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Some scripts ideas.

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Posted 06 May 2021 - 08:07 PM

Hey guys i know i've asked alot of script requests lately but i've come to realizes that some of the request would never be accepted or would be simply abandonned for many reasons which some of them doesn't make any senses, incomprehensives, etc... But i've come with a script request but instead to have just one script request for a specific functions or items i was thinking about a choices of the scripts. Yet it's still a script request. I'll let you know some ideas i've come on my mind feel free to either making only one of them or many if you want. It could be either a ffc, a global, a item, or a enemy/boss scripts request. Here i go.:

Transporang (inspired from Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2.): This boomerang is a special one: Unlike the classic boomerang it allow the player to switch a place with a object or with an enemy (the enemy takes damages and preferably a specific combo.). Of course the player would be able to control the boomerang but only for a time being. As simple as it is. 

Tornadus Lord of Winds: (This one would use the boss sprite from Ninja Taro (see Ninja Taro Deck (GBC boss sprites) from Ether.). ) This one would be a little bit more complexe since it's a boss script. When the player enters inside the boss room a tornado would appears just in the center of the room and the tornado will flikes into the boss form and then a string would display (via D0). After that (depended if the player decides to sets the auto warp function on or off after the strings) the boss would start to float above the player making the boss unreachable (in other word making it invulnerable) and at this moment 4 blocks (using specific combo via a argument or via the script itself) appears randomly at the room. 

The boss will then start to uses attacks (principally whirlwinds) with a wave of projectiles toward the player. It's seem to be easy to dodge except one thing: The whirlwinds will react like a boomerang meaning that the easy way to dodge them would be to jump. The attacks patterns will be completly differants and completly random (it's up to you for the style of each attacks and the limits of the numbers of the attacks.) 

After awhile the boss will start to grow impatient so the boss will stop to floating for a few second and the boss will then try to rush toward Link (if faced) with some whirlwinds that the boss will releases while rushing. Also when the boss rushs the boss will also destroy the blocks that has appeared before making them explode with the rest of the blocks that will detonate a few second after the explosion of the first block if touched by the boss. The explosion will make the boss vulnerable (by making it stuns) making a perfect choice to strikes to boss for a few seconds and then the boss will repeat the same process.

When the boss will reach 50% of it health the boss will start to change the approach by attacking more feriously. It'll start to teleport repetitively randomly at the room as throwing some projectiles toward the player and finally when the boss stop teleporting the boss will transform itself into a huge tornado and it'll try to touch the player in it tornado mode (which the boss will be faster and the only way to dodge would to guess where the boss will strikes). Sometime it'll dash toward the player and chasing after them. After that the boss will start to floating once again but higher this time and the attacks would be more faster and will throw more projectiles then before and 8 blocks will appears this time. but unlike before only some specific block (using also the specific combo) will stuns the boss this time while the other will only damage the player if the player stay too close.

When the boss will reach 5% of it health the screen will flashing and the boss will freeze for a little second. After that the boss will teleports more faster and furiously but will not throw projectiles this time but instead will teleport at least 12 times before teleporting dead to the center of the room. After that the boss prepares a despairing attack: The boss will float just a little bit and the boss will then transform itself into the tornado but this time the boss will try to attracts the player in the tornado as the boss will also attracts many whirlwinds projectiles which the player must absolutely dodge to not be stuck in the tornado. If the player is near to the tornado the player will be forcely attracted by the tornado and the player will then start to float above the tornado and then the boss will make an terrible attack. (the attack will be that the boss will rapididly strikes the player so fast that the player will think that the boss teleporting making rapids damages and after a few second (just to make the fight fair) the boss will be above the player and the boss will do a devastated attack that will make the player crush to the ground after the fist attack from the boss making alot of damages to the player.) After awhile the boss will undo the attack and transform back to normal. After that the boss will float once again but only one block will appears and none of the player's attacks will work this time meaning one thing: The player will have to force the boss to do a suicide attack. If the boss rush to the block the boss will be killed instantly making it own explosion animation flag and the boss fight would ends. (the D12 would be the ffc script slot). 

Singing blocks/Rotative blocks puzzle (inspired from Blossom Tales of the Sleeping King): This one would uses ffc scripts with invisible combos (for making the ffc solid just in case). As you may already know the function is kinda simple but the puzzle would be frustrastring if not having many patiences. It's simple:

Let's start for the Singing blocks puzzle: It's quite simple and it requires the sword in order to complete the puzzle: When entering in the room the player will hears the blocks making noises (as the blocks will move or simply grows a little bit before be back at the original position or sizes) as the animation will happens. Normally there's 4 singings blocks with differant notes. The player will have to memorises the order of the blocks but there's a trick: The order will be completly random and the player will have to memorises correctly the order for a specific time before completing entierly the puzzle making activates the secret flags. Other trick: Each time the player completes perfectly a order phase the next phase will have more orders to memories. For example for the first phase of the puzzle there's only 3 orders to memories and then the second will have 4 while the 3th will have 5 and so on. If the player hits the wrong block (or pillar depended of the size of the ffc) the player will have to start over on the first phase of the puzzle making the puzzle a little bit frustrastring. D0 would be the sound effect of each block and D1 would be the sound effect that would display if the player hits the wrong block. 

Now as for the rotative blocks puzzle: The function is more simple then the singing block puzzle: All the player will have to do is to hits the block to making it rotate to the correct symbole (or colors) in order to activate the secret flag. Normally like the Singing block puzzle there's 4 of thoses blocks. So D0 would determines which symboles or color this pillar will have in order to solve the puzzle.

Incendiary Bomb: This item would be kinda special. Like usual bombs after droping it it explodes however in this one when the bomb explode it'll not let a smoke animation but instead a cercle of fire pillars would take place and the fire pillars would be projected in 4 directions and will damage the player depended if the player has set the damage from their own flames or bombs explosion. Nothing more special.

Ice Sword: This sword would an ice version of the Blaze Blade except this one is entierly made from ice. The function is simple: When the player slash with the sword a ice block will be projected like the sword beam and ice spikes would appears from where the ice block would be projected for a few second before completly melts into nothingless. The ice block will not damage the enemies but the ice spikes will. If the global script would be setting (not obligatory however) the player would be able to froze the water combo from where the ice block was projected from the sword. If the player does a spin attack the player will make a classic spin attack but at the end of the attack the player will jump with the sword in the hand and when the player hits the ground ( with the sword planted to the ground ) a ice spike cercle field will appears where the player is for protecting the player from enemies who will try to hits the player. The only problem is that the player will be unable to move for a few second before be able to move again.

Fire Shuriken: This item has a function quite simple: The player will throw a shuriken that will let some fire trails behind it. The shuriken will be fast and will react like a normal boomerang however if the shuriken hits a solid combo (the shuriken will pass through a half solid combo without any problem) the shuriken will be stuck at the wall and the shuriken will then start to flashing and after a few second the shuriken will explode releasing some fire randomly toward the room and at the moment when the shuriken explode the player will be able to uses the shuriken once again since the player will only be able to throw only one shuriken at time. The player will be able to teleport to a specific combo if the player attempts to throw the shuriken when the player is facing to the specific combo. (A little bit like Moosh's kunai.)

Detonated bomb: This item is quite simple: When the player drops the bomb instead of exploding after a few second the bomb will remains at the screen until the player press the item button to making it explode. The player will only be able to drop one bomb at times. Nothing more special.
Edit: Thanks to Russ there's no longer need the script of this one.

Well i think that's all for now :) If you have some questions about the scripts idea feel free to ask me :)

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#2 Valerie



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Posted 07 May 2021 - 03:37 PM

Detonated bomb: This item is quite simple: When the player drops the bomb instead of exploding after a few second the bomb will remains at the screen until the player press the item button to making it explode. The player will only be able to drop one bomb at times. Nothing more special.

I think this was actually implemented in one of the private beta versions over a decade ago, along with other items like homing wand beams. It was only in that one private beta though.

#3 Russ


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Posted 07 May 2021 - 04:24 PM

Actually, remote bombs are a default editor feature. You can make any bomb a remote bomb from the item editor.

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#4 Sans


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Posted 07 May 2021 - 06:31 PM

ah i didn't know about this one i'll try this out. Thanks. At least it solves the case of the remote bomb since it's actually no needs a script for this one.

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