic quest ever. It's not impossible to do with 2.5. Have renown be in the place of rupees, and have quests and only quests give this out.

I have a suggestion of my own to everyone. Did you know that with 2.5 it is easy to use custom sound effects for everything from the sword to the hammer (even the sounds of the player getting hurt and killed?) For individual screens you could use the boss sfx slot and the water sfx slot to provide atmospheric sounds (like wind and distant screams.) This will also work for enemies if you have one of the more recent 2.5 betas! For example, you could have a goriya humm while he is on the screen, gasp when he is hurt, and scream when he falls in battle. Custom sound effects are a great way to make your quests original!

#36 He Fed The Ravens

He Fed The Ravens


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Posted 10 April 2011 - 12:12 PM

Helpful Ghosts

Link arrives at one area (say, a castle), only to find that the entire place has been devastated by an attack.As he searches through the ruins, he hears voices (Run,run! I'll hold them off!) and occasionally sees visions (i.e. somebody opening a secret passage) of what happened there. He can then use the secrets he finds to proceed.

Broken Sword Overworld

Link has just defeated a powerful boss, but, alas, his blade has broken. He must now find the materials to reforge the sword. The effect of a broken sword could be done by either giving Link a "broken" sword that does half as much damage, or by making a few custom enemies that are exactly the same but have twice as much health.

#37 Nolornbon


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Posted 23 April 2011 - 01:22 PM

This topic seems to be dead as of late, so I will post. Have you ever thought about a quest where the main character lives happily in a world until something BAD happens to him/her and leads the poor character on a TRAGIC quest that ultimately reveals everyone and everything he/she has known and loved to be the physical body of an EVIL being that wants the main character to be blissfully ignorant so it can devour her soul? The main character has been living in this world since birth. In a way, this plot sort of reminds you of the movie Coraline, doesn't it? Matrix movies too, perhaps?

#38 Anthus


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Posted 03 January 2012 - 12:54 AM

Here's an introspective on a design concept found widely in the Zelda series.

"The Parallel World" (Might contain slight SS Spoilers)

Zelda is very good at masking using some of the same content twice. Granted, most of the time, there is considerable new content, we still see a lot of parallel areas.

AlttP has a light and dark world. This is the most black an white example of this concept. Look a bit deeper, and you can see it in a lot of games. OoT is another obvious one, though the parallel times are there to extend the story, I think. The hardware had limited space, so they had to milk all the game play they could out of each pixel. As Zelda went on, even as early as with AlttP, the grander the stories got, the more backtracking we saw between the areas we had. In Skyward sword, we have less overworld than TP, and OoT, yet the game feels just as rich and huge cause the areas you do explore often have you returning later on to go further.

Now, with that bit of preface, we can see that it is not uncommon to see parallels in Zelda. Most commonly, we see it within the worlds themselves, but it can extend to other areas of design. So, I think if people keep this in mind, then maybe their mind will open up to incorporate more of these elements in a quest. Instead of making a HUGE quest with a BAZILLION areas, you focus on a smaller quest in scale, and pack more punch into what you have. Use items in a way that brings players back to earlier areas, and open up new experiences in these areas. Perhaps have a way to switch an entire areas from "Ice themed" to "Lava themed".

One example idea is this: You have a dungeon that you access at the top of a snowy mountain. You enter, and find an item (In this example, the Wand). You can use this on a peculiar stone, or emblem you saw earlier, and somehow, through some plot device, the entire ice dungeon turns into a lava themed area.

#39 Orithan


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Posted 03 January 2012 - 04:21 AM

More concepts:

Maybe you shouldn't have got that correct: Answer an nonsensical question (like "How many Mary Sues are in this screen?"), that's only asked once in the entire quest, incorrectly and nothing happens to you, but answer it correctly and you have to fight a boss!

Genetic labatory: An abandoned labatory dungon populated with random mutant enemies, with random characteristics. You may run into a mutant Darknut that is felled in just one hit, but may do the same to you, for example.

Libary Dungeon: Have a dungeon based on a libary; and have it so you have to collect random books as keys, secret passages acessed by shoving random bookcases, ect...

#40 Nolornbon


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Posted 03 January 2012 - 09:11 AM

Good points are made in this topic.
More Dungeons Per Level/Passages Between Dungeons

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#41 Darkmatt


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Posted 18 January 2013 - 08:11 AM

I noticed that a lot of these ideas are for set pieces and not necessarily for map design.


--Reach the ends of the earth by going to The Outlands. I've seen plenty of mountains, but I would like a more open and more barren land for my "last place you'll probably be going to".


--What's stopping you from putting in Multiple entrances to the same level? Design a dungeon around such a mechanic, make it flexible depending on where you go, and boom. Fun dungeon.

--A bit hardcore for Zelda Classic, but Fire AND Ice puzzles. Actually, I mean Puzzles That Involves Fire & Ice Rods. I'd like to see puzzles that involve controlling what's hot and what's cold, and not through switches that changes everything.

#42 RetraRoyale



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Posted 27 May 2013 - 11:59 PM

Here's an idea I had recently:


An underwater quest. As in, you play as a Zora or something, and through the magic of scripting, you can rise and swim on the surface or dive and walk on the sea floor. (You could get the "flippers" item to let you travel on land, although you'd be very limited.)


Additionally, the surface/dive mechanic could be used in dungeons to transition between levels using pits. 

#43 UninspiredUsername404



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Posted 20 October 2013 - 03:11 PM

Overworld area Ideas


Multiple Towns-

You could have multiple towns, each vastly different in style and contents. Like each town having a different race (Examples: Hylians, Gerudo, Gorons, Kokiri, Deku Scrubs, Zoras, ect.). Or each town having its own item shop with an item only found there (like rings). Or the towns having something to with the dungeons.

Or some combination of the above. Much like in Majora's Mask.


A Lake on Top of a Mountain that Feeds into Other Lakes at The Bottom


Layered World/ Other Dimensions

A very unoriginal idea, but with some cool possibilities. A common example would be the dark world. You could also have an underground world filled with glowing plants and fungi, or mole people, or something funky like that.


Swamp Area that Leads Into an Ocean


Clifftop Dojo


Dungeon Ideas


"Dungeons" That Aren't Dungeons

You could have some "dungeons" that took place in strange places like:

  • A cliffside
  • A factory
  • A remote forest/swamp
  • A hallucination
  • A large warehouse
  • A pirate ship
  • A city run by an organization, gang, mob, ect. (with the boss (of the whatever) as the boss (of the level) [REDUNDANCY!])
  • The future
  • The treetops



"Glitched" Area

An area of the game made as badly as possible with bad tiling, bad pallets/csets, flashing lights, weird text, ect. Made intentionally as a joke of course.


Other Macguffins Besides the Triforce

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#44 Zeldaria12



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Posted 27 October 2013 - 01:14 PM




Please reply to this.


I am new to Zelda Classic and its editor.


I need help. Please reply to my topic.

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#45 emjoelee



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Posted 01 November 2013 - 02:39 AM

how about a quest that merging star wars and TLoZ or phantasy star universe with tloz ??????? :eyebrow: :aggravated:

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