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The Legend of Zelda: The Meaning of Christmas

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Posted 30 April 2010 - 06:51 PM

The Legend of Zelda: The Meaning of Christmas by LostInHyru1e
Quest Reviewed by Blaman

Well, I reviewed a quest made for my own contest, so here's another quest made for a contest. Specifically, a two week contest held by the 1337 Des1gn P4d long before I came along and hijacked it. icon_razz.gif But on a serious note, let's get onto the review.

This quest was made with the Classic set, features a slightly smaller than BS overworld and 4 major dungeons.

Starting things off with graphics, it's okay. There appears to be some custom graphics in there, which is always nice to see, and it's fairly good too. The screen design itself isn't overtly flashy nor detailed. It's simple and clean without much to get in your way. It's fairly basic, however, and there's nothing really new nor exciting. Though, being made in two weeks, I don't really think there was much time to make everything really extravagant. I am keeping this in mind. In terms of dungeons, it's like I said above about the overworld: nothing too new, but it is nice to see some new tiles in there. I personally think some of it is a little clashy, but overall, simple and basic without shoving the unecessary in your way.

This quest features a solid musical score. Things fit where they should and sound fairly good at the same time. Nothing too overused mixed in with tracks I've yet to hear in a Zelda Classic quest yet.

In terms of gameplay and design, I rather liked the dungeons. They weren't restrictive and allowed you to explore. While they were a little smaller, it's to be expected since it was done in two weeks. While the quest is short, it is also fairly challenging. While the curve is a little steep, the short amount of time you have in the quest doesn't allow for smooth difficulty curves. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just a little unexpected. The overall design was fairly good, and there were some extras to go out and find, allowing you to suit yourself up for the challenges ahead. To sum it up, it's fun with challenging enemies.

Overall, I had fun with this and found the challenge nice.

In the end, I'm giving this a 7.7/10 for the challenge I had and for the effort. Two week quests are not easy to pull off, I'd imagine.

You can discuss the quest here (agree or not, it's my own opinion), but please take any questions regarding this quest to Custom Quest Discussion Also, be sure to rate this quest. The author is bound to appreciate it.

Thank you.

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